Purpose Of This Post: Inform and Reassure

The Cease and Desist action is now underway. 

Be aware of possible effects – e.g. no travel in and out of the United States.

– e.g. Possible impact on the Internet in various areas.

Understand the purpose of these effects.

It is containment and detainment of those to be arrested; it is not action against us.

Replace fear with understanding.


David Wilcock explains the event on his blog (here).  He begins:

“The next major milestone for Mass Arrests of the cabal has now arrived. Liens have now been filed against all twelve Federal Reserve banks. A Cease and Desist Order has also been filed — to prevent the world’s wealth from continuing to be stolen.  (Read on…)


17 thoughts on “Purpose Of This Post: Inform and Reassure

    • Granny, I know – it’s a long story. I’ve been encouraging readers to read it, but it is complex. Just know for now – especially with your whirlwind life right now – that if you hear of weird world events, it’s no reason to panic. You can come here and read up on it. The prediction is that TV stations will have all sorts of on-going coverage.

      We’ll see…have a good lunch with your good friend.

  1. You know I was first introduced to this subject in 1973 when I read The Trilateral Commission published that same year. Then I put it down and never thought of it again until after my second life changing spiritual experience. I have read about rather thoroughly each group he mentions except the group of 300 … about which I know nothing.

    This sort of information used to really depress and freak me out, no longer. (((hugs))) Liz

    • That’s the important thing, Liz – to NOT get freaked. One of my friends who looked into this stuff years ago, told me just yesterday that he had to quit thinking about the “world’s gloom” aspect because the anxiety was affecting his health. However, his focus was all on the negative predictions which were flying around at that time. He did not seek out the different messages from intuitives who have been emphasizing over the past few years why we need not fall prey to fear.

      If the outcome turns into the one described, we truly are living in glorious times. And we signed up for it, we’re told.

      Raven, another of David’s friends (on this investigation) mysteriously died. Please ask for David’s protection.

    • Yes and Yes, Nancy. I want it to be authentic. I want to experience a world with ample fully-nutritious food, endless supplies of energy and healthy living. Now…how are we going to keep ego and greed under control???

  2. Hi Amy,

    I usually love to be here. Sadly, I can’t make great sense of this post. I just could not get my head around it, try as I might!

    Could you clarify what this is all about?

    Curiously yours


    • David Wilcock has been writing volumes about this on his blog/website. It’s voluminous and not easy to summarize – especially not knowing how much you are aware of the tyranny that has been taking place in the upper echelons of our world’s financial scene. It’s very negative – the antithesis of spiritual teachings in any part of our planet.

      David has worked for years building a network of sources, informants and trustworthy people in various fields. He developed a portfolio of proof so as to NOT be viewed as a conspiracy theorist. Some of his findings are so nasty, however, they are very difficult for many people to believe – even though we can see the evidence on the internet. (He is especially discredited over the mention of extraterrestrial activity coming to the aid of our planet. He cannot hand over the names of that source which adds to the suspicions.) Our disbelief, our “suspicion”, however, has worked in favour of the people who are perpetuating this tyranny – a handful of people dubbed the Illuminati. Some of the “puppets” of the Illuminati have been named the “Cabal”. (Many of these people are named in David’s Blog – at the link location of my last Occupy – April 12. You will recognize many names.)

      Rational, logical and sincere people have been pooh-poohing these scary facts because they seem outlandishly vile. This dismissal has given untold freedom to this group who has now been operating for many, many years.

      Sources tell how these people have schemed, manipulated, taken wealth from the world and scooped up as much power as possible over nations, governments, media, health, food production, pharmaceuticals, etc. Their actions have squelched and kept the world ignorant of incredible inventions, alternatives, ideas that the planet needs. Money has not been enough for them, they want to be gods. One of their mandates, as written – a copy is available on the internet, is to reduce the earth’s population so their power and control is supreme.

      They are shown to perpetuate wars, starvation, disharmony and instill abject fear in the masses as part of their strategies.

      Finally… Several countries (last count was 140) have been working together diligently to find a way to bring down this group. An opportunity came (a theft of trillions of dollars) and action is now under way. The first step has been taken.

      The problem with a summary like this, Shakti? It sounds outrageous, preposterous and full of nonsense. Any who cannot bear investigating such abhorrent information can make certain they practice their faith, belief systems and spirits of loving kindness.

      Our power is to NOT over-react and stay practicing goodness within our everyday lives.

      Does this help, Shakti?

      If all of David’s work, investigation and risk ends up being a magnificant hoax, I will beg forgiveness, shut down this blog and reform my naivety.

  3. Hi Amy,
    This is very troubling, and disturbing. I have attempted to follow your links to David Wilcox’s blog several times. Have always only managed to read for ten minutes or so, before my mind starts doubting every word written. I DO believe in much of what he alludes to, but then I start getting lost (as I did this time when he made some reference to Egyptian sarcophogi at Whitney Houston’s funeral — what does that have to do with anything?) My other big concern is that it kind of comes off like one of those ‘tell-all’ documentaries that I get sucked into watching, but then at the end am still sitting there asking myself: what did I learn?
    I trust you, and I trust what you write about. I know the world is changing. You can feel it. (at least I can) But, I often worry that this change is not going to be for the good. I fear for my grandchildren, I fear for my son, I fear for all those I love.
    I try not to buy into doomsday theories like the world is going to end on December 20th — it’s not. It will, however, evolve, but into what?
    We’re going to be here for a long, long time, and so will those who hunger for money and power. The rest of us? We just want to live our little lives in peace.
    Much thanks for all you do to bring about enlightenment.


    • First and foremost, Kath, we’re only asked to be informed so we don’t become a bunch of panic-driven jerks as the action escalates. There may be zero repercussion for us – if or when there are consequences of arrests that are to be made.

      We’ve been living the hell that’s been created by these people, Kathy. According to David’s sources, this is finally the cleanup stage.

      If I could counsel David, I would ask him stick to the facts and stay away from the periphery. He becomes too wordy and the emotionalism detracts from the authenticity.

      The Egyptian stuff really wasn’t necessary…he’d already covered that earlier. It’s about the fact that the Illuminati use all those Egyptian symbols in their ugly rituals – on their buildings – on their ritual gowns, etc. Madonna performed with all those symbols at the half-time presentation. It was believed that it was a last gasp effort on the part of these guys to appear that they are still in charge. Then they were doing the same routine for whatever the gig was that Whitney was supposed to perform in.

      Their power has been eroded. Supposedly they are looking like a bunch of ridiculous school boys playing “King of the Mountain” tactics.

      I suspect David is so intent, intense and concerned that he doesn’t edit out material that really can detract.

      One of his main objectives is to keep putting this stuff out into the public domain. That is his protection. If anything happened to David, he knows all the agencies he’s been working with would be clued in. They are the ones who have given him the insider information.

      The bottom line? Yes, live with loving kindness. It’s been the antidote for all the stuff that’s been done.

  4. Overwhelming–but not so much that I didn’t take the time to listen to the lengthy video and read the link……which, as noted, was a bit confusing. Thank you for the clarification in the earlier response–I was having a tough time putting that in it’s place.

    I guess it all comes out in the wash, eventually…as apparently he’s saying it is, unfolding even as I type.
    I don’t know what’s true–I guess it’s a matter of waiting to see what really does come out in the laundry.

    I know that I’m a sounding like a doubting Thomas–maybe I am a bit. There’s a part of my brain that says Nostradamus forecasted a lot of things which can/were then interpretted and assigned an ‘event’. 50 years from now they can be assigned another event.
    Me and my ‘logic’, huh?

    I’m a wait and see kinda gal. Not from Missouri (the ‘show me’ state–LOL…) but I might as well have be!!

    • This is why I have been saying: Be Informed – You Decide.

      This is all very beyond my level of living – thank goodness. But there is something amok. I’ve wondered for a lot of years why we haven’t invented and cured a lot of things. It’s been hard to believe that folks would withhold all sorts of helpful and healthful ideas and put others in a compromised position just for the sake of money. If this is true – that these folks have been on a major power trip toward their becoming “supreme beings” – at least the insanity is revealed and makes sense of that level of greed.

      That last phrase is a bit of an oxymoron, Mel, but it’s the only way I can say – “Oh this may explain it.”

      Anyway…in an attempt to be light-hearted…got your supply of toilet paper?! 😀

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