Got a Comment Problem?

Who wants at least 452 emails a day? Not me. I found a way to work around it.

Please excuse my exclusiveness, today, dear readers…this is relevant for my fellow WordPress users.

Here’s what I’m talking about:  Word Press seems to have adopted a “Face Book kind of attitude”.  Settings, format, end results change without warning or even the courtesy of an explanation.  We’re suddenly receiving hundreds of comments we don’t want to have to manage.

Since we have this marvelous service free (unless you’ve upgraded) and since it has transformed our worlds, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.  They are resolving some issue and didn’t consider resultant consequences in other areas.

Here’s what I did – BUT do at your own risk.  Here’s why.  If you chose this approach, you will stop all email notices from blogs which means you have to go to!/read/ to read the new posts of your subscriptions. (RSS Feed reminders still work):

1.  On an email notice for any blog, scroll down to “Manage Subscriptions”.  Click on it.

2.  (I have to go by memory because I cannot resurrect this window.  I suggest you bookmark it in case you try this option but want to undo it. )  In this window, three tabs at the top are Posts, Comments, and Settings.  Make sure you are on “Comment”.  Place your cursor on each blog you see listed and a red “Delete” will appear.  Click on “delete” and clear them all.

3.  Now go back up to the top tabs and click on “Settings”.  In that window, find the box for the option about stopping all email notifications.  Click on that box.  If there’s a “save” button, click that before leaving.

REMEMBER:  If you do this, you will receive neither email comment notices nor new post notices.

This has not created any new problems for me.

And now…:

To Find Your Subscribed Blogs:  Go to!/read/.  There, you will find the blogs to which you’ve subscribed by email.

For comment notices,  use either the new capacity in your upper right corner) OR go to your comment page on your blog’s admin page:

I have to admit – it feels wonderful having a much smaller inbox!


45 thoughts on “Got a Comment Problem?

  1. Thank you my friend…I went into manage comments and did a whole lot of deleting…seems to have worked but am not sure if I have deleted some subs as well!

    • I no longer have to untick comment boxes because of the final step. Whether they are ticked or not, the emails don’t come. So if you want to see all the comments on any specific blog, you would need to manually go to the blog.

        • Did you do Step #3? You have to tick the box to stop all emails – including notices of new posts which you can get on the Reader link I provided. Check the Reader link to see if you like the idea of using it.

          I also found that ticking after comment boxes on blogs does not stop the deluge.

  2. I don’t use w/p so have no idea what this is about. They changed the dashboards at my google blog and it drove me crazy. I don’t like the new one – like this should have been an optional upgrade, but no, it’s not. Eventually I will get used to it I suppose but how they think it’s new and improved and better is a total mystery to me!

    • Quite likely the staff need things to do so they dream up new and different ways to do things. My ol’ Mom used to get so frustrated. She’s say, “Damn the improvers!” That was usually because manufacturers changed some product she’d been using for 25 years. Imagine what it’s like for old people now!

  3. I know I am going to follow your advice and steps. Along with face book and linked in I can’t even find my mail. do you have something for facebook and linked in? would be wonderful.

  4. Your solution won’t work for me since I WANT to receive “new post” notifications from blogs I’m subscribed to.

    If comments on a particular post are not welcome in my In Box, I just unsubscribe at Dashboard -> Blogs I Follow -> Comments.

    I found that the “reader” is rather exclusive and does not display ALL new posts on ALL blogs.

    • After using the Reader, I find I prefer it. I do have to let the list scroll further down than screen size. The only ones not on my Reader are the RSS Feeds – which I have found are sporadically received.

  5. Thanks Amy. It mystifies me why WordPress have done this. They could clear it up in a trice with their armies of ‘happiness engineers’ but it really appears that they choose not to. Hmmmm.

    • Yes, I am curious about their motive. Someone suggested they were encouraging conversations. Why? So we reveal stuff about ourselves that are sold by WP to advertisers? We all seem to be so quiet about it. Are we being a bunch of sheep?

  6. Well I’ll be darned. I thought I’d messed up my own settings. I couldn’t figure out why I was being comment deluged. I’ve been going in and unticking the comments, but they just come back. I’ll have to try the settings this time. Thanks for the tick. Now I hope I remember to keep up on my own. Such a balancing act.

    • Yes, Linda, I was wondering why no one was chatting this up and thought I’d done something, too. Then I thought, “Well maybe if I had time to read their articles…”

      Anyway, good luck with it.

  7. Amen…and Gloria Hallelujah…someone spoke up! Silly me just kept resolving to untick the “Notify me of…comments” I think you’ve got it! But I still have a problem…I still receive notifications of blogs I subscribed to last year, then un-subscribed, then removed from my links. Still working on that one…it’s just a few, but still I just scroll past when I shouldn’t have to at all. yay me…I remembered to untick that little box with this comment. Some habits die hard. Thank you for posting this.

    • You are very welcome, Georgette. Yes, I too find and ignore de-subscribed blogs in the Reader. I noticed that some time ago and still can’t figure that one out either.

  8. So glad you wrote about this Amy. I think we all thought the sky had fallen when our inboxes started getting flooded with comments. I wonder why on earth WP would make a “tick” the default? Huh? (I think someone made a mistake!)
    I’ve just been unticking the little box at the bottom and that seems to work for the moment.

    • I’d also like to think it’s a mistake, Rosie. Bless ’em if they have no conscience about what they do to our time management! I found there were blogs that had not set up the option for comments or not. So I was receiving all those…

  9. I have thousands and thousands of e-mails in my in-box – the majority unread. It has reached the point that I have had to create two alternate addresses to handle the important mail.that I need to see – otherwise it gets “lost in the shuffle.”

    Because of that I’m not going to bother to go through the steps you have mentioned, because all the notices go to that box, and it doesn’t matter whether I see it or not! But, your suggestions are excellent, and were my situation different, i would definitely go that route!

    Great post, and great idea! I also think it would help to send our concerns about this new feature in the form of an e-mail to wordpress. Perhaps get it rescinded? Because we have always had the option of getting the comments sent to us. In any event, you can always go to your “comments I’ve made” on the dashboard to see any comment replies you get! It’s a mystery to me why they instituted this feature – especially since it’s not a true option – but a built-in that requires a lot of gyrations to get ride of it!

    I wish you enough. . .

    • Yes, the impact on our personal time management is very unwelcome. My goodness, Paula, why not just delete all those emails? If you haven’t read them in a week, it’s old news! 😀

  10. Ah! What a relief – I thought it was just happening to me! It didn’t know what I’d done to encourage all these comments, couldn’t work out how to stop them. It has become so unwieldy recently that I’m way behind in my blog reading and was beginning to lose the will to continue writing my own. So thanks for doing all the research, Amy – I’ll have to see if it works on a Mac. 🙂

  11. Dear Amy,

    Very useful and timely post.It is of course easier said than done to “delete old unread mails”. There is always that aspect within us ( curiosity? fear? Mix of both?) which make us and at least peep into that incoming stuff before pressing that DEL button. That itself can be a chore, trust me.

    In the ultimate analysis, we would do where our energy is!



  12. This is the savagery and inhumanity of social media sites. The developers can do anything they want in the guise of making things better and the users generally have no say. We just have to adjust, adapt, fret and lose valuable time trying to figure out how to make things work the way we want it to. Drives me nuts.

  13. Yes, I noticed all the comments from all the blogs I follow deluging my inbox. I t was overwhelming. I still like email notices when a new post comes along, but I don’t want to know when everyone comments, so I uncheck the “comments” option for following on each blog after I leave a comment. It has worked in most (but not all) cases.

    I’ve tried to roll with the changes (life is, after all, change). But it would be nice if they would email us and let us know when they are launching new features that affect us.

  14. Ha! I just found this out day before yesterday. I save you all in my “favorites” but have found, when I comment, I just need to remember to turn off the checkmark everytime I comment on each post I comment on! Someday it’ll become second nature to do so, but I forget and end up having to delete the follow up comments in my admin pages many times. 🙂

  15. Thanks for sharing this, Amy.

    I wish I knew how to turn off Facebook emails though. That’s MY next project!

    It is interesting how we all – including service providers – are feeling our way to working things out. Blogging presents it’s own special organizational challenges, many of which are new to me.

    • On my walk this morning, you came with me. I was thinking about a comment you made in your latest email. I know that people who don’t blog think blogging is a silly little fad. I truly is a healthy, affordable, creative route to fulfilling a purpose in life. The encouragement exchanged in comments is marvelous for both parties! While I’ve been reducing my time on the computer substantially, it is still an important piece of my day.

      I’m going to see if I can guide to turning off FB emails. I’ll let you know if I find the sequence.

  16. Thank you so much for this timely bit of info/advice Amy…as usual I thought it was I who had something wrong with the settings…glad that is cleared 🙂 and the deluge will soon be arrested…

    God bless…

    • Shama, take at look at the comment from Nancy. It is a simple way to clear up the problem and still let emails arrive in your Inbox when new posts arrive. Personally, I like the READER approach because I feel less pressured to visit people. Email feels “Go now!” 😀 I hope this comes to you soon enough to save you any extra steps.

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