The Dreaded Writer’s Block

“Writer’s Block?” asked my friend.

“I thought I was immune.  But OH BOY, do I have a big one this time.  Right now Tiddly Winks are more alluring that sitting at my computer,” I said.

“What are you going to do about it?”

“Renovate my house with the wood?”


Thank you Sam Barcroft for your incredible work with wood.


Seriously, this Writer’s Block feels as though serious reforestation will be necessary before I am done.  I can hardly bear to be in my office, never mind enter my blogging world.  It may be the great weather, the current diversions in my life or simply spring fever.

One think I do trust:  This Too Shall Pass.
Please don’t give up on my Guides, my Muse, or me.
You are all my heroes, mentors and loves.

58 thoughts on “The Dreaded Writer’s Block

  1. I know that feeling – and you are right, This Too Shall Pass, Amy. There has been a great deal going on in your world, lately, you have been giving out a great deal to your family and the Blogosphere. Maybe this is time for you to rest and replenish your energy? Happy to hear that your weather is great (unlike ours, here in England.) Enjoy the sunshine – the muse and your guides will soon return. 🙂

    • Actually, I know the Guides don’t go anywhere – I’m the one in motion. However, the ants in my pants won’t allow me to “be there” for long when I put seat in chair and “tap in”. However, I still love my morning meditation. I’d wither without that.

  2. Rest assured I’ll be here when you post. I would miss them and your visits, but I do understand. Yes, I will have you in my thoughts, because I do understand. I’m considering stepping back in June when I have to travel most of the month. And who’s going to tend the blog I have wondered? Something about June — it’s my birthday and all those years of welcoming a June vacation after a school year beckon me to… Your wood is beautiful and serene.

    • Don’t worry about June, Georgette, because, as you said, your tried and true blogging buddies don’t go away! Thank goodness. It would feel terrible to lose touch with people we’ve come to appreciate so much in our lives.

  3. You are so cute. And gosh, I really love that photo … that whole room. So you think it might be because it is nice out? Ya – think? Heck yeah. Can’t get terribly grounded inside at the compute. Enjoy this glorious day and don’t even think of writer’s block.

    So, I may not have known you back then … maybe. But for some reason I left my Blogger Blogs and went to Word Press. Last night? And this is how I do stuff. I just said, enough and without even looking at Raven’s Press I deleted it and went back to my initial blog at Blogger called Crow’s Fete. I had an awful lot of stuff to do to it before opening it but I was happy to be back. I am however keeping noh where haiku.

    Amy, see you out and about strolling in the sunshine. (((hugs))) Liz

    • Love having your solid encouragement, Raven. I’m off-island today for a bit of pampering. I will have to check out your Crow’s Fete – although on you Gravatar, the address is still RavenPress. I’ll check things out when I’m not dashing to a Ferry.

      • Pampering? Lucky you. Don’t look yet for Crow’s Fete. I must do some revamping and I suspect that it is hidden … thanks for the heads up on Gravatar, it shall all take a bit of time. Hugs!

  4. Amy, take a well deserved break. Go with the ebb &can’t flow. The computer, the blog, &can’t your friends &can’t fans will still be here, ready for you when you are ready for us.

    • You are 100% accurate. My bother has even offered his cottage to me for much of June! However, I have to get Duc back on all four paws – then see if he’ll turn into a traveling cat. I have to administer meds 2x daily plus watch symptoms carefully for about 3 months. So…I don’t know about Duc’s welcome at Morrisbrook! I need a Morrisbrook fix.

  5. I always think when I have writers block that there is a good reason for it – and something good always comes out of it. The thing to do is to try not to struggle with it – easier said than done though. I have discovered that when I have writers block it is because I have been focussing on words more than images. It’s like my brain is telling me ‘stop’ I need something else. What I do is take an image, sit with it and write about it. Surprisingly it always flows. I am not in any way an experienced writer but thought I would share this with you. I’m sure your block will pass – meantime, wonderful photograph!

  6. Amy, you are deserving of a break, be kind to you, much has been going on in your life of late. I am so glad you are getting pampered, that always is good for all of us.

  7. Take some time, give yourself a break. Post some beautiful pictures from your collection in your blog till then. I know you will come up with something really good soon.

  8. Time to and walk along the shore and listen to the waves. Time to walk in the woods and hear the crows caw overhead and sense the shadow of the hawk flying by. Time to let all that has been going on settle down, settle in and sort itself out. Time to be, to breathe, to let the Divine wrap you in soft gentle love. take care of you my friend.

  9. Very much enjoy your blog. I will be posting an article on my blog shortly that nominates you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I notice it’s one you do not yet have. Continue to Inspire!

  10. Yup–weather’s turned and suddenly there’s LIFE forces that are pulling me every which way. I don’t think I’m that ‘unique’…..I’m betting it happens to more than just ME.

    But it’s all good.
    It means I can tote my camera out and about–slip in and post one or two…..and slink away to catch some more of what’s surrounding me.
    And then there’s the ‘stuff’ that I get to put into black and white……frankly, it does my soul good to get behind a camera cuz it’s a reprieve from the realities for people I love about hugely.

    You might wanna try the lens.
    It gets you up close and personal.
    And it gives you a perspective that’s totally cool to have in the middle of the storm……..leastwise it does for me.

    Oh, and it’s good to know that YOU know that ‘block’ is there for a reason. Must be something in front of you that’s opening up…..elsewise the path wouldn’t be narrowed, huh?

    Go for a walk and drag the camera with you–and when you come up for air, show off the goodies! 😉

    • That shot’s not mine, Nancy. It’s from the creator’s website.

      Just planted roses, washed the car, watered the hardy veggies growing in rich compost and thanked the Pest Control man for not stopping at my house! 😀 Feels so good to be outside.

      Thanks for the link. About time they responded. I am going to keep the READER just now. I love smaller numbers in my Inbox.

  11. Hi Amy – this too shall pass .. so true. Just pleased you’re outside .. planting roses, checking on the veggies – beauty amongst goodness .. I don’t think it’s the dreaded writer’s block virus that’s around … just a little change needed while the wheels reset ..

    See you soon – cheers Hilary

  12. Amy, what is it about the zeitgeist right now? I too have been having thoughts of just, well, stopping. Turning round to face the daylight.Concentrating on the stuff of life.

    Yet writing means the world to me..and others in my blogosphere have been experiencing the same lack of bounce. We are all linked in more ways than are dreamt of in our philosophy.

    • Both parts of our lives are important. We have the freedom to live both with quality and sensible timing. This break is heavenly, Kate! Yes I miss everyone, but I’ll get back there!

  13. I’ll be ready when you are! Writer’s block is such a pain, but if you just give it time, you’ll find your way through, around, under, or over it — what ever path you take you’ll get back to writing. Meanwhile, enjoy yourself and the weather.

  14. There is no easy way out of a writers block. The best is to push oneself to sit down and write – no matter how bad it turns out to be, and just not be concerned with the quality of the writings. It’s easier said than done, though, and I know. A book that addresses this in for me at least a very helpful way is Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande (first published in 1934!). It’s a beautiful, little book.

    • Oh my goodness…would you believe I HAVE THAT BOOK? It’s somewhere here in my library. AND I can picture the spine – it looks as though the name of the book is hand printed in silver ink. Now to find it! You are something, Otto!

    • Well Mish! So good to have you drop by again. I’m using this block to its best advantage. I’m hoping for a transition…some air under the wings. How are you?

    • A walk fixes a lot in my life, too, Bela. I confess I’ve been quite obsessive over my little cat, diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and the meds having a negative affect on his appetite. Today he actually ate – after the addition of more meds (!) that stimulate the appetite. The little guy is such a love…I’ve been nursing a broken heart, but this is the most promise I’ve seen in 2 weeks.

  15. We just outthink ourselves too much. And often it’s our undoing. How many times have we heard a contestant on a gameshow say, “I was going to say that!” We would all do well to start trusting ourselves a little more and to go with our instincts more than we go against them.

    • Dear Search Engine Marketing…you may have been in my spam pile and you be commercial, but your comment stands profoundly true! It may have been written for the pocketbook (and I hope you are having no trouble paying your mortgage!), but it is sterling for the soul! Thanks immensely!

  16. It seems this is almost a cyclical sort of dip for ‘writers block’ for some of us…myself included…but as it is wisely said …this to shall pass…and it will have served a purpose, which is often not readily understood…but I do believe it is there…so enjoy this rest Amy…indulge in memories and the wonder of it all around us…

    Love your room…it has such a light, airy happy feel to it…:)
    God bless…

    • I love shifts and transitions, Shama, especially since they are here to give us a ride. I have learned to go with the ride – so much better than in younger days. And I deeply understand that you, too, know how to ride them out. They pass with such grace when we step aside. 🙂

    • Oh, thank you, BT! You got it. Unfortunately some readers actually thought that was a photo of my house. Yes, a few things keep dancing in my head, but they haven’t demanded airing just yet. Well, I’ve been doing intuitive work which I love, but it doesn’t hit blog space! 😀

  17. We need to rest from even good things some times.

    I don’t believe in writer’s block. I believe in liminal time … what comes next is always beautiful.

    The wood carver is amazingly talented.

    • Yes, Jamie, that expression is a broad one, I agree. There’s a great deal going on during those pauses and with this one, I chose to let it take me. I felt an inner change happening and I welcomed it. I was going to begin taking a few trips to connect with special friends, but my wee cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which meant he needed a lot of care and medication. His symptoms flared while I was on my family road trip. After I returned, I thought he was “adjusting” to the stint away from home. A week later, he had lost weight and was becoming lethargic. Turns out the poor little tyke’s heart was racing so fast, he was pooped and hungry. No wonder he’d always been a voracious hunter…his metabolism forced him to keep his hunger at bay. So he’s on meds twice a day for the rest of his life.

      So! Since trips are on hold, my artist friend challenged me (and he’s challenging himself) – “play in your creativity”. Not sure if I know what that means, but I’m interested in taking stabs at it!

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