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I AM a Destroyer Creatrix


“Rasma!” I said over our power-packed lunch-time conversation. “Be the feature on this week’s Occupy Blogosphere!  Give me a slogan you would like to say to the world.”

After a speedy explanation, she agreed.  Of course she would.  She’s a self-proclaimed Destroyer Creatrix.

“Describe what that means.  Who are you?”

Rasma paused for a moment, checking out the patronage in our funky cafe.  Long, dark strands of hair slid off her shoulders.  Throughout layers of this dark hair, deep emerald green, Noxema-bottle-blue and rich, ravishing red highlights flashed with each movement of her head.  Her tall slim stature, confident demeanour and steady, almond-shaped eyes totalled a one-word statement:  ‘Alpha.’

She began, “It means I destroy illusions and archetypes that no longer serve us.  I am creating an empowered self that is genuine, truthful and respectful.”

She went on, “I am also helping others to help themselves in this same vein.  I am forming a network for women to get in touch with their strength and their personal power.  I am getting ready for this year’s shifts with men and community.  The matriarchal strength is coming back.”

We shared agreement over the need for men to be as much a part of this as women.  Rasma referred to male acquaintances, of all ages, who want the freedom to access and utilize more of their feminine attributes in their lives.  I, too, have had men express their wish to move beyond masculine fetters that no longer serve our society or well-being as a planet.

Rasma said, “I am the Creator of Balance.  I balance Divine Masculinity and Divine Femininity.”

“And your slogan for this Occupy?”  I asked.  With enthusiastic eyes sparkling with passion, she threw up her arms:

“Be Your I AM!”


"I AM!" Rasma at SA Sun City Rope Bridge


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49 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, February 23, 2012

    • I’m so grateful for your participation, Rosie, because I know that you hardly have a moment to spare. Bless you for supporting the Occupy. I don’t know if this will give you any extra energy: I have this really sweet, special place in my heart for you!

  1. Balancing of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies is so important to the world right now – yin and yang in perpetual motion and perfect harmony. I have been re-visiting my Tao Te Ching this morning, (before I read this energetic post!), searching for an appropriate ‘Occupy’ quote for my blog (http://wightrabbit.wordpress.com) and the ‘Destroyer Creatrix’ image fits well with the passages on co-existing opposites that I was considering! In the end I decided to publish an excerpt specifically directed at the 1%.

    • Wightrabbit! Thank you for your great comment. You know what Rasma is about! If you lived here, we’d lasso you into the Women’s network that Rasma is creating. I just visited your blog and the poem perfectly fits with this Occupy concept.

      As I mentioned in my comment on your blog, this Occupy is to be everything the 1% is NOT. David Wilcock points out recent attempts, subtle and otherwise, of the 1% to fly the flag and regain the ground they have lost. When the lawsuit against them is underway, it will expose them and their horrid tactics that have stripped our beautiful planet of as much goodness as they could. 136 nations are meeting to develop strategies to remove their financial hold and therefore their ability to continue these monstrosities.

      The core goodness of humanity could not grasp the horror of these people. No wonder humanity did not believe the “smoke signals” or realize they had to be stopped years ago.

      • Wightrabbit…and any other woman who feels so inclined…you are welcome to join the network virtually, energetically or in any other way that works for you. I am already holding space for it, and am looking forward to the concrete gatherings evolving soon. We are all connected so it doesn’t matter what timezone, country, stage you are at in your journey. If you feel like tuning in…great. If you want to visit if you happen to come to our amazing island…great. If you have questions/issue you need us to hold space for…great. The group can be whatever and whenever for whomever. Each of us strength in different ways and in different amounts. It is all real and it is all accessible.

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  3. The wonderful thing about your message is that my “I am” changes. I can’t get too attached to any one definition of myself because it will change. Nothing is permanent…and that is quite freeing.

    • The way I perceive life, Lorna, the window dressing or the exterior of my “I Am” changes, but I don’t find the true inner core does. For example, I am trustworthy. I may feel less inclined to be trustworthy under a set of circumstances, but I am trustworthy so will be. I may even be less graceful in being trustworthy, but I will still be true to myself. The degrees may ebb and flow, but the core is reliably me.

      Many, many thanks for your contribution to the “Occupy”. If we could all practice it daily. And keep going when we goof…

  4. I must have missed the point she is making or … destroying whose illusions and what archetypes ? Hopefully she is destroying just her own at this point in her life, as she seems a bit young to be able to validate/ assess let alone destroy other people’s “crutches” … anyway, she does have good teeth though, I must say 🙂 Love, cat.

    • Rasma is showing us her “I AM” and wraps her portrayal with an apropos slogan. She deftly balances the two roles, destroying and creating. The archetypes are any that no longer fit or work. When I studied under Caroline Myss, I was amazed to learn the large numbers of archetypes. Doing an inventory is a must in our lives because even archetypes can have an expiry date. 🙂

      Please feel free to join in with a slogan or a post of your own that you can link here, Cat.

    • Love it! The teeth are false thanks to life, and those were the mark 1 version – the ones I have now are even nicer with a much better smile.
      Here’s a question: are photos real or illusion? They capture a moment in time – the time it takes for the shutter to open, release and close. Once taken, the person or scene doesn’t age or change. For me, photos serve as record keepers of my life. The truth is that experience is ageless. How old we are has nothing to do with how much we have packed in or learned from our lives. Some people have to learn lessons as children, that others never have to learn. Experience can be built on, exponentially. If I can pass on something useful from my life to anyone who wants or needs it, and if that helps to create something new for them, a new perspective or a destruction of the barriers to their accessing their potential, then I am fulfilling my purpose. Sometimes it is time to leave the crutches behind, but kicking them out from under someone is not my purpose – its not genuine, in Truth or respectful from my perspective. But yes, I am a constant work in progress too.

    • Destroyer/Creatrix – right, Kate – spiritually, emotionally and physically. Rasma has been the General Contractor for a new home. The old house was completely torn down with as much being recycled as possible. Now, she and her partner are about a month away from moving into their new home. (He works in Brazil, but was raised in South Africa.) The creative touches flow throughout including her very own music room. Unique and fascinating house – like its creator.

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    • Thank you! Your video is so perfect for this act of exposure and activism. Gayle. The message sums up the negative hold the 1% have had on us – and most of us had no clue! When we did hear a whiff of truth, it seemed too preposterous to be true. David confirms the documentation is in the correct hands now so disclosure will be happening soon.

  6. What an energetic soul! You can feel that in the photo. Thank you for introducing us.

    ” You will discover that real love is millions of miles past falling in love with anyone or anything. When you make that one effort to feel compassion for someone instead of blame or self-blame, the heart opens again, and continues opening. Then, love fills the empty spaces you thought someone else could fill for you.”

    May love open hearts galore this day….and every day.

    • Yay, Isadora. I just visited your fabulous post. What a picture to accompany your quote! So glad to have you here. Be sure to check out Rasma’s comment on this post – in case you are interested. I know you’d be one of the great assets to the network.

  7. Why is it that you always strike a chord. This morning I listened to a CD on Buddhism, and the thought that hung with me today has been, “Destroy illusions.” I love it when you put exclamation points on my day!

  8. I think women and men alike have everything to gain from being I AM. And yes we should be open to all sides of our beings. Strong or weak, sensitive or shy, feminine or masculine. That was a very energetic post. Very nice.

  9. I love her spunk!

    Women’s groups can be so productive. I used to belong to one years ago. There were six of us. We met once-a-week after work, reported on our past week, and stated our goals for the following week. That was really helpful. Once you say out loud that you’re going to do something, you do it. You have too.

    Appreciate the illustrations. Nice, Amy. Like this “occupay” the blogospher idea.


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