Awards: Accepted with Gratitude – Passed On with Love

Two fellow bloggers – on the same day – raised my gratitude to a new dimension.  Their votes of confidence not only lit my candle, but also put some “om pah pah” in the Love that hangs around this platform.

 First thanks to: “On Dragonfly Wings With Buttercup Tea”

It only takes one small candle to alter a darkened room.

Becca appeared in my life with a request for an intuitive session.  During and after the session, Becca and I corresponded through email as well as our blogs.  She mostly loves to write Haikus and occasionally writes prose.  In both, she portrays a spirit that guides her through life.   She presented the award by saying:  “Since you are such a positive inspirational messenger, I have nominated you for The Candlelighter Award.”

May I not falter from my ascribed post, Becca!


The other award came from:”Perspectives & Prejudices”

The translation, "Dearest" or "Favourite", means I have to fill some very big shoes.

P & P read blogs for a while before she took the plunge and set up “Perspectives & Prejudices”.   She nudged my heart when she wrote about the positive energy she encounters on Soul Dipper, then hit my soul with this comment:  “I love reading her comments on my blog – the thoughtfulness behind each one feels like she’s dipped into a part of my soul.”

Mission accomplished thanks to you, my sweet young friend.


Now it’s my turn to pass on these awards:

I’m sending the The Candle Lighter Award:

“The Candle Lighter Award is an award for a post or blog that is positive and brings light into the world.  The Candle Lighter award belongs to those who believe, who always survive the day and those who never stop dreaming, for those who cannot quit, for those who keep trying.”  Others say that it is for those with “faith of steel.”

to Tracy Todd’s Blog:

The best description of Tracy Todd comes from her blog – the first question in her  “About” tab:

“Why walk when you can soar?”    

“Tracy Todd was an active woman who loved sport and outdoor activities, but her life changed irrevocably when a tragic accident left her a quadriplegic. Since her set back, she has learned that you do not need to walk to be able to soar in life. She talks from the heart and is sure to touch the heart of every person in the audience.

Tracy has influenced the lives of thousands of people all over South Africa through her powerful and entertaining presentations. Her life story will touch your heart and make you look at life with renewed appreciation.”

At the time of the accident, this teacher and her husband were raising their son.  Now, she lives alone…well, as alone as one can be with a stream of care-givers ever being needed for each and every activity.

Tracy’s honesty in dealing with every aspect of daily living shows the rest of us how we take life for granted.  Her Candle Lighting spirit shines through struggles and triumphs.   She also presents her story and her light to others – through speaking engagements.

Tracy, as one who teaches the world how to manage the dark – candle by candle – please accept this award and pass it on to another.


Next, the Leibster Award – as explained at  “Perspectives & Prejudices”:

Here’s a little about the Liebster Awards as passed on by P & P:

“Liebster is a German word meaning ‘dearest’ or ‘favourite’ and the thought behind it, is to award those blogs that you think are your favourites.

These are the rules:

  1. Show appreciation of the bloggers who nominated you by linking back to their blogs.
  2. Choose your top 5 favourite blogs and award them by linking back to their blogs.
  3. Post the award on your blog.
  4. Last, enjoy the love and appreciation you’ve got and share the blogging karma!

Your chosen blogs should have less than two hundred followers.”

In choosing five bloggers, I decided to take the root of the word “Liebster” and extend it to the German word for love: Lieben.  I decided to thank those bloggers who have expressed their love of nature and/or humankind.  Whether the blogger has done this through posts or comments, it does not matter.  As long as the bloggers, in some unique manner, gave me a clear sense of quiet passion powered by their hearts.

( I do not know the number of subscribers other bloggers have…)

1.  Naomi’s Notes:   Naomi and her husband, both from South Africa, were the photographers on our Soul Safari of 2009.  Upon meeting Naomi, I knew her heart was brimming with love and a spirit of giving.  Actually, before we met, I watched her, in the Airport, lovingly massaging David, her husband before we hopped on the plane to Madikwe.   Upon learning of David’s love for extreme sports, I realized he gives Naomi many opportunities for practicing her massage skills.  Naomi encouraged me to begin my blog.  Since I love writing, but have not been interested in writing a novel, blogging was the perfect solution.  (Two year anniversary, Naoms!)

Naomi and Dave’s photography captures their love for life – especially in South Africa.  Check it out at Naomi’s Notes.

Naomi, out of  respect for your advancing business activities, I would understand if you are not posting awards on your blog.  However, I hope you will accept it, and tuck it away somewhere, as appreciation for all your work towards evolving humanity and the planet.

2.  synch-ro-ni-zing:  Ruth presents her love of mankind and the planet with masterful diversion.  She features poets, writes her own poetry, writes prose, shares photography, describes people she admires, and responds to comments as though she was having tea with each one of us.  She  shares her life with grace and invites the reader to join her in the act of being.  In other words, we don’t just read a poem about a leaf.  She takes us by the hand so we know what the leaf sees, what it hears, whether or not it gets hungry and perhaps even its frustration over living through a creature’s sneeze.  Her love of being one with all she encounters displays vividly throughout her posts.

Ruth, I know you’ve been blogging for a number of years and are probably well over the 200 mark, but we cannot neglect our seasoned mentors!

3.  Raven’s Press:  During 2011, I began seeing Liz’s soulful comments sprinkled throughout many of my favourite blogs.   She was obviously a person with seasoned depth and love for the world.  I visited her blog and found she was then very involved with poetry challenges.  I continued enjoying her comments.  When she came to Soul Dipper, she and I were able to confirm a connection through email.  She showed signs of many facets yet to be discovered.  Recently,  Liz wrote a guest blog at Into The Bardo  about her shamanic journey while visiting Machu Picchu in Peru.

Liz, thank you for having the courage to share your love, your healing insights and wisdom with us.  Please write something about yourself on your “About” page on Raven’s Press.  Readers love a glimpse of who the writer is. I hope you have set up the “subscribe” widget so we can receive notice of your new postings.

4.  The Kitchen’s Garden  Celi came from New Zealand to The States through some circuitous route that included a stint in England.  She and John now farm somewhere in the Midwest and live off the land.  Their dogs, cats, sheep and cow keep all of us entertained with their phenomenal personalities and antics.  Celi recently did a post about a woman in a neighbouring town committing suicide .  Feeling it was motivated by sheer loneliness and dire hopelessness, Celi decided to make a difference.  When the weather shows signs of Spring, she will dedicate time and effort to having young people come to their farm.  They will learn life skills through working with the animals, growing a garden, learning some culinary skills and being in the company of a woman who is interesting and interested in them.

Through the blog, we will all learn.  We will be planting, hoeing and growing together, thanks to Celi’s enthusiasm.   Celi!  I said “hoeing”!  😀  (She’s a very cheeky Kiwi, this one!)

5.  Kate Shrewsday:  Kate showed up in South Africa for some time before I noticed that she also jumped the pond to land in parts of America.  Her comments were clever, informative, witty and full of promise that her blog would be one of quality.  When I finally organized time to visit her blog, I was delighted.  Not only does she turn an amazing phrase, she takes family situations – usually animals and children, but occasionally hubs – and spotlights a healthy, loving, active, and full life.  As she portrays her dedication and love to the two-leggers as well as four, she manages to produce a point of interest that allows her erudite side to shine with luster.

I learn from Kate, but it’s deeper than that.  She builds an environment of inclusion, awe, stimulation and love.  What more honourable move could one mom make?  There she is, making certain that the children in her keep will be evolved well past the rest of us as they rush to the platforms of our past decades.

 “Primus Inter Pares” – First Among Equals 

My friend, Priya at Partial View, also received awards recently and responded with a heartfelt summary of appreciation for almost every blog she reads.  I can understand her gesture!  No matter what I say, there are dozens of blogs I am not mentioning.

There are pros and cons to this award process.  To newcomers, I encourage you to keep your objective clear, keep writing and keep commenting on other blogs you enjoy.  You’ll find that some people post so frequently that you cannot keep up with them.  If you enjoy their posts and can only make it to the odd one to comment, do so.  Sporadic comments of substance will be noticed and appreciated.

I keep in touch with a group of bloggers who have been posting for many years.  They don’t post daily.  They don’t have gimmicks.  They don’t attempt to get around to all the posts they have connected with over the years.  It’s impossible.  Yet they post and/or comment when they have something substantial to say that is going to fulfill some need and give something worthwhile to the readers or humanity.

Be discerning…don’t fall for the numbers game.  It  can become a racket that takes you away from your true reason for blogging.

Quality finds quality.

69 thoughts on “Awards: Accepted with Gratitude – Passed On with Love

  1. What a graceful, thoughtful and inspirational presentation of recipients, Amy. You have provided an excellent and engaging review for your readers. Thank you for sharing such gems and beacons of light. 🙂
    May we all keep stitching the common thread that unites us as One with Creation! Namaste ~~

    • Granny, I may have to invent the perfect award for your fabulous contribution to the blog world. It would have to acknowledge humour, of course, but underlying that humour is the biggest bunch of love. You write about your life in a way that makes the rest of us say, “Oh, she does that too? Thank God I’m not crazy!” I could create an award called “Straight up and served hot”…something like that. It would mean there’s always love bubbling under the surface.

  2. Amy, I really am very honoured indeed. Because I know that an award from you is not for empty words or glitter, but for something more lasting and fundamental. To be in such company is a privilege. It is the reason the other bloggers in this post will undoubtably be essential reading: I cannot wait to check them out. Once again, thank you 🙂

    (And all this, despite me allowing the cat to comment on your site….)

    • You are most welcome, Kate. Actually, you have made history. You are the only blogger to include a greeting from one of your pets. Being feline, I’ve no doubt the message addresses the amount of attention Macaulay receives.

    • Thanks, Mags. I’ve thought about the numbers of hours you must spend finding some of those videos you post! Then you have to watch them to see if they are any good. Or do some good friends keep you advised? Thanks for all your efforts because I’m sure you put in a lot of time! (I just watched your posted video about the rarest mammal in Aussie.)

  3. Dear Amy, what a privilege to be honored by your friendship and the Liebster Blog award, along with Tracy for the Candle Lighter, and Naomi, Liz, Celi and Kate for the Liebster. I really love everything you said about me and what I do at synch, it is something to aspire to! Thank you so very much.

    And thank you for your constant radiance here. Your honesty, and your excellent writing, along with your messages of love, grace, joy and peace, always go straight to my heart. Congratulations on two years, and on these two well won awards! It is clear that you have a generous and open heart, always, and for this reason I rejoice in this praise, both for you, and from you.

  4. Hi Amy .. I know one or two of your friends and I will definitely look and meet them .. as you say it’s good to comment even occasionally, and keep in touch – it supports the world.

    Congratulations on your awards – but more importantly the way that you have accepted them and especially the way you have passed them on. I am looking forward to finding out more ..

    With big hugs for 2012 to you and your fellow bloggers – cheers Hilary

    • Hilary, your blog continuously amazes me with the history you present and the way tentacles stretch over our planet. Having had English grandparents and having a number of very good English friends, some of the things you address rejuvenates corners of my memory! I suspect we could ask you to write about English church mice and you’d have an incredibly interesting post about them! 😀

  5. The expression “Share the Love” expresses one of the things that you do so well on your blog and on the Internet. You are a very loving presence Soul Dipper. That loving presence breaks through barriers in others making it a truly healing presence.

    Thank you so very much for this award. It is meaningful and appreciated.

    A bit about me and Word Press. Ugh! Until recently (maybe November I am not really sure) I had wonderful Blogger Blogs. I loved Blogger … I could do anything there and it came naturally without thought as my fingers just knew what to do. After a while I received a challenge to move to Word Press. Now, OMG … nothing here comes naturally and all is done with great difficulty of both understanding and execution. As a result, I am very slow here. Very slow but, I believe in the old adage that everything happens for a reason. So I remain a WP blogger struggling through the process.

    This is a fairly new template for me (several days) and I have found that the template pushes all of my widgets to the bottom of the blog. I do have a “follow me via email” widget at the bottom. And I do have a few followers. So I invite you back to see if you are able to follow me at the bottom of the blog. When I am looking at my blog, I do have a bar on the top (like all of the WP blogs that I see) where one can click upon a like button and/or a “Follow” button. You have given me food for though regarding this particular template.

    I promise that I will fill out my “about” sometime. 😉

    THANK YOU for coming into my life Soul Dipper.

    • Ah, that explains it, Liz! Now, I remember you making some mention of a switch a little while ago. When I started, Naomi nudged me to write something on the About page. I see now just how many people check out that page – just as I do with other bloggers. So I hoped you wouldn’t miss a chance to let others see your depth!

      The only option at the bottom is “follow me via email for comments“, Liz. There is no option for new posts.

      Also, when I click on your RSS option, I end up with a full screen of html text. But that may be at my end. I’ll go back to FireFox to see if that makes a difference.

      • Oops … RSS is way beyond my comprehension. I am still trying out “themes.” Word Press has been very difficult for me, it does not work in the manner that I think. So please bear with me. And I shall see you in another realm in which you will want to know that I am “Anne E. Rice-Sosne.” Love, Liz

        • This is my edited 2nd response, Liz. I did a whole explanation of RSS and just went to your site again and Lo and Behold…there it is! At the bottom as you said. However, it seems to not be working for me. I will wait for a while for you to do another post to make sure. Then I’ll do some investigating from my end.

          Okay this is 3rd edit. I just went to your brand new post and YOWSERS! What a hot new site. And everything is there and works! I really like this new one, Liz. I love the way it shapeshifts once we make a comment! 😀

    • Thank you, Charles. If I had a “Spotlighter” award, I’d give it to you! Your poetry lifts the lid on the smelly, opens blinds on the hidden, removes veils on the camouflaged, and pushes doorbells on our brains. You expose some serious travesties with no apology for what it may do to our minds or hearts. Then you share your wise, forthright and loveable Aunt Bea. We need an Aunt Bea book, Charles, so I hope you are quietly putting one together.

  6. This was great, Amy. Congratulations on the awards! I’ll try to make time to visit some of those you nominated, as well. Hope your New Year is shaping up to be the brightest!

  7. You are certainly deserving of the awards Amy, I am so happy for you. I may have to get into reading more blogs, after your gracious decription of all of them, It was delightful to read.

    • Oh boy, Dee, one could spend hours in the blogosphere. I really appreciate that you find the time to check in here so faithfully – ’cause I have a slight glimpse of your commitments. All I can say is, “Phew! The heart in action!”

  8. Congratulations on the awards Amy. Love this post. There’s always so much love and kindness in your choice of words.
    I love the way you begin:

    Their votes of confidence not only lit my candle, but also put some “om pah pah” in the Love that hangs around this platform.

    I’m going to read all the blogs you’ve nominated

    • Phew! I’m so glad you accepted, Tracy. I hoped you hadn’t decided the blog world was a drag. Your presence touches a very diverse portion of the planet. By the way, I checked out Luis in Florida – that young man has enough energy for four people. I wondered if he will organize a fund raiser so he could invite you over from your continent to make a presentation to folks in Florida. Think that’s enough of a seed to plant? 😀

    • You know, Linda, I recall reading your reticence about writing when you first started your blog. Then I learned of your reticence toward receiving awards. I don’t have a Wrangled Reticence Award so I’ll just have to say I’m so glad you are here. I like knowing we have a fellow blogger who has studied our earth – with an eye for things we don’t think about or know to watch for. Those studies would influence how a person looks at life and I watch for that because I believe we humans have some interesting parallels. If that is what is part of your unique voice, it shows. I’m glad it’s there and you are here! 😀

    • SuZen, I certainly appreciate your comments and, even more, your blog! I reached it through Your summary of findings following the Cancer Summit are parallel to what I’ve been finding, following and sharing for a few years – with various interested parties.

      Thank goodness you are writing about this. It’s essential that the public be informed. The tragedy of “profit mongerism” is that people suffer and die needlessly.

      • Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! 🙂 Always appreciated! You can get my blog easily by subscribing to it in your email – I know linkage is somewhat frazzled at times. I only blog once a week so as not to overwhelm others and overwork myself but it’s always health centered. Your presence is welcomed with warm hugs!

        • Great…you do the Less Is More routine, SuZen. There’s a lot of substance for a reader to consider. A number of people, mostly through email, gave feedback stating appreciation for my doing fewer posts – apparently for that reason. We can be so inundated…

  9. Om pah pah. I had to look it up, Amy. And even after going through some entries, I don’t really understand what it means. But that doesn’t stop from liking the sound of it!

    This is a beautiful post, written in your inimitable gracious style. Lovely.

  10. LOL I know have the sound of the Om pah pah band in my head.
    That’s good!
    I’ll have a tune while I go investigate the nominated.

    How very cool for you…..and of you!

  11. Congrats on getting these awards! You wrote a wonderful award presentation post. I always enjoy reading these award acceptance post. It’s fun to see how same awards can be described differently by different people. You did in your own way so beautifully. 🙂

  12. Amy… Congratulations on these very well deserved awards 🙂
    You above all…with your spirit of generosity…love…grace…humanity…and soul are the perfect recipient for them…
    Many thanks for the liebe full introduction to so many others…I will enjoy exploring their worlds too…
    God bless you…

  13. Oh Amy, what a blessing you are to the blogging world…CONGRATS on your deeply deserved awards and on your second anniversary! also, THANK YOU from the heart for such a beautiful tribute – which I shall treasure and pay forward 🙂 – and for the reminder of our special time together on the Soul Safari. How transformational that trip has proved to be! Huge hug and kiss to you from Dave and I (BTW, only you get away with calling him David, aside from his Mom when he was in trouble :-D)…MWAH! XOXO

    • Oh oh…I was reserving the “David” for those times of honour and devotion. Good grief, if his Mom only uses it when Dave’s in trouble, he’ll never hear his full name! (Ya right! sez Naomi)

  14. Congratulations with both awards. You so deserve both of them for you inspirational blog. You share so generously of your experience and spirit. Thanks also for pointing out new and interesting blogs.

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  16. Beautifully done, Amy. For what my opinion is worth, I think this post reflects exactly what blogging is all about: the joys of writing, reading, giving and receiving encouragement, exchanging ideas, and building solid friendships. You’ve mastered all of those things.

    • Charles, if I ever figure out how to create a digital award, I’ll make one for you and your incredible ability for giving support and encouragement to all of us. You are a uniquely confirming mainstay amongst us. Having said that, please understand you already have earned this comment…there’s nothing more for you to do but continue to be yourself!

  17. Congratulations on the awards you’ve received, they are well deserved! In fact I have nominated you for a ‘Versatile Blogger’ award, because my heart lifts whenever notification of a new post from you arrives in my inbox. I know that – whatever you write about – it will be be interesting and thought-provoking. So thank you for that!

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