The Art of Receptivity

You haven’t asked to be published for a while, My Beloved Guides.  Thank you for all the help and guidance you have given me through unexpected pot holes in life.

When we have our attention on your life, it is a dance of light and love.  It brings the fragrance of spring air, fresh from rains and newly washed blossoms.   It taps its baton and nature’s music unties the knots of life.  Cares and concern slip away like a shift of pure silk – enhancing the trails of  your travel.  It pours the juices of hearts with gusto and liberation.

Whoa!  Have you been reading a bundle of poetry lately?  I know there’s a reason for this auspicious beginning.

Thank you for indulging us.  Receptivity, or lack of it, brings attention to the inability of so many humans to receive.  Though we were not certain of your response, we know you have been aware of the need to accept the giving of others more readily.

We want to keep our message short, so please excuse our boldness today.  We wish to speak to all readers:

Dear Readers, other soul groups have told you of the Divine-ness of your Being.  If you could see the beauty that lieswithin each of you, you would understand how it is that we love you with an ease and a depth that you may compare to your own newborn child.  You are not, however, a child in our perception.  You are a whole, complete and Divine Soul dedicated to being on your planet to help facilitate the evolution of its existence.  You chose to do this.  This is your life’s work.  Each of you are fulfilling your Agreement in whatever manner your gifts allow.

The challenge of our work with humans who are “other-centered” is that, once in human form, they give prolifically to others and neglect themselves.  As humans, they forget the importance of receiving.  With that comes a loss of self-esteem.

When human’s lack receptivity, soul groups are blocked from being able to serve fully and completely.  Humans too easily believe they do not deserve love.  They do not believe they are lovable.  This leads to an awkwardness or complete inability to accept help or guidance .

The abundance that awaits your willingness to receive is unfathomable to you.  All you desire is awaiting your openness to receive.  When you receive in a form or time other than your expectations, you feel justified to cancel receptivity once again.  You evolve with seeing all that you receive.

Every act of receptivity is an act of Love, both from you and from The All Loving Source.  All Giving is infinite which is why it is difficult for human beings to perceive.

It is not necessary to understand this aspect of  infinity in order to receive.  By keeping your heart open with trust, you are open to receive.  The key is feeling the feelings as though you have received.  Go about living, breathing and thinking as though your desire has been fulfilled.  Dare to freely feel.   It is more than imaging.  Imaging can be simply an observation.  Instead, feel the action…FEEL the feelings those actions bring.

Do you want a magic carpet?  Climb on one.  Feel it lift off the floor and carry you outside.  What is your hair doing?  Are you warm? What sounds are there?  What do you see?  Most important, what do you FEEL?  Sense the joy, the rise of your pulse, the awe of soaring above the earth.  Feel your thankfulness for this incredible gift.   Awaken to the realization that you are Divinely Worthy of receiving this gift of Love.

Every act of receiving is an act of Love.  Do not be afraid of being Loved.

You do not have to be or do anything to be worthy of receiving.  You are worthy already.

Wow, Beloveds, if I didn’t know better, I would think I just had a spiritual spanking!  Thank you for your forthright directions.  I will take the exquisite risk of receiving wholeheartedly.  I’ll stop rehearsing and simply receive.  I know it will change me forever.  I just tasted that this birthday.

Marvel at your magnificence.  Thank you for your re-dedication to meditation.  We appreciate the openness of your new practice.


57 thoughts on “The Art of Receptivity

  1. I’m climbing onto that carpet as we speak … thank you for your blog post … means a lot to me … you’ll never know how much … OMG … Love, cat. (

  2. A great post, Amy. I’ve been re-listening to The Secret lately, and have really become hung up on the section about asking and receiving. I, like so many others, I’m sure, have such a hard time asking for what I want, but I have an even harder time in believing that I will receive that which I have asked for. It’s very difficult for me to manifest the feelings of having received. But I’m working on it. This receptivity your Guides speak of is such an elusive thing, I’m often much more aware of what others are receiving, and I think I’ve often missed those times I have received what I’ve requested. That’s what hindsight is for, I guess. Hope you had a nice weekend.

    • Kath, some of what you say is what I discovered about myself. I could delight in seeing others receive their dreams, etc. But deep down inside I didn’t believe I deserved to have mine answered. Discovering that was hard to swallow. I thought my self-esteem was good and healthy. Then I had to look at something: I always disliked the word “deserve” because I believed I (which meant “you” too) had to work for everything. Deep down I didn’t believe I simply needed to ask.

      When I began to hear/realize that it’s all waiting for me even before I ask, and that I was blocking the receiving, I was ticked. “Tell me how to do this!” I insisted. Answers did not come from the source I expected.

      Over time, I heard about four different sources say, “Feel the feelings …as if.” One of the authors of The Secret said, “Don’t just picture the car you want. Get in that car, drive it like crazy, feel the wind, feel the power, feel the joy. Act as if you already own it.”

      My current spiritual teacher regularly reminds me that feelings open the door to life. When I’m feeling, I’m receptive. Thoughts, intellect, ego, self all have their place, but feelings are the door.

      So don’t be set on form and time. Sometimes we receive and only see it in hindsight. I don’t think that is justifying. Some of my aha moments are almost embarrassing! 😀

  3. What I find most disquieting is that some parents teach their children to feel unworthy of life’s gifts…so they never appreciate the wonderful gifts they have to offer others when they grow up…a fine message in this post.

    • Charles, isn’t that the truth?! I don’t believe for one minute we were created to feel unworthy. Or hide our talent under a bushel. Never once did the Teacher Jesus grovel. Did he not encourage all to emanate him? Okay. let’s…it’s an inside job! 😀

  4. Oh! The gift of God’s wonderful, amazing Grace! Freely given to all who will receive, and with no strings attached! It is hard to accept sometimes because we feel “unworthy.” Actually, in a sense we are. We all are, but the thing is, worthiness has nothing to do with the gift. That’s what makes it a gift!

    I have been blessed by your post today, Amy, and my thanks to you and your Guides.

  5. This was so meaningful to me today after a few weeks of not being receptive to peace and calm. I’ve been so distracted by the earthly and the close. I’m heeding these words because my spirit has been so diminished lately…

    • Oh, SDS, I’m thinking this is the reason those Guides were lined up behind me all morning, bumping into me and mumbling as I took my time meditating. They knew an artist needed the support of knowing her dog will rally beautifully and that it’s okay to be talented. It’s okay to be a good artist. It’s okay to share that gift with the world. Feel the praise. It’s time. Rehearsal’s over. The curtain has just risen. Move with grace.

      If I hafta…so do you! 😀

  6. We don’t fear our inadequacies, it’s our greatness we fear.
    Ask anyone–they can tell you where they’re lacking, it’s celebrating their greatness that they struggle with.
    G-d made us great–ain’t it cool?

    And it’s the experiencing of the feelings that I can still struggle with (go figure!). I’m humbled at the gifts I’ve been gifted. It’s not about worthiness, I don’t think. It’s a clear understanding that I GET to–and how privileged that I do get to. ‘G-d given right’ or not……it still feels like a privilege to GET to.

    Isn’t that strange….I think I’ll have to look at that on a different level.
    It probably means getting to FEEL the feelings associated with that.

    THERE’S that barrier!!!!

    Oh, but what a wonderful message to bring to me today……here…..with circumstances as they are around me….

    I feel privileged again.

    • Re greatness: Are we afraid we’ll be found out, Mel? Is it because we don’t believe it? Or, we might have to live up to it?

      Good – keep feeling privileged! That’s why you are! 😀

  7. Fabulous, Amy! THANK you!!! I’m fast approaching a very significant birthday and boy did I ever need to read this! I’m too young to be this old!
    This is my motto this year – the advice from your meditation guides is precious! Thank you again!

    • Seems we go through this aging business in stages. At times I feel I stay the same for years, then I do this peak performance of age-dom. “Dumb” rather than “dom” would be more appropriate. We are maturing in a world focused on youth and beauty in so many more ways than during any other age. Eventually, however, everyone has to face the inner being – so I figure we have a head start, SuZen. There, the beauty is ageless and phenomenal.

  8. Yes, yes, yes. Of course I have been contemplating our newborn grandson, and how whole he is. So these words really resonate. Also, I was reading about Abraham Maslow, and his “higher needs” concept. When lower needs are met, and when higher needs are met, then and maybe only then, is a person really and truly able to reach out and help another in perfect wholeness. Isn’t this alone enough reason to receive abundance for ourselves?

    Thank you, just wonderful.

    • Some purists may have apoplexy, but Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs come to mind when I think of or work with chakras. I certainly see the seventh chakra as being a state of self-actualization. Then I think – It’s a good thing we know it’s okay to help each other in imperfect wholeness or I’d wait a long time to receive help changing a flat tire! 😀

  9. The act of receiving…I’m getting better at it. I often thought not trusting instinct was not trusting myself I’m learning that what/who I’m not listening to is much bigger than me and am opening up.

  10. Enlightening post.
    It made me think also that people who have an awkwardness with receiving are natural givers. They want to be in the giving position because that is what they are most comfortable with and there’s a helplessness when that order changes.

    • Exactly, Totsymae. The Givers of the world frequently have a huge challenge receiving. It is uncomfortable when the role is reversed. Sadly, it can be hurtful and confusing to those who try to give to a Giver!

  11. Hello, Amy! A communion such as you facilitate interests me greatly. I am going to save my pennies so that it can be accomplished! In the meantime, I will be formulating the questions that are uppermost in my mind, and I’m going to spend a bit of meditation time trying to contact my guides myself! I’ve got such a noisy mind, though. . . 😆

  12. Hello dear one. Well now, I know that you will get a kick out of this. I have come to read twice and have done so. It is amazing how ill health can interfere with receptivity. And that actually has me chuckling … much love to you. (((Hugs)))

    • Oh boy, I’ll say, Raven. Most of my friends who live alone do not want anyone around when they are feeling poorly. I think it would be great to someone come in and not stay any longer than 15 minutes to a half hour. Then there’s spiritual receptivity during illness. I feel cut off and drifting if my health is a little off. I sure hope you are on the mend, Raven! See? I’d love to bring you a big helping of robust home-made soup. I’d only stay long enough to heat it! 😀

  13. The key is feeling the feelings as though you have received. Go about living, breathing and thinking as though your desire has been fulfilled.

    The synchronicity of this is delightful … if I could just out of my own way!! Thank you for sharing!! Blessings, Amy!!

  14. These are such great words Amy. I have found myself not as open to messages lately only because I haven’t been making the space to listen. How silly of me! What could be more important.

    • Tammy, I suspect I understand! At times I turn on the computer as though I have to tackle some major chore. Absorption can be dicey at those times. If I have to read a post again because my attention is all over the map…how smart is that?

      We are not being ignored or rejected when people do not comment on our every post. We don`t need to read every post every day. We need to release each other of that concept or we`ll lose – not the reader. (I hope this is what is behind your comment. If not, please put this on the shelf in case it`s needed later! :D)

    • Interesting point, Poch. I think you are correct. Whether I want love in my life, a new car or world peace, I have to feel and live as though it is so. I like the way you put it into that context. Well done!

  15. I like the picture of stepping on to a magic carpet. And you are so right, it’s only for us to do it and it will happen. All we need to do is open up our hearts. But for some strange reasons it can at times be very hard. Thank you for a very inspiring post.

    • For me, Otto, it’s hard because it makes me feel terribly vulnerable. I know my role as a giver. I am unfamiliar being a receiver. It’s hard because I have to admit I need to change my attitude about who or what a receiver is…that’s where a lot of honesty has to come in! Shocking how gung-ho givers can be such controllers! (Did I say that?!)

  16. WOW, SD ! I am overwhelmed by the span you have covered in this post.

    Linking self esteem to receptivity to infinity. I believe these are aspects of awareness and the shift one would need to make away from a ME- SELF perspective. It is quite ironical, is it not that only when we gain true insight into perspectives, other than our own, do we become genuine recepients, full of gratitude.It is only when we understand other perspectives do we truly know the meaning of compassion.



    • In hopes of correctly understanding your comment, Shakti…I have asked my Guides about this style of messaging. They want to continue in a conversational manner – sometimes light, sometimes directional, always loving.

      In North America, we are bombarded by self-help books, improvement programs, and a myriad of messages telling us we are not okay. We can feel chastised if we don’t come off the assembly line of humanity looking exactly like the air-brushed, soul-shaped dictates blasting us from some form of media. We rush to spiritual centers in hopes of finding peace, the perfect Teacher or a daring sense of being okay about who we are.

      I remember hearing that Mother Theresa was asked why she was sending her Sisters to locations in the United States. Her response was that there was terrific poverty in N. America. It’s simply different than the poverty other nations experience. At times, it seems the Guides may be focused on that poverty.

      From your spiritual perspective, does it appear to be a wallowing of Me-Self?

    • Since I’m asked to remember the art of receiving, I’ll add to your comment: As infinite as giving IS, at some point, some portion of it turns and becomes a gift to receive. Hopefully, it’s not why we give, but the more we give unconditionally, the greater the gift, it seems.

  17. Hi Amy, What a beautiful post, as so many of yours are. What timing this post has for me, who in the last ten days has had to graciously accept so much giving. It has made me cry, feel so loved, and I am in awe of the existance of all of it out there that I was unaware of, or just never took the time to acknowledge it. I have this hanging on my wall that says that he who gives, gathers and I have certainly been witness to this.

    • Yes, Dee, I understand how overwhelming it is to discover all the love that is available. You say you never took the time to acknowledge the love that is there. It’s more that givers don’t stop long enough to allow others an opportunity to give. Do I dare say it can be a little selfish of us? Arggggh! Who wants to think that, right Dee? I learning this right along with you…we have lots of company.

      Good to hear from you…it’s validation that your health is improving well. Guess who else has to have an ECG, a breathing test and ECCO-cardiogram?!

  18. You evolve with all that you receive….how very true Amy!
    This is part of the circle of life…giving begets receiving…as does receiving beget giving…understanding this great truth as a gift which needs to be passed along helps us to grow and evolve into all that we are meant to be…in this simple aspect of life lies eternity…

    As always thought provoking and inspiring Amy…thank you and God bless…

  19. I like this reminder from your Guides, Amy. It is one I revisit, often. Sometimes we are given gifts we do not acknowledge, too. It took me awhile as a young teacher to realise I was learning right along with the students I teach. Once I learned to receive that gift from them, the classroom began to have balance and we created together in a more healthy and productive environment. Beautiful post!

    • Ah, there you are – I love hearing what you glean from the Guides. Yes, Leslie, I believe great teachers have acquired that insight and understanding. Students sense it. Respect moves in both directions and everyone gains.

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