Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, March 8, 2012

“Let’s reconcile with nature!”

A Netherlander who lives on 16 acres in Wales, writes in Clegyrboia* about her revitalization of land that seems dying.  Knowing that it is possible for humankind to live WITH the land, mAgDa “rewilds” these parts of the planet.  What happens?  The land shows her what treasures it has been waiting to produce. 

The ‘before and after’ photos, proof of her success, amaze and inspire even the brownest of thumbs.

MAgdA urges us to reconcile ourselves with nature.  In a recent comment, using her native tongue as the underpainting for this fresh and poignant insight, she defined “reconciliation”

The Dutch word for reconciliation, she explains, is ‘verzoenen.  In Dutch, it means:  to take away that which separates two parties from coming together again.

So, mAgdA questions, what prevents humans from reconciling with nature?

  •  “Modern” religions?  Have they placed humans above nature as though humankind is god or gods?
  • Arrogance?
  • Fear of nature?  We fear snakes, sharks, or spiders, yet humans kill more humans than any natural predator or phenomenon.  These fears pit us against nature.
  • Avoidance of looking honestly at ourselves and our behaviour?
  • Science and technology?  Have we put too much trust in their coming up with overall solutions as though we do not need to learn from nature itself?
  • Fantasies of  finding, and relocating to, another liveable planet (science fiction)?
  • Ignoring attempts to stop our eradication of nature and our environment?

Her response ?  “i do not know and keep looking at (it) and not seeing (the answer).”   (parentheses are mine)

What can we do?
mAgdA, – this week, we join with your voice – hear the harmony!


“Let’s reconcile with nature!”


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*NOTE:  Since the link, copy and save functions are not currently working for this post,  please  note the Clegyrboia blog may be found at:   http://clegyrboia.wordpress.com


45 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, March 8, 2012

  1. Ha ha…I was looking at the gifts my land is giving me, while clearing, recycling, burning and chipping detritus from the build project and its tree loss. Looking at where I can replant new trees, work with the water courses to create space for what the land wants in harmony with what I dream, and generally enjoying the sounds of the birds, wind and hammers coinciding with the bulbs poking up through places where trucks have churned up my driveway, or builder’s feet have created temporary ley lines. Daffodils and crocus’ prevail against the odds. Nature will always have her way, regardless of humans. By honouring Gaia, we honour ourselves in ways more realistic than science, technology, politics or religion can fathom. Not to say those things don’t have their place in the grand scheme of things, but bringing our own microcosm into balance can only ripple out into the whole. And its inspirational to hear people doing the same thing all over the world in their unique corners of the globe within their own constrictions. Verzoehen…the essence of good mediation. Thanks Amy.

    • I’m delighted you now have a birthday surprise. Are you going to tell us how many candles to put on this cake? 😀 Okay, no candles, but I’ll give you all my support in you being re-wilded! I wish I’d thought of that for my birthday!

  2. When I first started planning my “yard” area here on 80 acres I was startled to find myself recreating my “yard” I had on my lot in Chilliwack. That draft was ripped up quickly and now I am looking at my yard to be and trying to visualize how it will fit into the natural landscape I have outside my door.

    I am eager to see what this land will produce in its natural state without me interferring too much. I think about planting flower gardens and then I remember the abundance of wildflowers I have seen here over the years without any human assistance. I may not have to add much.

  3. Hi,
    I personally feel there are a lot of people that do go out of their way to try and live in harmony with nature, even in the city’s, people will plant different type of plants and trees that they hope will help feed the birds, somewhere for the possums to go etc.

    I am not far at all from the city, a hop skip and jump you might say, and yet there is an abundance of wildlife, lovely trees, and plants. I think people care more than they let on. 🙂

  4. Strange that the words of native people were ignored about living with respect forand in harmony with nature….as has been the case since the being of those initial pleas were made…Greed rules over common sense.

    • The First Nations people I have known and worked with have not had to re-wild their land. They have not had much to teach about reconciliation of the land because they have not ruined, overworked, disrespected it. A large group of Natives in the North are currently holding firm about protecting their headwaters from mining operations. Except for money mongers, I don’t know of anyone thinking this is okay. Thankfully my favourite, highly respected anthropologist, Ward Davis, is speaking out against these insane plans. I am floored by the comments made by mining officials. They seem to believe they do whatever they want. We just have to watch our silly Prime Minister.

  5. Getting back to nature through hiking and photography has been important to my soul journey. This very much has brought me to where I am now, and I am so missing it right now with hubby back surgery and my foot problems.
    I was always taught to respect the land…it provides for us so we must take care of it in return.

    • Yes, SuziCate, I was also raised to respect nature. It was never something to take for granted…we had to take care of it. Whenever someone was foolish enough to think they could out-power nature, folks made no bones about letting that person know how silly they appeared. Usually, their silliness could have affected a number of lives.

  6. A brilliant post – thank you for introducing mAgdA. As a country girl, I’ve always had a need to connect with nature, even when I lived in a city apartment, with a tiny balcony. One of the most important conditions I place on choosing where to live is that it has outdoor space, where I can meditate and observe the natural world – from which we learn so much. (Read about my dream home on: http://www.wightrabbit.wordpress.com)

    • Many thanks for your great contribution, Jacqueline. Talk about attracting abundance. Your story is a promise to all of us, especially when we hit the stage of wrestling self-doubts and disbelief!

  7. I’m enjoying the birds chirping outside my window. My small reconnection.

    When we’re in balance and living consciously, reconciliation comes naturally. So many distractions now easily impedes that but not a good excuse, I know. But there is no excuse, is there?

    • Totsymae, about an hour ago, I stood at my bedroom window watching a robin. It was cocking its head – listening. Now really! Did you know that birds can hear worms crawling though the earth? Okay, maybe its focusing its eye intently on the ground and it LOOKS like it’s listening. Anyway – that robin suddenly buckles down and is pulling on something. It’s a strong, lots-of-effort pull; no yanking. That robin didn’t seem to move a feather for 30 seconds, just concentrated on pulling up some ornery worm too fat for that hole. Suddenly, a flash of wriggling, an instantaneous slurp, and the robin hops over to another spot.

      I thought…I’ve lived over 60 years and never before took the time to watch this little act of nature.

      Wallow in their music, Tots…I’ve lost the ability to hear most of their songs.

  8. Pingback: International Women’s Day « Bodhirose's Blog

  9. Although I rent my house and don’t have land to do with as I wish…I have been on a campaign for years for people to get rid of their grass and use native plants in their yards which historically use less water, fertilizer and other chemical maintenance. The upkeep of grass and the money spent keeping it green and pest-free is horrendous. It’s a waste of water and the chemicals are harmful….as we well know. I plant flowers and shrubs that are attractive and supportive to birds and butterflies and other wildlife…it’s very rewarding.

    Today I’m linking a post that has to do with International Women’s Day: http://bodhirose.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/international-womens-day/

    Thanks, Amy! xo

    • Gayle, I want every woman in Afghanistan to hear your poem. Let’s manifest that!

      Because you are honouring International Women’s Day (thank you!), I’m going to express my feelings about this day. I wrote this on your site:

      “Blacks are speaking up about Black History month. While I understand the intent of this supposedly noble gesture, it’s almost condescending. It causes me to consider International Women’s Day. I hope that the Internet and our blogging world is turning International Women’s Day into everyday. I believe the sages, psychics and seers who are telling the world that the feminine is coming to the fore because it has to. Without it, look where we have come.”

  10. Your post sure resonates with a guy like me who comes from a landmass of 3% ( of the world) supporting a population of 18% ( Of the planet). For me nature is the veritable straw that I need to hold onto!



    • Shakti, imagine the world if we all lived by your last statement “…the veritable straw that I need to hold onto!” What respect and reverence we would carry into our partnership with the land if we held fast to that need.

      As part of this Occupy, I hope you don’t prostest (:)) my adding a wise and positive quote from your December, 2011 post: http://esgeemusings.com/2011/12/01/21st-december-2012/ :

      “The doomsayers refuse to “see” the positivity, hope and initiative that abound all around us. They ignore any mid path there might be that the world can indeed be “saved” from the holocaust which they has consigned it to in their minds.

      We may ridicule the above mindset but do we realise that we carry a bit of the doomsayers belief in each one us? A belief that surfaces when we try and stick to our old ways and resist change. When we wallow in a sea of negativity as we move with the crowd. When we block ourselves from empowerment and positive intentions. When we decide to wear someone else’s coloured glasses rather than be guided by our own core values. When we decide to live by others’ dreams and aspirations, not our own.”

      To me, this is the keyhole through which we can see and unlock reconciliation.

      • Hi SD,

        Thanks for reflecting back what I myself had mused.By doing so , you have indeed dipped into my soul 🙂

        You have made me realise that I am but human and thus fallible. But when I fall, I try to get up and move again with positive intentions. Your response has made me do that and I wish to acknowledge you for this support. At this moment, you have indeed become a friend, philisopher and guide.

        With blessings


  11. What is it with us people that won’t sustain the world we live in and by? I totally agreed with nrhatch: It’s greed, ignorance and arrogance. In that order as far as I believe. An example: The Heartland Institute Think Tank is working to revoke any idea about the climate crisis. And who is behind the institute? Yes, General Motors, Microsoft and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company – only to mention a few.

    • The Occupy Blogosphere lives on, Isadora…just like the rest of us. It is not too late to add this link! You can even use it for this coming Thursday if you feel this was rather late. Many thanks!

  12. It is no surprise that nature is referred to as…Mother Nature…the ultimate nurturer…which in turn requires us to do our part in this cycle of life…but as nrhatch very wisely stated it is as always…arrogance…ignorance …greed…which prevents man for reconciling with Nature and doing the right thing!

    The prayer and hope is for…balance..positivity…reconciliation…and then change….

  13. Yes, yes, yes…let’s reconcile with nature! Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Amy, hot on the heels of your stunning Africa email…you’re a tonic 🙂 XO

  14. Last week with the worm moon, I realized that the descriptions, (worm, sap, Crow moon) all describe a time in which we used the moon to order our lives, plant, and tap trees. On weeks I hike, I notice that the changes in nature regulate my activities. Perhaps reconciliation involves spending more time without walls?

  15. Many truths here.

    ”Modern” religions? Have they placed humans above nature as though humankind is god or gods?

    I’ve often wondered how things would have turned out if the bible translations had said … that God gave us “stewardship” over the fish of the sea etc. instead of “reign” or “dominion.”

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