Caressing Unity with Peace

Stanka Kordic revolutionized my heart.  It started with this painting:

Maya by Stanka Kordic ©Stanka Kordic 2008-12. All rights reserved

What are these feelings this painting stirs?

Who is this artist?

How is she giving this sense of ALL?

How could I touch the mystery of Stanka Kordic’s soul?

Stanka’s video, “Imagine” offers clues.  It shows how she  absorbs nature, then releases it intuitively onto the canvass in partnership with her subjects.  She describes: “I’m feeling it.  I’m taking note of what it feels like.  Do I need to describe it all so visually?  Is that really what’s important?  Isn’t the greater experience more important?” 

Yes, Stanka, the greater experience IS the experience.  Thank you for speaking words I had not yet found in my soul.

May I be able to write even a modicum of the Unity that appears in your paintings.

I hope my work can manage even a small degree of the Peace that nests so naturally in yours.


34 thoughts on “Caressing Unity with Peace

  1. This was a great pleasure. It is in the experience. It is in the daily experience. Perhaps it is in those times when we connect upon a soul level with those whom you might not expect to connect with.

    • Stanka’s explanation is very worth contemplating, Reviewer. Life is about Unity and the planet needs to see this more than ever. Look how your comments move my heart…okay, so you may not know that. They do. And here we are – two (im)perfect strangers cutting through any possible barriers – age, culture, creed, status. The glory and necessity of art 😀

  2. It is a beautiful thing when someone’s passion speaks to us. It’s as if you can reach out and touch the soul of the subject in this painting; now that is truly talent!

  3. Oh what a positively delightful video – what an artist!!!! Love the way she immerses herself in nature soaking up feelings she later expresses with paint. Absolutely awesome! Makes me want to paint again – but differently.

    • If you were moved to pick up the brush again, wouldn’t it be amazing to discover you’ve turned the kaleidoscope that Stanka described? I love that concept…that is what artist’s do. They turn the diamond and let the facets work with the light.

  4. It is a lovely painting, and yes, in arts – and in life – it all comes down to the experience. Thanks for sharing Stanka Kordic with us, I didn’t know about her beforehand. A great post.

    • This morning, on my walk, Stanka’s approach to being in Nature came to mind. The scents of the forest and the soft sounds of birds gathering breakfast made me want to lie under a tree and just absorb it all. I would have, but everything was still soaking wet from a night’s rain. (The animals all accept this type of human behaviour, but if humans saw me, they may call 911! :D)

  5. When this post ‘opened’, I was struck by what the painting Maya did to my senses instantly. As I read through it all, I wanted to know the same things you wanted to. When I saw the length of the video, I felt, “Gosh, I am never going to make it to the end.” But I did. No credit to me. The lady is so beautiful — her aura, her thoughts, the results of her thought processes: the paintings — are so very beautiful, Amy. Thank you for letting us know.

    I crave such knowledge. It makes me feel so content and ‘secure’ in the knowledge that we have people who know just what life, living and nature is all about.

    • Priya, what a marvelous way to describe Stanka. I’ll confess that when I first saw the painting, I thought it was a photo that someone had taken and that the surroundings were painted around the face. The eyes and expression drew me in completely.

      That’s funny – I also did an inner groan when I saw “16 minutes”, but once it began, time didn’t matter. And isn’t it true…it’s like a blessing just knowing there are people like her on our planet.

  6. What amazing style. I was visit with a graphic designer about my book cover and realized that each artist from graffiti sprayer to carpenter has a style that’s they’re own. Isn’t it wonderful? It’s like saying let Me show forth.

  7. Hi Amy .. fascinating how artists create their work .. I love how she says she layers her paintings and waits for them to talk to her ..

    Thanks – I may be back to read and listen again .. cheers Hilary

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