Waiting For The Larger Purpose

A Sister’s Rendition of Duc le Chat


Neale Donald Walsch sent an email message today:

On this day of your life, Amy, I believe God wants you to know…
…that there is no challenge you cannot meet — and that
includes the present one.
Some days don’t seem worth the struggle.
But I promise you, it is going to be worth it.
What is happening now is part of a larger process.
Please believe me, and sleep well in the truth of that.
Your soul will rejoice again–more than it ever did before.


When I read his message today, I said aloud, “You better be right, Mr. Walsch.”

Then I clicked on the email I received last night from my sister  – the one who just came through a lumpectomy. My whole being cringed as I re-read her words:

“Well bad cells are just that; and they have to be removed.”

So, Mr. Walsch, when will my sister know the larger purpose of bad cells stealing her breast?  Soon, I pray.


“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one’s weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi




33 thoughts on “Waiting For The Larger Purpose

  1. Amy,

    My prayers remain with your sister. We need to remember that life has brought us to this point for a positive purpose. It is for us to notice.

    With blessings


  2. Praying for your sister and you and family.
    Cancer stinks! It took a long time for answers when cancer stole my brother. The answers I perceived ended up not based in truth, so the picture became much bigger…still doesn’t seem like a fair answer to the life he lived. I’ve come to the realization I have the right to question but not necessarily the authority to judge the verdict. I do find peace in knowing that he is ok and not suffering any more.
    Big hugs to you, Amy.
    I love the Gandi quote.

  3. I’m sad to hear this, Amy. She will find the reasons, the purpose, in her time. My prayers go to her.

  4. Oh dear. I saw the wonderful Duc le Chat sketch and was smiling big as I began to read your post, but my smile faded as I scrolled through the text. I’m terribly sorry about the damned bad cells. It will be a long, uphill road for your sister and all over her loved ones. You will have help. May the support be great enough to carry you on pillows of love.

  5. You are an awesome person, and I will be thinking about your sister, you and your family. Your sister’s reaction (…”bad cells”…) reveals her strength, wisdom and faith in pressing on. I hope you find rest in the days ahead.

  6. The problem with believing in a personified external God is that we feel compelled to thank Him for our blessings . . . and blame Him for our defeats and hardships.

    I prefer to believe in a Universe that is constantly turning and changing and evolving and creating.

    Seasons change.
    We age.
    Cells grow diseased.

    Sorrow is the price we pay for Joy.

    God dwells within me, as me.
    God is the breath within the breath.


  7. May all our healthy cells join in replenishing your sister’s cells to wellness. There’s no telling what can happen when the collective conscience convenes on behalf of a kindred spirit for the sole (soul) purpose of healing.

  8. As a friend told me….all you have to do is get through the next 5 minutes. Then we’ll start praying about the 5 minutes after that…and then the next after that. It helped me. Please know, I’m praying for you and your sis.

  9. I put both you and your sister in my Circle of Love – hugs and healing energy coming your way!

  10. I’m sending as many positive thoughts as I can muster your way; share them with your sister.
    What a beautiful drawing! It reminds me of something very French. Something lovely to treasure.

  11. It touches mighty close to home–but you know that…..

    I stared at that beautiful tribute to Duc le Chat and I let my heart fill up for a while–there’s beauty in even the ugly moments. The sister was to start her chemotherapy today–postponed because of a lump on the ‘clean’ side of what’s left of her tongue. A panicked, disappointed moment. I’m not in to borrowing troubles, I’ll wait for the verdict–but she’s postponed in moving, and I know this barrier creates a hard moment for her during an already difficult moment in time.

    I know this adds to the fear and, surprisingly, the love you have for the sister. I don’t know how that works–just when I thought I couldn’t love her more, I discovered I could and did. Maybe that’s a part of the larger process for me. Maybe it’s the little text she sent me “I got a cool card with an envelope and a button….with wishes and love….you made me happy and I feel really loved”. Maybe that’s the larger process, even if I don’t like the circumstances that brought me to ‘here’.

    You’re always reminding me about LOVE.
    Maybe it’s my turn to remind you?

    It’s about love dearheart…..it’s all about love.

    You have an abundance–give it freely.
    I’ll send some of mine your way.
    And light candles…..cuz it’s what I do.

    ((((((((((((((( sisters ))))))))))))))))))

    • Oh Mel, you said it all! Exactly. I sat looking at her when we were hoping the lumpectomy was the end and was so overwhelmed with respect and love for this sister! Then this news. It’s hard that she is being non-communicato, but I know she’s holding fast to her children. They are such good people…I can be the aunt they need when they get frustrated, discouraged, scared – whatever.

      Yep, that hug for our sisters is perfect. There’s a golden blanket in that hug. I’ve been keeping both of them a part of my morning prayer and meditations.

      Bless you for knowing so well, Mel.

  12. Very sorry to hear the “nightmare” isn’t over for your sister.
    I know how frustrating it feels when we want to give our love and comfort, but the sick person locks us out.

    I read all the amazing supportive comments above and I must congratulate you on the wonderful blogging “family” you have over here. I hope you’ve wrapped yourself in the blanket of all their love.

  13. Just be there whenever the need arises and it will. Know that you and your sister are covered by my love and prayers. I feel your hurt, am having the same with several friends here, one it’s the husband 62, the other the wife with breast cancer, 53 only and little Adam who is only 5. I cannot express my anger at this disease, I would be ashamed of myself.

  14. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Amy…
    May the Good Lord help your sister and all of you on this journey with inner peace…strength…faith…and ease in these times of distress and difficulties….

    I will be praying for her and you Amy…
    God bless you both…

    • The mastectomy surgery was successful and my sister experienced very little pain, Thank God. Now? The pain of the experience… Thank you for the prayers. My sister said, “I know all those prayers worked.” 🙂

      • Thank God…yes Amy, prayers and the inner peace and strength they generate and envelop us in, help us negotiate aspects of life that seem too daunting to even think about…the prayer is for continued strength and ease…

        God bless…

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