Is There Anything Worse Than Being Wrong?

What’s worse than being wrong?


  • apathetic
  • uncaring
  • critical
  • suspicious
  • cynical
  • uninformed

Therefore, I decided to act.  I moved toward a gaping abyss, silent in its blackness.  I stepped into the unknown and hit the Publish button.  I posted Occupy Blogosphere.

I didn’t fall on my face.  I didn’t die of embarrassment.

My blog didn’t explode – with either shame or hits.

What have I learned?

The heart may be in the right place, but I’ve got lots to learn about activism.

I spent more time on that post than any other in my blog.  I agonized over the writing until it became a mud puddle.  I slept on it.  I ended up with:

  • Too much text
  • Too long
  • Too many facets
  • Too many links
  • Not enough specific information.

There’s my critique.  (I’m confident readers could add more!)

How did that happen?  I decided against being apathetic and inactive.  Enough evidence had surfaced in world events that I had to do my part in exposing atrocities.

However, I am a coward.  I do not want that despicable information or those well-know names on my blog.

I’ll risk acting on another person’s investigative information, but I’m not willing to jump into a pool of piranha.

Blessings on anyone taking time to investigate.  Pouring Love into that abyss hurts nothing.  How can that be wrong?


The only way to deal 

with an  unfree world

is to become so absolutely free

that your very existence 

is an act of rebellion.

– Albert Camus

31 thoughts on “Is There Anything Worse Than Being Wrong?

  1. It isn’t! I love your question. I learned long ago that I am wrong all the time … and I do mean all of the time. Who cares? Being wrong is nothing more than an opportunity to learn. We in the US live in a culture of blame. It surrounds and invades everything in the end inhibiting growth. The culture of blame is an ugly culture, I grew up with it.

  2. *laughing* I wish I’d have bothered to read this before responding below. NOW I look like a plethora of the ‘what’s worse than wrong’ list!

    NOT that how I ‘look to other people’ is any of my business. My business is about doing what’s called upon me TO do.
    I don’t really give a rats rearend about being wrong! I’m that a whole lot, truth be told…..and it’s wonderful that I can be more okay with it today than I ever have been before. It used to be a pride and ego deal for me. (can still be sometimes…..LOL…I own it!)

    You sure are critical of you on this one, ma’am. (just an observation from where I sit) Perhaps it’s because the others flowed easily for you that this one is so much of an agony? Or……..maybe (as I have experienced a number of times) it’s suddenly being concerned about the very thing I found myself commenting on at the start?

    You know why you put things into black and white here. You’re being true to you and your mission/calling. You’re good.

    Or….LOL….maybe I’m reading this post all wrong!
    I’m okay with that too! :-/

  3. if enough of us pour love into the abyss, it will overflow with light. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You wrote from a position of caring, of wanting to see change happen. There are much worse things than a post that is “too much, too long, too many”. you needed to say what you did and you stepped up and said it.
    We are not all warriors but even those of us who are not on the front lines fighting the battles against injustice need to be aware.
    blessings, dear one, blessings………….and a cup of tea!

  4. I’m not sure why you cutting yourself so wickedly. What has so convinced you that yesterday’s post was wrong? What was wrong about it? DId I miss something? I’ve been woefully behind these last 2 weeks and the whole Occupy Blogosphere sort of took me by surprise, but I so appreciate those bloggers, like you, who took the beast by its ugly beak and tried to pry open our eyes and our minds.

    There is never anything wrong with passionate feelings and passionate pleas. The only thing that would be wrong is if you caused physical (or unduly emotional) harm to someone with your passion. I don’t think your pen is quite that poisenous. Jeepers. Give yourself a break…and the rest of us too, who are just running along behind you trying to keep up.

    • The discomfort I felt, Linda, was that I danced around the damned issue. The information that’s in Wilcock’s newsletter is startling and disturbing. I could not and will not put their acts of insanity in my blog – for example, raising children from their own families to be willing participants in ritualistic and sexual pornography so the 1% can profit from it – in different ways. They operate in the shadows so we blame others. I had to take it in bits so I could refresh myself. My heart’s too tender to swallow the whole thing at once.

      I had to expose it that way or no way. That was my dilemma.

    • Linda said exactly what I feel, and expressed it much better than me. I’m also a couple of weeks behind in my reading and I’m not sure what’s happening on Thursday.

      One of the reasons I like reading your posts is you’re passionate about so many things, which you share with your readers. Lucky us.

      • I suggested Thursday as the day for Occupy Blogosphere. Rosie, this is just my idea. Why sit outside in the cold? We can protest our stuff on the Blogosphere. Whoever wants to participate can put up an electronic placard that states awareness of the 1%. Or about whatever issue is dear to them. They can simply put up an E-Placard or simply write a positive slogan – post it alone or add it to a written post.

        I envision an organic movement and growth…no leader, just us folks making our thoughts and hopes known. It’s our place to SPEAK UP and present solutions – quietly and with Love.

  5. Thank you Amy for making us aware. Your blog put information out there for us to research, process, and make decisions. What each person does with it, is up to us. We are in charge of our own choices.
    I hope that you are relaxing with a cup of tea, knowing that you are true to yourself, and offering inspiration to others.

  6. i understand fully that when you are passionate about something you want to give it your all. And this is what you did, you yanked at our ears and made us listen. How could this be wrong? We are also all inherently different. And that is wonderful.. I am having a cup of tea and a think too.. c

  7. I watched this tonight . . . well worth the time:

    Peter Joseph explores the controversial links between organized religion, the global financial markets and the international power structure in this thought-provoking documentary that probes several well-known conspiracy theories. The award-winning film shows the similarities of several major religions, examines alleged secrets of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, and delves into the relationship between the Federal Reserve and America’s foreign wars.

    • Yes, Nancy, that is another source. It’s excellent. Is that a link to Zeitgest: Moving Forward? (I don’t have TV so I’m not a member of Netflix.) To me, the information was/is in line with Wilcock’s findings. Many thanks for the link.

      I was wondering if you have seen this: It addresses the issue of the Trillions of dollars confiscated and who was involved.

      Then, here is the document outlining Civil Action on behalf of the Dragon Family who own the 26 Trillion that was stolen and confiscated. You’ll see the parties involved – including the Secretary General of the U.N. One steadfast man refused to be lured into the theft. His loyalty is sterling. David adds in Section Four of his Newsletter: “…this lawsuit has the backing of a 122-nation alliance.”

  8. Amy, I do believe you do yourself an injustice and are being too harsh on yourself…I am reminded of this quote…
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing..Edmund Burke.

    It is our duty to do what is right in those areas we can impact…you wear your sincerity and passion on your sleeve…and the world needs people like you to say these things…for those who are either not aware or reluctant to take a stand. It takes courage and belief to stand up to be counted…and this is an area that needs a swell in numbers…across borders…

    In my part of the world this is a dire need in so many areas that the heart bleeds…those of us who are trying, are with you on this since we have many shared issues that need to be addressed…as you know the first step for this is the awareness…then comes the strenght to tackle whichever issue you can make a difference in…sometimes, just empathy and a willingness to stand with you can be definitive…

    Thank you for NOT being apathetic or uncaring…God bless you…

  9. I’d say that we have to express our anguish if our silence makes us feel that we are complicit to all the wrongs that are being done just so that the vested interests of a few are protected. The internet is has an awesome potency for dissemination and when so much of the media and net is being bombarded with the inputs from the 1% , why then our ignorance about what’s going on and our inertia , may be just the things they are banking on. I’m glad you’re being proactive about this.

    • I suspect the 1% would love to have the Internet destroyed. It will be of great interest to see if, and how much, the 1% were, in fact, influencing the attempts to regulate the Internet.

      We need to keep sending out all the positive energy we can – in whatever way we can. This is a new beginning.

  10. Dear Amy,
    You were WHAT? Wrong? Passionate and powerful writing isn’t wrong. That is what you felt when you wrote it and our feelings should be given their time in the sun. I read that post thru, every word, and I got that, I do not get this one, haha!
    Sending hugs!

    • You know what you are talking about, my friend! I’ve been thinking of you…wondering what you know about your country having been the safe place for some rather incredible stashes. I hesitate writing about this on my blog so am being purposely vague.

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