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“The crime is not making a wrong decision.”  Mom was at it again.  “The crime is in… not making the decision.”

“Crime?  Aw come on, Mom!  What makes it a crime?”

“Because vacillating drives you crazy… and the people around you.”

“But what if I make the wrong decision?”

“Make the decision and wear it for a while without acting on it.  If it doesn’t feel right, change it,”  Mom said.  “Your decision has to feel right for you.  When it affects other people, you may have to ask them to wear it with you.”

My mother’s advice has seen me through life changing decisions with little duress.  However, I discovered that other people do not offer the same consideration.

Over the past few years, I’ve been learning the who’s who of the 1% in the world.  I’ve learned about the 1% hiding sinister motives behind seemingly caring programs.  Ordinary people have had no opportunity to “wear the decision” before events such as war, disease, or financial disasters.  These events are controlled by extremely wealthy people who only want power.  They are the ones who stop access to natural cures and prevent farmers from using healthy seeds for next year’s crops.

This negative “force” has been controlling world politics, media, finance, education, military, agriculture, science and religion.  High level people from Europe and America make up the 1%.   Discovering their identities is disheartening.

People supposedly in positions of trust are controlled by the 1% – through finance and fear, and support the perpetuation of ugliness.  Pieces of this puzzle have been offered in the media, but the whole truth has been withheld.  Remember hearing about Trillions of dollars worth of gold being smuggled through Europe?  Did you learn anything about its origin or where it was going?  Or, who was involved?

Finding the truth in some of these reports takes the insight of one of Einstein’s angels so I will share the source that I’ve found to be trustworthy.  This source consistently reminds us, without being preachy, to replace fear with Love.  He reminds us that members of the 1% have infiltrated the world’s powerhouses, but that doesn’t mean others in that “house” even know.

Why share this?  Exposure diminishes the power of those who have been manipulating us.  We’ve been ruled by intellect, ego and wickedly negative motives long enough.

Who do you think is behind the attempt to pass a bill to squelch the Internet?  Don’t just stop at “the Entertainment Industry”?  Who’s pulling their strings?

Get your electronic placards ready.  Occupy Blogosphere!  

My Beloved Guides are nudging for some air time:

Love’s not reserved for just children, pets, family and romance.   It’s your weapon against the travesty that’s been injected into lives on your planet.  Love will lead you to the facts.  Love unleashes a power greater than any other yet so many refuse to make use of this gift.  It starts with your willingness.  When you accept the Power that is yours to share, you will see there is no need for fear.

What a difference between the lives of the ordinary people and those within the 1%.   We get to decide our description of the All Loving Source and we get to work in partnership with that Source.  The 1% have a very different idea about who is all-powerful.

It is time to be and stay informed.  Being informed means having special eye-wear, glasses that spot insidious and devious tactics that undermine the Love intended for humanity.  It is time to end this reign of harmful shackles and dire disrespect.

You are capable of having a planetary home that exists on Love; not fear, poverty and war.  Take the grains of exposed truth and spread them.  Take care to offer the news like a drink of water, not a fire hose.    The 1%, as you prefer to call these humans, love generalities.  Generalities keep the spotlight off them.  Seek out the specific.  

These devious members of your world know that emotionalism causes most reasonable people to turn away, close their ears and not look any deeper into any grain of truth.  In other words, encourage calm presentation.  More people will then read and participate.   We trust you will have participants who investigate and assimilate information with time, patience and due diligence.  

Thank you, My Beloveds, for your help and participation in Occupy Blogosphere.  

So, dear readers, with respect to sources (and I hope you’ll share yours), I’ve been following David Wilcock for 2 1/2 years.

In a perfectly straight zigzag, David’s been uncovering facts and sources that substantiate the who’s who within the 1%.  He’s been working diligently to validate both his data and his sources since 1993.  He’s made many videos, some movies and has recently published a New York Times Bestseller “The Source Field Investigations”.

David’s site, Divine Cosmos, provides a broad outline of his activities, but facts about the 1% are found in his newsletter-here.   Simply subscribe and you’ll understand my request to Occupy Blogosphere.

The gist of his message is to expose the 1%.  Let them know that the world knows and sees them.  

About 3/4 of the way through the Second section, under “The History”, David posts a radio interview with a woman named Svali.   She defected from working with, living with and being one of the 1%.  Her story, including massive and cruel indoctrination of children, will appall and infuriate anyone with a heart.  At times it seems a fairy tale sprinkled with gothic nightmares within a futuristic fantasy -precisely why the average person wants to pooh-pooh the evidence.  Some events are so bizarre they risk becoming unreal to the reader.

You will see how devastating tentacles reach into every part of life.  There’s a reason why some world events simply do not make sense.  And why some leaders seem to turn their backs on sanity.

Svali’s insights, knowledge and experiences are shared by other defectors on the Internet – though I have no validation of their authenticity.

Since the 2006 radio interview, Svali’s been in hiding.  David wrote in his newsletter:

“Svali has never again made a single written, public statement anywhere after this show aired in January, 2006, but we do know that she is alive. She was severely tortured for doing this radio show.”

Svali has risked her life by lifting the veil of secrecy.  She and other defectors assure the outside world that many, many other members would like “out”, but are too frightened of being caught and having to return to torturous consequences.

To ignore this horror is to perpetuate it.

Salvi’s interview exposes the power strategies that these people have used to control the masses.  We are not powerless.  We can turn the blogosphere into one huge candle that transforms the darkness.

Go ahead, do your homework and wear the decision for a while.

Then help us blast the blogosphere one day a month.

–  Thursday –

 Write about it.

Post e-placards.



Thank you Svali, for your intelligence and bravery.  

This one’s for you!  

May it bring you freedom.

See?  This is a world motivated by Love.

36 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere

  1. But I still don’t understand. What did she say? I refuse to accept that i cannot be in control of my own life. This is why I live like i do. To keep my power where i can see it. These people do not affect me because I cannot be cowed. I do not even know them or see them. You can take anything you like from me,. It will not matter. I will not be threatened by them. I will continue with my little mission to teach people how to grow their own good food. It is a small mission. But a good one. if I met one of your 1%. I would probably shake her hand and give her a tomato plant. (with hand written directions on how to look after it.). This is what I do..Losing my rights to blog or search on an internet clogged with detritus will not change who I am.. thank you for writing this page, it has helped me ..may even have created another page, the rate i am going ( laughter).. c

    • Celi, the only way I can answer you is to say I hope you will look at the investigative work that Wilcock has done. Yes, growing our own food is certainly one way of avoiding eating chemicals in our food. How would you be affected if the internet no longer existed? Who do you think orchestrated monoculture? Are you shocked that they own the Federal Reserve Bank? It’s not gov’t owned or run. Celi, I choose not to detail the incomprehensibly ugly actions – it’s hard enough reading about it.

      The transformation predicted by so many seems to mean taking the power out of hands such as these so that the whole world can life a healthy and loving life like you and me. I reached a point where I could not justify remaining quiet when I have a blog.

  2. Hi,
    Where would we be without the internet to help us research different things, and find out real facts. I know with some of our Journalists we have here, you never get the full story, and I’m convinced that in some cases, they really couldn’t be bothered. It never used to be like that, it is a shame it has come to this though.

  3. Powerful writing here – I have been reading David Wilcock for several years. Fascinating and at times overwhelming but I sense he has nailed it as far as the manipulators are concerned. Altho he has not mentioned this name, to my knowledge, there is information on the Bilderburg group on Youtube and it is all the same people he is talking about – and this plan for a new world order, etc. I feel that 2012 a lot will be exposed – it is to be the year of enlightenment and “waking up”.
    Love and hugs to you,

    • The Bilderburg Group was essentially the beginning … I want to say that it was created in 1954 but I forget. Then there is the Carlyle Group, the FRC, The North American Union, and it goes on and on. I make a conscious choice not to allow these people affect my life. I also close to do my work on a more intimate scale.

      • I hope that people who want out of that mess have the courage to take their steps. Do they ever have the freedom to enjoy all that money? From what I’ve heard/read from detractors, it’s more a matter of not having to live with no money.

  4. The media generally covers what the “bucks” pay them to cover and much else is covered up…don’t trust much news media these days, and I don’t follow the celebrity stuff either.

    • While reading these findings, you have come to mind because of your strong discerning abilities, Nancy. So many U.S. people are named as members of the “family”, but not necessarily in the upper echelons of power. I realize that I miss some significance because of this. However, I’m affected strongly enough with names I know. I get it!

  5. You are so right, the power of electronic media can’t be ignored. If in today’s time anything that can bring the real stats & reports out, it’s only internet. We get reports through other mediums also, but those are some how manipulated. This is really an interesting and honest post.

  6. ” It is time to end this reign of harmful shackles and dire disrespect.”

    Thank you for bringing it all to our attention. I promised myself not to stay up late tonight. I’ll have to come back to read David’s newsletter.
    I have many questions… How can the government not own it’s Federal Reserve Bank? Why couldn’t Svali speak out? I thought we lived in a country of free-speech?

  7. I have not heard of David Wilcox but will be doing some research now. Awareness is a wonderful thing and communication is the way to spread it.

  8. Yes, I agree, the internet is an invaluable research tool and has saved me many miles and hours. I too have many questions about this which will require more research.

  9. Very powerful, Amy. I love to hear this message shouted from the rooftops. And the phrase which resonated strongest of all: “glasses that spot insidious and devious tactics that undermine the Love intended for humanity. ”

    Time to polish my specs.

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  11. Boy.

    Honestly, I don’t know what to think. And I’m not sure what to believe. Certainly I don’t find everything I read on the internet to be credible–I’m finding it as much (if not moreso) up for grabs than the newpaper medium.

    But I’ll read.
    I’ll investigate.
    I’ll be STILL long enough to gleen just what to do with what seeps into my brain, or at least long enough to listen until I hear.
    (If that’s possible for me at this moment…….some difficulties just BEING still at the moment ….self imposed, I’m sure…..)

    Passionate appeals are a great thing. And I agree with your mom–or in the words of WPIML “No decision IS a decision, don’t fool yourself”. That one always rankled me a bit. But I’ve discovered he had a point, dangit.

  12. So now you’re the Leader of Occupy Blogosphere. Count me in Amy and more power to the movement!

    It was good you reminded me to subscribe to Divine Cosmos.

    • Delighted you are interested in being a participant, Poch – however, the Occupy movement has no leaders. Let’s evolve as a group. In fact, Poch…what if it needs it’s own blog site. I’m not talented enough to figure out how that would work, but I bet you know how! 😀

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  14. Hi Amy – we are certainly fed loads of B–lsh-t .. and certainly most people haven’t got a clue (and have less than a clue) .. and the others can’t think to understand .. and don’t care – that’s the worst …

    I noted your David Wilcock’s note at another blog post you wrote and listened then – but for now I need to pursue my own road … but as things change and get easier for me – I certainly intend to be more pro-active in helping others ..

    For now – glad you’re getting people interested and involved .. cheers Hilary

  15. Doubt, indulged and cherished, is in danger of becoming denial; but if honest, and bent on thorough investigation, it may soon lead to full establishment of the truth.

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