Checking the Family Pulse

Soul Dipper

will be on a road trip.

Checking up on two older sisters.

One has cancer surgery on Wednesday, April 18,

and the other?

She’s in another province

in a safe, comfortable and caring residence for seniors.

She has Alzheimer’s and wants to go home.

Maybe we can bring some HOME to her.

Two different provinces,

Two different circumstances,

Two different siblings –

On the Road to Familydom.

I will grab every opportunity to dive into the familiarity

of your welcome blog.


The Occupy will be posted early.

The number of readers soar on Occupy Thursdays,


I know it’s been tough slogging through World Finance material.

So I’ll post a FREE movie called “THRIVE”

– on the Occupy –

It will bring the CLARITY you’ve asked for.




Bring Your Own Popcorn!


Please let someone know you love them.


37 thoughts on “Checking the Family Pulse

  1. what a beautiful testiment? of loving your family and doing what is needed to bring sunshine there…
    just because you are who you are and its what you do…
    Have a Safe Journey…
    Take Care…
    You Matter…

  2. <– will come with opened hands and an open mind. (and potentially with popcorn–how could I EVER say no to popcorn!!)

    And I light candles for the sisters, say prayers and hold on to hope that 'different' will find them and bring them peace.

    ((((((((((( Amy )))))))))))
    My thoughts go with you–and to you and yours.

  3. Amy, thanks so very much for posting the movie … It is truly worthwhile, I am so very appreciative, you have a readership that I definitely do not have! May your trip be a blessing to all with whom you come in contact and also for you! Hugs and have a safe and joyful trip.

    • You are so welcome, Raven. I haven’t had a chance to tell you that I received confirmation late last week that the movie now has enough funds and is again offered FREE. I wondered if people had “had enough” and hesitated posting it. But your nudge encouraged me. The movie offers such clarity – and you’ll see I’ve linked your encouragement in the Occupy.

      Thanks for your wise counsel, Liz. I very much appreciate your presence, good sense and sage companionship!

    • Thanks, SuziCate. I may have some time to try to get some blank spaces filled in our family history. It can be dicey, though, because, as you have also addressed, we all have different versions!

  4. I wish you very safe travel. A road trip to visit family who needs you now sounds freeing from the ties that bind you at home, but sends you to the ties of family. Enjoy and I know you will cherish the time together.

  5. Amy dear friend I wish you a safe journey with pleasant views out the window for good thoughts.
    I pray that your sister’s cancer surgery is successful and that your other sister is able to recognize you. There is nothing as strong as the love of a sister. And you have two.

  6. Amy,

    As you embark on this journey, so do I this evening. I fly to India to
    spend sometime with a young cousin with aggressive Lukaemia and waiting to find a donor for bone marrow transplant. Throughout his short life, he has always been there for folks in distress. I am left asking myself the questions,
    “How was this ordained? What is the grand design.” I go with positivity and belief, knowing miracles do happen.

    In hope………


  7. The love in your writing is so imminent. May your Familydom be a blessing. And may you all be well. And yes, a safe travel and enjoy seeing family again!

  8. My thoughts are with you and with them. May your sister recover speedily. May you enjoy the time you will be with them. And may you travel safely at all times. Healing thoughts and light, much light sent your way.

  9. Hi Amy .. my thoughts have been with you since I spotted the post – but needed to be at least with it when I came here to post. I hope all has gone well with the op – and if your sister is in care, she is probably in a good place and soon will relax into being there. It’s tough getting old – I’m sorry for you – with many thoughts – look after yourself too … with many hugs – Hilary

  10. Hope you’re having a wonderful time with your family, Amy…travel safe and thank you for sharing this special message and gorgeous photo 🙂 xo

  11. I, too, have been doing family, back and forth, since last August. Exhausting as the trips are and as sad as circumstances may be, I have learned, over time that these are expressions of love and patience; of diligence and acceptance, and, above all, what we really came here to do and share in. I loved each of your heartfelt posts about this trip, especially the coming home.

    • Leslie, I hope you are able to hold your heart and keep it in one piece through all this. One thing for certain…the time with you will be life changing. I truly believe that from all I’ve observed about you in blogging.

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