Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, March 01, 2012

The 1% involved in food?


The 1% made a plan to reduce our numbers – last century.

(Read David Wilcock’s Newsletter – click HERE)

They’ve infiltrated the food industry, pushed monoculture, and shunned our having our own seeds.

Our food has become less nutritious.

Chemicals in the soil and

chemicals assuring longer shelf  life

 develop diseases in our bodies.

When we are sick enough, we consume THEIR pharmaceuticals.


What can we do?

Meet Dr. Vandana Shiva

– a mentor –

A Leader in Organics

"The future of our world depends upon how we steward our land, soil, water and seeds and pass them on to future generations." - Dr. Shiva



Where can you start?

Copy This List - PASS IT ON - Take it Shopping

(On February 29, 2012, Snopes reported:  “In fact, Monsanto doesn’t own the listed companies; this item appears to be an attempt to compile a list of companies selling food products that make use of products developed by Monsanto (such as artificial sweeteners or agricultural products derived from genetically engineered seed.)

This list is being circulateded in Face Book.  At the time of writing and posting, this report was not available.

Has Snopes been given accurate information?

Ask good questions!

Please don’t ignore the list simply because Monsanto claims to not own these companies. 

Ask Monsanto who their clients are.


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63 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, March 01, 2012

  1. The tag, “Let’s do our Part,” says it all. “We” demand that “They” (the 1%) do “Our” work for us. Not the least of which is “Produce & Distribute Our Food!” What “We” (the 99%) are best at is…well, damn near nothing. Because we can’t (or won’t) do nothing. Except complain. And we’re pretty good at that.

    It wasn’t all that long ago when “We” (the 99%) were producing (and/or gathering) all of our own food ourselves. And now “We” (the 99%) have become like the 1% who used to live in that big house on the hill…who complained endlessly about the quantity and quality of the food that the 99% brought up to the great hall for them to eat. Gee, how times have changed!

    Maybe its time that “We” quit acting like “They,” and began to actually take care of ourselves, instead of depending entirely upon “Them” to do everything for us? Or would that be too much to ask of the spoiled, whiny, useless little sh*ts we’ve since become? Oh…that’s right, I’ve got a “Degree” so that means I really don’t have to do anything but “occupy a cubicle” and act like I know a bunch of important stuff (except how to gather and/or grow something to eat…the kind of thing which would only “occupy the mind” of somebody who was uneducated, or stupid, or both)! Right? 😉

    So…yes, “Let’s do our part!” And complain. (After all, what else is there to do?)

    • “Let’s do our part” includes being informed, asking intelligent questions and supporting authentic exposure to injustice, greed and stupidity.

      The whiners, snivelers and complainers certainly show their true colours. Focus on them? No, I’m staying on the positive side of this unfolding.

      Keeping informed is more than reading and deciding if it fits “my little world”. It means digging until the truth is verified. Some of the people working hardest at authenticating exposure have to watch their backs. David Wilcock is one of those people.

  2. I think organic foods are good, can’t doubt that but we need to make them more affordable so everyone can eat them. They have been modifying seeds since WWII and if they hadn’t done so we would have all starved. Having food which are modified to grow with less water or in poorer soils is not always a bad thing but they have gone to far. We could grow our own but as individuals we have become too lazy. It’s about changing individual thinking and those individuals taking action. It is possible but i think they have a cure for humanities laziness.

    • Modifying seeds that grow in poorer soils means companies sell fertilizer, Bev. Fertilizer is spelled c-h-e-m-i-c-a-l-s.

      Choosing foods prepared in soils full of chemicals versus paying a bit more for produce grown in someone’s unfertilized and healthy soil is not a decision for me. When we are younger, what we put in our bodies (and how we exercise) dictates our health in older years. Sadly, we pooh pooh that until we are faced with diseases for which there are no cures…eg. Osteoporosis, pancreatitis, cancer… Then we expect the world to fix our dilemmas?

      We forget who is responsible for us. WE are. Our laziness affects everyone, not just ourselves. Thank goodness Madam Currie wasn’t lazy. Or, Dr. Salk. Or the people who produced seeds thousands of years ago and taught others how to care for them and sustain their ability to give us food.

      A man in Canada, Percy Schmeiser had a major legal battle with Monsanto about modified seeds. Percy ended up winning the Mahatma Gandhi Award for working towards the good of mankind. He and his wife achieved other awards and one was given “… for their courage in defending biodiversity and farmers’ rights, and challenging the environmental and moral perversity of current interpretations of patent laws.”

      Oh boy, Bev, I certainly never planned to be an activist, but I cannot ignore blatant acts of greed that are diseasing our planet.

  3. This is outrageous, thanks for bringing it to our attention, Amy! I’m happy to find out that I use very few of the brands listed above – and will discontinue buying those I do. The influence of the 1% is so daunting, affecting so many areas of life on the planet. As individuals we can only resist in small ways (visit http://www.wightrabbit.wordpress.com to read the slogan I have chosen for today’s Occupy Blogosphere post.) By choosing to join in, in any way we can, the movement against oppression will grow and become much stronger.

    • Jacqueline, you creative soul! Imagine your talent in bringing Saint David (“Do the Little Things” Saint-honoured on March 1st) into a perfect blend with Occupy Blogosphere. We can all be saints by doing just as he taught – just do the little things. Like saying no to purchashing from big corporations so they REMEMBER who has the power. Thank you for participating!

  4. P.s. Amy – the first draft of my blog was published without the link to this site – apologies, must endeavour to get my head around this touch-pad technology! I have rectified that and your link is now in place and does appear on Facebook and Twitter.

  5. Wonderful SD! This is such a courageous and refreshing post. Vandana’s video gives one reason to believe that all is not lost!.

    Awhile back, I had written on the ” State of our planet” in a post titled , ” We need a second planet by 2030!” I believe it is imminently relevant to Occupy Blogosphere of which I feel such a part of. Would really appreciate your reviewing it and, if you deem it suitable, re-blogging it here.


    Cheers and God bless, you are making a difference!


    • Thank you, Shakti, for your participation – and for linking your insightful post. You have shared some statements of profound awareness. I encourage one and all to read your article in full and dig into its riches.

      I want to close this comment by quoting you: “So what is the way forward? To heal the earth, I believe we need to heal the individual.”

      Let the healing begin with us, Shakti.

    • Well, a big welcome to you, IJ! Thanks for coming by and letting me know about you. I could hear that fabulous Jamaican lilt as I read your words. 😀 I popped over to your blog and discovered two things which may be affecting your readership. I HOPE it’s not just me! First, on your comment left here, I tried to click on the link by your photo: gravatar.com/InsideJourneys There’s a big fat message: FILE NOT FOUND. So I googled Inside Journeys and when I found you, every attempt to click around in your blog was very, very slow. Now, I know Jamaica time is different from the rest of us, Marcia, but…

      I hope that information is helpful – I suspect it could be hurtin’ the traffic flow and that would be discouraging!

  6. Thanks for raising consciousness and awareness about food dictatorship. It’s such an important fight to fight. Individually we may not be able to change the big monetary interests, but if enough of us boycott their products eventually the greed will have to take a different direction.

  7. Wow, Souldip. That’s very necessary consumer information. I’m definitely sharing that list. Thank you and thank goodness for the internet, blogs and Blogosphere light spreading.

    • Totsymae, your support is terrific. Your readers are good people, too, and it’s mighty nice of them to come around and help us out. That’s a reflection on you, so thanks for being a talented woman who cares.

  8. I am on the speakers bureau with the Institute for Responsible Technology and give presentations on the dangers of GMO’s – not as often or to as many people as I would like, mind you, but I’ll talk to anyone!!! Did you see the article about how much money Bill Gates has given Monsanto? He is definitely part of the group trying to reduce the population. And does anyone realize that 2nd and 3rd generation mice eating gmo’s are sterile???

    This year is supposedly the year that people wake up and take back their power – an astrologer said – so I am sure wanting to help that along!


    • There are many claiming 2012 as the year of waking up, SuZen. The information David Wilcock has states there are 136 countries committed to the exposure and discontinuance of this insane manipulation and control. Seems to me that the “core” of the 1% would have to entice anyone with lots of money into their web – they would have to do that to secure their comfortable control. Do you have a link to the Bill Gates/Monsanto information?

      For convenience, I am including the link to the Institute for Responsible Technology: http://responsibletechnology.org/about

  9. According to snopes.com Monsanto does not own above mentionend companies … Check out Urban Legends …Topic: Monsanto … Febuary 2012. What to believe anymore ? I don’t know … maybe Snopes and Monsanto are in bed together as well … who will ever know the truth?

    • Cat, Snopes reported this update on February 29 (the day I posted this). Since it was not available when I was preparing the article, I appreciate you alerting me today! I checked out their report and added Snopes’ exact wording to my post.

      I’m suspicious. Having been in the financial world, I am aware that it is not always obvious who owns which company. Snopes is a fabulous service, but we have to question everyone’s sources. I would not know where to begin to check the validity of that list. I know people may get an answer by contacting Monsanto’s Head Office, but who’s answering the question and what proof was given?

      I’m going with “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” It’s the principle I could have heeded years ago… when the average person did not believe genetic modifications were detrimental to any aspect of life. “Just a bunch of weirdos making a fuss!”

  10. Hi,
    Very thought provoking post.
    I didn’t recognize anything on the list that I normally buy, so at least I haven’t got to worry about that.
    A very good video.

  11. Wow, what a great blog today! Interesting that list of companies tied/not tied to Monsanto. Since I’ve gone to a “if I don’t make it, I don’t eat it” sort of mind set (which I’m not 100% faithful to, I will admit — though I would say it’s near 80 – 85 %) I find I spend less on groceries, I feel better, I’ve lost a little weight and I’m not throwing so much food away. This started for me as a health decision, but now I’m very proud of how well we eat even though our food costs are less. Makes me smile everytime I think of the money NOT going to some fat CEO ‘s retirement plan!

    • Right on, Kath! The only thing I eat on that list is the Orville Redenbacher’s PopCorn. I will change that! Good old Jolly Time White is just fine with me. I will admit, the reason I had been buying Orville is because each kernel is bigger. Now I’ll have to apologize to my grocer who got in the walloping big containers of OR Popcorn. Wonder if he can send them back when they are out of date.

  12. That’s a very long list of very familiar product labels.

    And yes, very North America-ish.

    Frankly, I’m not sure where I sit on this one.
    When you’re a country that can’t raise what you need to feed your own AND you can’t afford that ‘bit more’–dunno….. I’d like to think your neighbor would help you, but I haven’t witnessed a whole lot of that degree of ‘brotherly love’.

    I hear what’s being said…. and I live in farm country–corn country in all honesty. And boy is there a lot of corn. And yes we have corn syrup plants. Who they distribute to varies.
    How that’s used, varies on who picks it up.
    And yes, I could go on about the loss of the small farmer around these parts.

    It’s moving towards spring.
    And I’m about to plan a garden in containers cuz I love growing things and I ain’t that found of weeding. LOL That’s about what I can offer for this week’s post!! I’m going to grow my own–happily!
    Well, that and some investigation–cuz I don’t like ‘contempt prior to investigation’ and making an informed decision is always the best route for me!

    • Yes, do investigate, Mel, if you have the time and sources. Share findings with us. However, this is the very tack that the 1% want us to take. It keeps the spotlight off them. They are in the background pulling the financial strings while governments and corporations dance to those pulls, tugs and fetters. We get in a big stir over government and big business.

      This is the very trap that was planned in the 1770s. (See #13 below) It’s so easy to get tangled up with the folks who are being used. We lose sight of what is actually behind it all.

      I feel such frustration over not being able to condense facts into a convenient sound bite. I will share one section from David Wilcock’s newsletter. It’s about the plan that was written in the 1770s by one of the inner core of the 1% – a Rothschild. He wrote a 25 point plan to take over the world. David Wilcock has a link to the full document, but here are the highlights that David shares:


      In a seeming act of Divine Intervention, lightning struck a courier who was riding to the meeting on horseback, carrying the full 25-point strategy in his inside jacket pocket. He was killed instantly.

      The authorities went through all the courier’s belongings and were shocked to find this document. All 25 points are published, in full, on various websites, such as this one.

      I’m not going to list all 25. You can read them at the above link. I have specifically chosen the most shocking and, I believe, important ones so you don’t get distracted as you read it.

      Remember – this is not a conspiracy theory; the seizure of this document was an established fact, causing extreme concern in the Bavarian government.

      #1 Use violence and terrorism rather than academic discussions….

      #4 Any and all means were justified, on the grounds that a moral code left a politician vulnerable….

      #6 Remain invisible until the very moment when it has gained such strength that no cunning or force can undermine it….

      #7 Use Mob Psychology to control the masses. “Without absolute despotism ” one cannot rule efficiently

      #8 Advocate the use of alcoholic liquors, drugs, moral corruption and all forms of vice, used systematically by “agenteurs” to corrupt the youth

      #9 Seize property by any means and without hesitation, to secure submission and sovereignty.

      #10 Foment wars, but direct the peace conferences so that neither of the combatants gain territory. They would be placed further in debt and therefore into our power.

      #12 Choose candidates for public office who will be servile and obedient to our commands, so they may be readily used as PAWNS IN OUR GAME

      #13 Use the Press for propaganda to control all outlets of public information, while remaining in the shadows, clear of blame

      #14 Make the masses believe they had been the prey of criminals. Then restore order to appear as the saviors.

      #15 Create financial panics; use hunger to subjugate the masses.

      #16 Infiltrate Freemasonry… “When the hour strikes for our sovereign Lord of all the World to be crowned, these same hands will sweep away everything that might stand in his way.”….

      #18 a Reign of Terror is the most economical way to bring about speedy subjection.

      #19 Masquerade as political, financial and economic advisers to carry out our mandates… without fear of exposing “the secret power behind national and international affairs.”

      #20 ULTIMATE WORLD GOVERNMENT is the goal. It will be necessary to establish huge monopolies, so even the largest fortunes… [will] go to the bottom together with the credit of their governments ON THE DAY AFTER THE GREAT POLITICAL SMASH.”

      #21 Economic War. Rob the Goyim of their landed properties and industries with a combination of high taxes and unfair competition.

      #22 Make the Goyim destroy each other so there will only be the proletariat [poor] left in the world, with a few millionaires devoted to our cause, and sufficient police and soldiers to protect our interest.

      #23 Call it THE NEW ORDER. Appoint a Dictator….”

      • *sigh* I obviously am lacking in this area. And those 23 points, scary stuff.

        I’ll have another read at David’s site–

        But I don’t get it.
        On one hand it’s saying to manipulate the government and the big business to LOOK like the problem (leastwise that’s what it reads to me) and on the other hand boycotting the big business’ products becomes a part of the solution?
        The implication is they’re just the front–and if we focus on the symptoms of the disease and not the disease, aren’t we just helping the disease grow?

        Yeah. I don’t get it! Maybe I best be still and watch….and learn from others.
        When in doubt pause?

        • Mel, there is soooo much on David’s site. I’ve been reading his findings for over 2 years. He has shown us how the 1% have been implementing tactics to gain control. It always starts with money. They are like the fairy godfathers gone ugly and awry. It’s along the lines of: “Here’s your 10 million dollars; oh, did we say you now have to do what we say? Well, you do – or pay us back 30 million today. Take your pick.” They have been masterful at staying in the shadows and letting us – the pesky nasty masses – think it’s the government and/or corporations. It is, but they’re being used!

          So my measly little effort to expose these guys goes like this: affect those who were greedy and “got into bed with the 1%” and who now have to carry out terrible tactics dictated by the 1%.

          Discovering that the Sec. Gen of the UN is amongst those named on a law suit (for a theft of trillions) that is coming up is just one of the blows that exemplifies how we have put such trust and faith in people completely under the control of the 1%. David has a link to the law suit on the Internet. What was on our news about this? A minor report was given one day about 3 trillion dollars worth of stolen federal bonds being confiscated at a European border. The truth (and lawsuit) is that the amount is well over 30 trillion dollars. Sound mind boggling? It makes total sense when we understand how that amount of money came into existence in the first place.

          I don’t plan to get down, negative or sick over this, Mel, but I cannot justify staying quiet. We’ve all been waiting for “them” to fix things. Turns out that “them” is “exposure”. That’s what is needed.

          You are so on the button. How do we approach this? My little contribution really is only a hummingbird’s droplet of water on a forest fire.

  13. Pingback: “The Art of Peace” « Bodhirose's Blog

    • Thank you Gayle, your link came at a perfect time for me. I felt I had to dive into sharing more than I want about the 1%. It is so negative. Your post was a bath of comfort…a wash of peace. Many thanks.

      I don’t think I’m activist material…I get heartsick and worry about looking like a conspiracy theorist. David Wilcock must cry himself to sleep some nights.

      • I’m glad you found some comfort in those words…I sure do.

        I don’t think I am either (activist material)…I get too bogged down in the emotional aspects of different campaigns and find myself getting too riled up! And if you think you may look like a conspiracy theorist…it’s because there are lots of conspiracies and ugly manipulations going on in the world. I have a very politically active brother, who shares all kinds of “stuff” with me…it makes me cringe and feel a lot of helpless anger…but that path will not serve anyone…let alone myself.

        Thanks for a great session on Occupy Blogosphere this week, Amy.

        • Thank you for being so gracious about my little “vent”. I’m amazed at the folks picking this up on Facebook. It’s good to have aware people. I guess, Gayle, if our activism has done that, it’s served its purpose. 🙂

  14. This is a huge tragedy for which we are already suffering, and I feel for the farmers who are being manipulated too.

    One of the ways to avoid complicity with Monsanto and others of that ilk: As much as possible is to shop local, buy organic, and don’t buy any prefabricated foods.

    Bravo for your call to action and this wonderful post. Thank you, Amy.

    … and thank you for the video of Dr. Shiva. She also spoke on this in the movie “Dirt.” I’m so happy you put this up so I can see the other two as well. I am willing and happy to listen to what she has to say. Marvelous woman. Honest commitment.


  15. GREAT POST. Found you through Izzy. My disdain for Monsanto, et al., grows daily. Organic farms are threatened by migration of their chemical aerosol crap in the atmosphere. Haven’t tasted a good ear of corn in a while.

    MY RANT: I believe troops in Afghanistan were goaded into burning Q’urans in order to inflame locals. Military immediately issued statement saying this would be a bad time to leave because of unrest. Now, if Israel strikes Iran, Iran will strike Israel… and probably Afghan American bases. Who profits? Bush, Cheney, and other profiteers. I want our president to KEEP HIS PROMISE and get them out before the shit hits the fan.

    Rant ends here. Now, a nice poem for you, and thanks for the soapbox! Peace, Amy

    • Kate, though this relates to a post you made, I’ll sneak this in. I adore your nom de plume. I have always believed that she was the shrew to her dying breath – never overlooking an opportunity to fool the masses. Shakespeare, I’ll duel you to the floor!

  16. boy I need to get involved here. High corn fructose is in over 3,000 products – all of it is made from Monsanto GMO corn. First rule of thumb, don’t buy any “food” that comes in a package.

  17. It’s hard to know who owns who anymore. And while I really dislike the idea of genetically modified seeds and the chemicals that accompany it, I have farming relatives who tell me, folks would complain and really cuss if they had to pay the prices of crops that didn’t have these alterations. Supply would drastically change. I think it’s good to keep collecting information to make a decision, it’s a complex problem and crosses continents, economic layers and lifestyle. Thanks for keeping a light on it.

    • Good point, Barb. Maybe we have to become willing to respect wholesome food costs money to produce – and be willing to pay for it. We’ve treated the little food producer with a counter-productive attitude that we ought to get it for less than goods mass produced from across the country and from another country.

  18. I anxiously read the list to find out if I am buying any of the products from these company. I am not, thankfully. But here in India we might have a different sort of a problem with food. At least beginning to have — plants and animals brought in/on chemically saturated soil/water. It’s a scary thought. The rate at which we’re going, it’d be safer to settle down in a faraway village that doesn’t know ‘development’ yet… Thanks for this interesting post, Amy.

    • You and I feel the same, Priya. I am fortunate to live where I can buy local produce in the summer, but in the winter, our stores are stocked with produce from US and Mexico. When I was a child, we had our own garden and put root veggies into a dark cellar where they would keep over the winter as we used them up. It became very repetitious, but at least we weren’t eating goods laden with chemicals.

      Now, we get ticked at paying higher prices on foods designated as “organic” – supposed grown without chemicals. But the honesty…??? Plus one learns that apples grown just below our border (we think…good nice and close) are sprayed with a covering to keep them from rotting! Think of what that does to our organs.

  19. I’m just catching up on all my posts in my email queue. This was great. I’ve read a lot about Monsanto. The list of the companies it owns is news to me, though. Avoiding those companies isn’t too difficult because I stay away from processed foods, but they seem to have their dirty paws in lots of plots…

    Thanks for this post!

  20. I just want people to be aware that there is a lot of misinformation circulating on the internet. I’ve been sent all kinds of “important” information, warnings, etc. and then come to find out they were not true. I do my homework (try my best) before passing on information. And it’s not enough to have Kelloggs on the list…(as an example) you have to look at all the companies that Kelloggs owns and operates as well. It’ll boggle your brain…

    It’s very easy to get caught up in “propaganda”…either way. I’m just sayin’…

    • Yes, if only there was an easy way to check this sort of information out… I worked at a Residence for seniors, but the name of the Residence had no resemblance whatsoever to the umbrella/Corporate name. I’ve also experienced finding charges on my credit card bill from some weird company. When I checked into this company with the credit card company, I found it was domiciled in another province. I knew nothing about this company, had not been in that province in years and knew nothing of its products. The credit card company took the charges off. Later, I found it was the name under which a restaurant did their business in my home province where I had enjoyed a marvelous dinner.

      Ownership can be under many different names. The list is a handy one because it’s all processed foods to not use…with non-pronouncable ingredients.

  21. I’ve had a similar experience with a credit card company too…what showed up was something I could not identify…called the handy 800 # that was on there and found out that I had used those services…under a totally different entity.

    You’re right about the list and the processed foods they offer that we should avoid. I definitely read labels and won’t buy products that have high fructose corn syrup, MSG and a slew of other ingredients…especially those that I can’t pronounce and/or identify. It’s work!

    My main concern is that I don’t want to be unduly swayed in either direction. I don’t care for fanaticism…if you know what I mean.

    • Yes, I do know what you mean. That’s what makes me nervous about activism. Knowing what is truth is very difficult. So I will keep the Occupy positive and insightful without heading down negative roads – as my “disclaimer” states.

  22. OMG, it’s a minefield, isn’t it, Amy? And to think that some of my (many) fondest memories of B.C. are of Aunt Jemima’s pancake mix! No kidding, I still tell people about it often – those delicious breakfasts with crispy bacon and maple syrup in the ski chalet…in fact it’s the only supermarket brand I remember!

    • Don’t worry, Naomi, pancakes from scratch are delicious. Maybe one day you’ll taste Sour Dough Pancakes made from starter that began in the days of the Yukon Goldrush. It’s true – the combo of salty, crispy bacon and pure maple syrup is enough to put you on the Expert run on our ski hills.

  23. You know, I do think we are staring to reclaim our food and food system. Little by little. I just think of the work that people like T. Colon Campbell and others are doing … and there’s posts like yours on the internet … and just a lot going on. Some of my friends who have yards are growing a lot more food than they used to. (Of course, the time is there now with retirement. I’m sure that’s a factor.) Today in Whole Foods I note they are promoting a book called “Reclaiming Our Food.” Hopeful.


    • Hurrah! I’m glad to hear you say that, Madam Urban Dweller. I notice the same around here, but we’re more rural. This is very promising. I agree, more and more people are writing about it – thankfully! I may chose your comment as my feature on this week’s Occupy Blogosphere! Would you mind?

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