Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, April 12, 2012

David Wilcock:  The man who’s been turning lights on.



You Decide, but BE INFORMED:

Cease and Desist Order is about to be activated, according to Wilcock, and its effect will bring down the 1%.  The names on this Order are largely familiar to the world.  Plans have been carefully put together to bring the Order into effect.

To understand the Order, some background information is given here.  Click anywhere on this link.  If you want to see the list of people who will be served, scroll down on this linked site until the marker on the right side of your screen is about one and one-half inches from the bottom of your screen. 

David interviews an informant named”Drake” who has permission to share some of the plans for activating this Order.  Plans are at a stage where they want the public to be aware and accurately informed even though a date cannot be divulged at this point.

There is no need for concern or panic…however there may be no travel out of the United States until all arrests are made.  All Internet communication in the USA may be put on hold for a period of time.

It’s your decision whether you feel it’s worth listening to…towards the end of this interview, there are some very basic, common sense suggestions.  The after-effects of the world taking this major action against the 1% can not be fully predicted; nor can anyone predict the period of time the consequences will be prevalent.

Here is the interview with David Wilcock and “Drake”- it may not be professionally “polished”, but don’t let that bias block the facts:


You Decide, But Be Informed


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22 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, April 12, 2012

  1. Unfortunately on my old work laptop it won’t let me play the clip, but I’ll be sure to listen later. Life without the internet, I agree, would be like going back to the dark ages. The internet is a powerful force in our lifes and like all we do in life we can chose to see it, and use it, as a positive force. As you know I’ve been fully supporting your Thursday flicker of positivity today. I love, in the posts I read how we all come up with such different things to Light up the Blog-o-Sphere. Great post.

    • Jacqueline, as I noted on your linked Occupy (another great one!), if the predicted action goes according to plan, the Transformation, the positive change that will reform the entire planet, will be underway. To have the power taken out of the hands of the few who have held us down for many decades would be a blessing beyond our imaginings.

    • It’s easy to be opinionated with limited facts! Or without taking the time to check them out.

      I’m not sure what your really want to know, Lorna, but on my Occupy, the numbers of hits have gradually grown each week. I’ve never bothered to total them – I’m just happy to see the increases. The topic greatly influences how much increase I see, as you can well imagine! This week will be interesting… I don’t think people really enjoy delving into this stuff, but again, the numbers are well above last week.

  2. That video covers a lot of ground.

    Not sure what I think about the cease and desist order . . . why it would only cause internet and travel issues in the US? When people all over the globe are allegedly going to be served?

    • If you glean anything different from the interview, let me know, Nancy, but my understanding is that it is a containment tactic. This Drake is American and his focus is on the USA. I don’t recall even a hint at what other “named” nations would do. However, if you look at the names – the majority are people & organizations in the US. Apparently the reason for giving ANY of this information – since an announcement or the giving of details would derail the plan – is to get this information out in a subtle manner, to have people somewhat prepared and hopefully to reduce chaos.

      In the US or Canada, suddenly seeing our armed forces actively engaged would send citizens into fear mode and many into knee-jerk reactions. No matter what we were told at the time, would we believe people? Especially if the Internet was temporarily down. As main media is controlled by the 1%, they are not deemed a trustworthy means for communicating.

      Anyway, your keen brain will likely pick up facts that this Canadian would not recognize as poignant.

  3. I fine when I read this stuff my mind just gets into a spin. I know that I am not a warrior and have utmost admiration and respect for those who are. I do what I can, in my own corner, to take care of things and people and the planet and I cheer on the rest of you as best I can.

    • Kate, I think this will be a tough one for you to hear…for reasons which you and I share, I suspect. I merely wanted to put it out there. If it turned out to be all fluff…no harm done. But I would have felt negligent if I blew it off and the action does come to fruition. My motive: reduce fear.

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