We Not Only HOPE, We DO Genuinely Unite Globally

Look what I got for my birthday!



From Georgette who said:

“Amy at souldipper shares her own authentic, life truths and I am honored she visits and comments. When Amy visits I feel our world becomes more familiar as she shares what she knows to be true, genuine and authentic. As she put it so aptly in a former post “My Roots Are Showing”, she knows herself well.”



From Suzicate who said:

“I am passing this along to Amy at Soul Dipper as she exemplifies the criteria of promoting hope, love, peace, equality, and unity for all people.”

Could I get a better blogging birthday gift than this?  From two women who consistently write with such heart and sincerity?

Georgette shares stories that explain her graceful expressions of womanhood.  I appreciate how she has been influenced by cultures that facilitate a refreshing breadth and depth to her life and interests.  To me, this is at the heart of global unity.

SuziCate portrays the depth of a woman well loved.  Her children now grown, she enjoys a life offered by a 30 year marriage to a man who knows when to bring heart shaped boxes of chocolates home.  She reminds me to look for magnificence in the ordinary.

Thanks to both of you, SuziCate and Georgette.  I’m proud to share this community of caring people with you.  I will do all I can to uphold my part in keeping it in good shape and solid stead.

Now to pass them on!  Start the Drum Rolls:


The Genuine Blogger Award goes to Granny1947.     When it comes to writing about work, home, family, pets, baboons and daily walks on the beach outside of Cape Town, it would be impossible to find a more genuine soul.  She shares trials and tribulations as if we were hanging over the fence waiting for her coffee to finish brewing.  She has us in stitches even when she’s flat on her back in bed with suspected pneumonia.

So Granny, you hard-workin’, soul-fixin’, friend-lovin’ example of humanity, please accept this award with the full knowledge of how much I respect and love you.  If anyone could possibly be more genuine than you, they have hearts of 24 carat gold – soft and priceless.


The Hope Unites Globally (HUG) Award goes to Shakti Ghosal at ESGEE musings.  He visited my blog recently and left a bundle of hope.  He’s added to it, in fact, by writing this on his latest post – Entropy and the Age of Consciousness:

“But as we gain in consciousness, we gain the intent to shine the spotlight on these hidden drivers of our thoughts and behaviour. And under the light, these beliefs and fears shrink away and lose the capacity to run our lives.”

Shakti writes my passion in a calm, erudite manner that has been polished with professionalism.  He thinks broadly, vastly and globally.  He gently asks us to consider what he is presenting.  He invites us to take it further and contribute to the “Age of Consciousness (that will) be the ultimate evolutionary goal of Mankind”.  (Parentheses are mine.)

So Shakti, please accept this as my token of respect for the goodness and encouragement you extend to the world in your blog.  Please keep growing.  We need reminders that our Love raises consciousness.

As a recipient of the HUG Award, Shakti, I am asked to include this link:  http://ahopefortoday.com/2012/01/14/hope-unites-globally-hug-award-guidelines/  Please check the steps requested by the originator of this Award.


What a birthday!  I am so blessed to have faithful readers and dedicated fellow bloggers in my life.  As Soul Dipper, I need now to get on with writing – right after I set up this Thursday’s  Occupy Blogosphere.  Please create your very own slogan and bring it over – or leave it on your blog and leave the link here.

If you think Occupy Blogosphere is too simple, I have a comment about that.  Watch for it on February 16th.

Thank You, Beloveds, For All These Awards!
I Cherish You and Relish Them. 


40 thoughts on “We Not Only HOPE, We DO Genuinely Unite Globally

  1. It is a wondrous time to be here and Shakti expresses that beautifully.
    You are a wise woman warrior, Soul Dipper and vastly deserving of these awards. Thank you for all that you bring to the blogging community and to our world.
    keep on walking in beauty dear one.

  2. Happy Birthday, Amy.
    You are well deserving of both awards.
    I recently popped over to Granny’s place and loved what she had to say. I will check out Georgette as well.
    Shakti is a great choice as recipient of the Hope Award.

    • Why thank you for the HP, my Southern friend! Don’t be fooled by the title of Granny’s blog. She’s a mightily spirited woman who pretty much handles the world in a single bound. She is a jewel, have followed her for some time and was floored when I realized she shows no awards on her blog! I’ll have to beg her forgiveness.

      You just reminded me, SuziCate. I must let HUG know that Shakti was my choice.

  3. It is much deserved, souldipper. You have provided, and continue to provide, me with different ways of looking at the world, at life, at love, and at relationships. These conversations have been so helpful.

    • Wow, SDS…I see you as having a pretty good handle on these things. I just read about you with your parents and all sorts of virtues come to mind. Compassion, Care, Kindness, Patience…

  4. I’m so glad this came on your birthday! One never knows. We are moved to make an expression and lo…timing is an interesting thing. You are so deserving of this and the Hug award. Happy Birthday, our blogging friend.

  5. Dear Amy ” Soul Dipper” ( cannot let go of this name, it’s such a fab one!)

    At the outset, a belated but nonetheless heartfelt ‘ Many happy returns of the day’ and I do hope you had a lovely time with your near and dear ones!

    Thank you for your nomination to the HUG award. I feel so humbled by your kind words.

    Is it providence? Is it chance? That I have someone like you here in my space and time? I wonder….

    Cheers and God bless.


    • Oh good, I’m so glad you accept, Shakti. If it’s Providence, let’s celebrate. If it it’s chance, let’s accept. It’s good for both of us to live in wonder. Thank you for your blog.

  6. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to YOU!

    Happy Birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuUUUUuuuuu!!!!!

    (loud and off-key is the only way I do it!)

    Congratulations on another year of living and loving! (and on the cool award, too!)

    • Thank you my watchful and wise Raven friend. I love knowing you are somewhere out there keeping track of the beautiful energies that are overlooked. Or aren’t noticed. They need exposure to the light and we need to be reminded.

  7. Dear,dear Souldipper.
    Those are such kind words.
    I am blown away.
    I have received several awards in the last 18 months but have declined them.
    Because I don’t know how to put them on my sidebar.
    And I am lazy.
    HOWEVER…because you were so nice…and because I love you too….I WILL accept this one.
    Thank you….I am honoured.
    I will do it over the weekend.
    After I have given access to Dribbling Pensioner,who has offerred to do the dirty work for me.
    And when I have cleared out the SIX hundred e-mails in my inbox!!!

    • I wondered why you had no awards on your blog. You sneaked that little fact right by me! Thank you for accepting this one. See how you turned the tables? Now I’m the one honoured. Do they teach that in school in South Africa or is this your individual rendition?

  8. Happy Birthday! I celebrated (even though I did not know today was your birthday) by paying attention to your words of wisdom; by making a point to spend time with friends outside of the virtual realm. We discussed your post over a delicious meal and agreed we should meet again for more real life celebration next Wednesday. Thank you.:-)

    • Wow! You are amazing! You’ve just given me another birthday gift! I just visited you and I love how you describe the empty nest syndrome. I’ve visited you before, but don’t remember if I left a comment. I have to contact the happy gang at WordPress and find out why I’ve had trouble signing up with some blogs. Yours worked for me tonight!

  9. Many happy returns of the day Amy…hope you had a wonderful time celebrating!

    The very well deserved awards coming on your birthday is no coincidence…but the grace of God! Your gentle and sincere way with words is always looked forward to…as well as being a source of wisdon and inspiration…God bless you…

  10. Shama, thank you for your encouraging and supportive words. Our moms ought to be the ones given the attention on our birthdays! 😀

    God’s Blessings arrive with such abundance that one can feel overwhelmed. I’ve been receiving reminders of receptivity, followed by a wash of even more blessings.

    Among those blessings, I find people like you, Shama.

    • Thanks, Lorna. It’s time for others to be awarded the honours, methinks. It’s funny – my guides have been pushing me towards receiving. Feels like I’ve really been given the opportunities to practice it lately!

  11. ABSOLUTELY well deserved, Amy … and what synchronicity … in time to add to the celebrations of you … on your birthday!! Another light for your special day – another way of the Divine showing you how very special and unique you are, a devoted beacon of Divine Light showering love wherever you journey ~~~ ahhh, I love it! Many blessings to you ~~ becca

    • The Universe has this incredible way of knowing just what we need when we need it. This giving has been so precious and encouraging. (I’m working on receiving gracefully, Becca. How am I doing? :))

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