Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, February 16, 2012

Her part of the birthday dinner included four tiny, but apparently superb, pieces of Tuna accented with sprigs of greenery.  Jean, a valued friend who was treating me to a birthday dinner, would have starved if I hadn’t pushed my vegetarian burger with a potato patch worth of fries to the middle of the table.

I didn’t plan it, but we began talking about the 1% and those who are, in fact, the power behind that infamous 1%.

Jean’s an intelligent professional.  Her poignant questioning challenged my ability to compress information enough to be succinct.  My answers included references to David Wilcock’s newsletter.  I expressed my dismay over facts revealed by Svali in her last radio interview – which is available in Wilcock’s newsletter.

Then I assured Jean that there are people and forces at work who will expose these power mongers more and more.  Dismantlement of their hold on the various aspects of our world, which they have been controlling for many decades, will bring an incredible transformation to the level of our existence, understanding and unity.

Jean said, “Thank you.  I am going to look into this.  I really need to know there are people in this world who are working towards goodness and love.”

Dear readers, I invite you to show Jean that we truly do exist.

We are a microcosm of the countries who are banding together quietly, strategically and effectively to bring exposure.

(Jean, here’s a promise

6,721,330 people have watched this video.

People are SO wanting goodness and love!)


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40 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday, February 16, 2012

    • The video was obviously made years ago, but when I saw the number of views, I could not overlook it! The message has seasoned with age and is even more relevant. Thanks, Shakti.

  1. HI,
    That’s great that you went out to dinner with a friend for your Birthday. Good food, good company and good conversation, you just can’t ask for anything more. 🙂
    I love that song, I haven’t listened to it for ages, and I really did enjoy listening to it again.

    You and I are both Aquarians, my Birthday is in a couple of days time. 😀

      • My Husband is working that night, which falls on a Saturday here, so we will do something for lunch, and a couple of girlfriends are putting on a barbie that night for me. 😀

        • Good, hope those women spoil you! I’ve certainly had my share of good meals and good company. I figure it’s our mothers who ought to be getting all the attention. All we did was take a breath and start putting a 24/7 demand on our poor moms! Oh well, I guess we are celebrating “I made it this far!” Day.

          If you remember, throw in a toast to Occupy Blogosphere and to the growing unity of the 99%.

  2. Lovely post. It seems as though people with enquiring minds are being sent your way, Amy! And yes, Jean, we do exist! There are many people in this world working towards goodness and love. Researching my ‘Occupy’ post for http://www.taoofscrumble.wordpress.com brought up more leads for me to follow. I love this – it’s exciting linking up with like-minded souls!

    • Love your Occupy post, Wightrabbit. Informative and apropos. I can see why you chose this great slogan: ‘When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then the world will know peace.’ I dare to believe this is where we’re heading.

  3. Hi Amy .. love the video and song .. it always bring memories back .. and is such a brilliant clip .. Happy Birthday too .. lots of my family have birthdays this month ..mine’s gone for this year .. cheers and thanks for posting – love it .. Hilary

  4. Each time I connect with you it is the same … the heart opens wider, it is as if I come to read and each sentence says to me “open the heart, open the heart wider and wider. 😉

    • Raven, your comment tells me you have one very large heart to open. It seems there’s much space to brew much love. The brew requires ingredients contained in gifts that others have to give. Receptivity opens us and deems us vulnerable – melting the blocks that can prevent love’s natural flow. I work on this, too, Raven. My guides recently gave me a mantra: “I’m open and receptive to unconditional loving relationships NOW.” They emphasized NOW. 😀

    • Music is such a powerful influence and force. Think of the cultures that have maintained their history in song. And those who teach their young through song. Friends of mine volunteering in another culture taught the people new techniques that would ease their lives. The women would make up a song and pass the technique on to each other. Brilliant.

      Totsymae – there’s your niche. Teach us how to love instead of criticize! Do it with your great humour, wise words and love of music. 😀

  5. The BEST thing about the world wide web is its ability to allow us to embrace the whole wide world . . . as we teach ourselves to sing in Perfect Harmony.

    Glad you enjoyed your birthday dinner with Jean. 😀

  6. Thanks for your presence and participation, Isadora. Humble beginnings with earnest hearts. The number of hits grow weekly.

    Yes, I remember when the video was made, too. Great selection of artists!

    (BTW – Your (shorter) link didn’t work so I changed it. The one there now works.)

    • So glad you can’t help it, Mel! About the fries…Jean and I are both watching our carb intake – big time – so I ate about 12 and I think she may have nibbled on one! 😀

  7. The more I travel through the blogosphere and join the parties where good conversation is going on…the more I’m discovering what you’re talking about. There are really great, concerned folks out there, who are building the wave of good things/intentions/hope to come.

    And you’re one of them. Happy birthday.

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    • Aha – I was just there. Your message is perfect, Gayle. Truly, what we give, gives us back US! It’s the truth. A great message to the controlling core of the 1% who have played havoc in our lives.

  9. Hello My Friend…I am still going to do the award thingy BUT believe it or not…I am sick…AGAIN.
    However,I am positively working towards getting better.
    Garlic,garlic,garlic….even Jasmine is looking at me sidewards!

    • Oh no, Granny! What a drag! I hope it relents soon. But never mind, you may be setting a world record. You’re the first person to do an “Occupy” from bed. Ever unique, our Granny!

  10. —I’ve always adored that song. It bring chills.
    Thru the blogmosphere, I’ve met the most amazing, brilliant, proactive women.
    –Fighting against PPD, Abuse, Women’s rights in Africa, HIV…etc…

    I am honored to know them. And I see you are another one!

    Great Post. Thank you. Xx

    • Right on, Inner Chick! There’s a whole whack of us who are amazin’? Next Thursday, write a slogan – something you’ve been wanting to say – and come back here to link it. Be Amazing with us!

  11. This song always makes my blood gush with happiness.

    There is hope when there are people such as yourself and Jean doing their bit, Amy. Thank you.

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