Is Someone At The Door?

Beloved Guides, do you think everyone knows there’s an entire corporation of angels, souls, spirits working for each one of us?

Our jubilation would be felt throughout the Universe if the answer was “YES”.  The numbers have increased significantly during this upsurge of energy into the next dimensional level.  However, the effects of your media and the fear-based continuance of warring factions cause souls to disbelieve in the support that is ever present.  Negativity is the decisions made by an ego; not by a heart.  It is through the efforts of those humans who are willing to continue speaking for good who perpetuate hope and reinforce knowing.

David Wilcock seems one of those voices who speak the truth.  Though 100s of thousands read his material or watch his videos, many of us continue to do so with reticence and with a “we’ll see” attitude.  I’m one of them.    Are you willing to address the subjects he introduces?

Our covenant and purpose in serving your planet and the All Loving Presence is to remind humans of their everlasting, ever-being significance.  Not one soul exists by accident or happenstance.  Every soul is a significant part of the whole.  The Universe depends upon it.  This is why judgement is an action that requires Love and stamina to overcome.  No one soul can possibly understand the complete function and purpose of another soul.

How much do humans understand of their own purpose?  Very little, we can assure you, because we are endowed with seeing a broader view of your purpose; yet even our view is not Absolute.

Therefore, our service is to remind humans of their beauty and their significance.  Any deviation from that knowing has been created by the human aspect of that being.  Every soul manifests Love through its inner peace, joy, beauty, wisdom, clarity and reverence.  While engaged or dwelling in those natural states, each soul remembers.  A distant din alerts the attention and its ‘knowing’ is triggered.  It’s those times when the veil thins and almost rises into remembrance.

A Meditation Chair Awaits

Is this why we are encouraged to meditate?

We are moving beyond encouraging.  We urge everyone to meditate.  Our mandate is to serve, but it is the self-will of individual souls to feed themselves.  We strive for different verbiage since the familiarity of many phrases referring to the importance of meditation causes many to gloss over the essence or message.  We hope to access a concept that will cause the words to rise from this layout and create a customized impact that is real and reminding.

Our attempt takes us to the concept of home.  When you are tired enough, you will come Home.  When you have no other safety, you will come Home.  When you feel your soul is dying, you will want to be Home.  Meditation is Home.  Home is meditation.    Therein lies the peace, Love, joy that you crave.  Therein lies the healing power of Love.  Therein awaits the clarity for which you long and over which you languish.

Therein breathes our ability to be with you full force and hold you Home.

Beloved Guides, thank you for your consistent reminders of how Loved we are.  I don’t feel the need for any further dialogue. 

We concur.  Blessings on all and thank you for these opportunities to be of service.  We urge you to begin now to claim your own Divine essence.  Accept it now.  If you could see your beauty, as we are able, you would be transformed instantaneously.  Meditation facilitates this process.  The time has arrived for you accept your gifts and take steps to redefine and reform what being human is.  You have the will, choice and power.  We stand before you and long to be welcomed into your Home.

A Gate To Home

27 thoughts on “Is Someone At The Door?

    • Hi Pocket – you know about home…it shows! It is a special sense and once we get a taste of it, we hardly need a discipline to give a blink of time to our Divinity.

  1. I need to live more intentionally and learn to meditate. I also need others to learn to meditate 😉 just kidding. Sometimes I fall asleep when I meditate so I need to work on that.

    Gorgeous photo at the end of your post!

    • Hi Pish Posh – you are not alone. It really takes just “do it” attitudes to kick start us into an adventure that leads to phenomenal goodness and peace. I meditate first thing in the morning so sleep is not such a temptation! Thank you…the gate belongs to a neighbour and I cannot take my eyes off it when I walk by. Not sure what the draw is. I think one of the boards must wiggle a “come hither” at me! 🙂

    • I understand, IC, that your concern is not unusual. Or, do you mean that you expect it would be that beautiful? I suspect we are guided at our individual pace and ability. One man has painted his “in” and put the images in a video on You Tube. They aren’t my idea of “in”, but he’s delighted with them. That’ the important thing.

  2. Sometimes, in the face of utter turmoil, I forget there is anyone or many there. I am guilty as charged. When lessons are but half learned and the road is narrow I remember I, at one time, chose this life because I wanted to learn these things. The message is simple. It is complete. There is a way to love and to meditate and rein in the judgemental attitude. Good post. Than you, Amy.

      • Yes, Leslie, meditation is a way of bundling all that stuff together. The lesson I need again and again is that there will be enough time. The world does not fall apart if I do have to ask for an extra 10 minutes or if I have to wait for the next ferry. It’s that time thing that gets me barking at myself or others or life. Even in my non-career life, I can have a morning appointment and question whether I have time for my hour’s meditation. I always do. It may mean getting up earlier. Duh.

  3. Oh my word thank you for sharing your conversation with us Amy. I think reading this post should be required reading for us all. This is what I take away:
    “We are moving beyond encouraging. We urge everyone to meditate.”

    and this:
    “Meditation is Home. Home is meditation. Therein lies the peace, Love, joy that you crave.”

    I will not just try to make a point of meditating every day. I will DO it. Starting now… Is it OK if I meditate in the bath?

    • The bath is great – just do NOT fall asleep! You can meditate anywhere, Rosie. Doing dishes, being a passenger in the car, walking – it’s about “feeling and hearing” from that beautiful inner spot where we store our connection to the Divine. It’s about quieting in spite of chaos and FEELING the peace. Love bubbles up.

  4. I meditate every night. I get out of the practice of it but started again about a month ago and makes such a difference to how i sleep. I now want to start and meditate first thing in the morning and add some yoga, my body is disabled now so it i have to go slow. One thing at a time, meditate in the mornings. I like the idea of meditating in the bath 🙂 I have found that when i meditate regularly i end up taking that calm feeling with me all day long.

    • I would probably fall asleep if I meditated at night, Beverley. But I certainly agree that it does wonders for the hours asleep and awake! I so sorry, Bev, what has caused your disability? (I’m wrapping a golden blanket around you as I ask…my donation of Divinity.)

  5. Ah, how peaceful. Sometimes one meditates without a formal format to meditation. So much can be found to be meditative. My guides are always animals. Birds … creatures. I have long believed that religions are quite simply languages that God gave to different cultures so that God and the culture could communicate. No two languages are the same (for myself). And I have and continue to catch a lot of flack for saying that. But I am comfortable with it. Perhaps we are each upon this earth one small piece to that puzzle and when we are each a bit more perfected, all of the pieces may well just fit together. Sending you hugs! Liz

    • I like the visualization of each of us being that little piece of the big jigsaw – running around, bumping into other pieces hoping we’ll fit! Then along comes others, fitting with one, but not the other…yep that could speak volumes in an animated short, Raven!

      I’m hoping that the more evolved we are, the more man-made religion and language takes a back seat. Maybe we could then live in the manner God intended for us which, apparently, is to be joyous, happy and free. Imagine just being able to feel and, well, imagine with no need for words. No more hidden motives.

  6. What a thoughtful post Amy aunty! I do not have much knowledge about meditation. But what I do is, when I feel alone or frustrated I just try to see the face of my guru Shirdi Sai(I hope you know about him) with my eyes closed. It takes me to s different state of mind and it gives me lots of strength.
    May be I need to learn the art of meditation.

    • From what you say, Arindam, you practice a wonderful form of meditation. You know there are many different ways to meditate. It’s fun to practice at work, at play, with silence, in spite of noise, with or without visualization… When you say it takes you to a different state of mind and gives you strength, it certainly seems you have found your preferred method. Practice frees the blossom.

      Yes, I knew of Sai Baba – but I just went to Wiki to see what more was written about him. I loved my studies of Sufism and am very much at home with its teachings. Thus, I appreciate so very much the little I do know about your guru. Reading about him, just now, makes me LONG to sit at his feet. I wonder….I’m going to open myself to receiving a copy of Shri Sai Satcharita. It will likely appear. And this is not an appeal to you, my dear young friend! Let’s have it come without any of our egoic methods! 😀

      • Amy aunty, last week I bought a copy of Shri Sai Satcharita. Believe me once a thought came to my mind that, you would love to read this book. And the thought of sending this book to you already came to my mind. (One more thing this book costs very less, so do not worry about that one 🙂 ). I would love to send you a copy of this book, If you are going to send your mailing address to my mail id. 🙂

        • I’m dumbfounded, Arindam! Awestruck. This is how God works in my life and it is simply amazing. Here you are – a student with a heart that floods often and I am offered your generosity?! I will give you my address if you promise you will give me yours. I support education. I do not want to be a drain on it! 🙂 I will happily pay for the book and the postage. Or, can I send you something you would like from Canada?

      • I will not mind to give you my address but only if you will send me your blessings and good wishes rather than anything else. But I think for that address is not required. 🙂 Do not worry, I am a computer engineer; so I can afford it. why are you thinking that, I am sending this book to you, think that I am just the medium.
        And again may be next month I will join a new company and I have to move to another city. So for now send me your blessings and address. 🙂

  7. When you are tired enough, you will come Home. (I’m pretty tired….)When you have no other safety, you will come Home. (there’s no place that I feel safe–until I stop the world and go where your Guides speak to) When you feel your soul is dying, you will want to be Home. (I’ve felt that….been there…went there–and found peace.) Meditation is Home. (I know, I really do.) Home is meditation. (Home starts with meditation–because of what enters when the ‘me’ exits….) Therein lies the peace, Love, joy that you crave. (I know–and I’ve experienced this over and over again….) Therein lies the healing power of Love. Therein awaits the clarity for which you long and over which you languish.

    I am tired–perhaps the word is ‘weary’. And I’m sad, feeling unsafe in the world today with all the heavy realities, but in those realities lies the gift of service.
    I’m a busy gal because of that ‘service’ I’m gifted with.
    But Home is where I long to be.

    Your Guides, of course…..are right.
    And I do long to go Home.
    Enough to stop this and go.

    ((((((((( The Guides ))))))))

    Funny that I always think that the messages you bring are implicitly for ME……

  8. Encouraging and uplifting message, Amy. The photo of the gate reminds me of the meditative space I created in the garden of our first home. Thank you and your guides, for reminding me what an important practice it is. _/!\_

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