Guides’ Message for 2012: Down with Verbosity

Susan's Angel joins Tibet on Antique Glass.

It’s here!  Please tell us, Beloveds.  What’s really going to happen in 2012?
What do you want to happen in 2012?
Is that all there is to it?
We exist for these moments.

55 thoughts on “Guides’ Message for 2012: Down with Verbosity

    • The Guides are saying it’s up to us. We’re to be responsible for the power we possess. I hope people will be speaking up more than ever when stupidity dares to take over. If someone is fettered, there are others who are not!

  1. Hi souldipper,
    Spot on, it is totally up to us what happens in 2012, we are in control of our own lives, and we make the decisions that hopefully are the right ones. 🙂

    • If they aren’t right, we can change it! Plus as we have already seen in 2011, we need to speak for those whose voices cannot be heard. In or neighbourhood or in our world – it doesn’t matter.

  2. “We’re to be responsible for the power we possess.” Couldn’t have said it better myself! So few are aware of their own powers. They reside within each of us! Happy New Year.

  3. “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” Invictus (1875) by English poet William Ernest Henley (1849–1903). Thus what happens in the year is up to us!

    • Two people who are risking their lives by exposing a major power center that is skewing the world financial system have now received death threats. I’m sure they they will continue their research and exposure, but it gives me pause over how I sit back and reap the benefits/insights at their expense. I feel flummoxed. Apathetic. I don’t know how to apply the master and captain role to this situation! I live with as much integrity knowing my effort is a raindrop in the Pacific Ocean.

  4. i was raised to take responsibilty for my actions. i always have. god is good and has always been there when in need. not one dime more than i need, or one day sooner than i need-but always there.

    as to wishes-i wish to put a championship on my beautiful creme poodle and start showing him in rally and agility. magic, my black poodle, is showing in agility and making me very proud of his silly butt. my dogs make my world go round and keep me in touch with friends.

    • Susan, you’ve been living like this since I’ve known you and it’s amazing how things work out. You are able to do exactly what you love. I strongly suspect it’s largely because of your attitude of giving and supporting. Like all the working dogs you help train! I sure do respect your efforts and results.

    • That’s the theme for 2012, Granny, that we won’t be quiet. More and more, people will find effective ways of standing up and speaking out to effect and affect change towards justice and goodness. It is no longer acceptable that a few ride on the backs of the many.

    • Cindy I hadn’t heard of The Starfish Foundation so I googled it:
      “Starfish brings life, hope and opportunity to children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in South Africa by identifying the very best community-based organizations and partnering with them to ensure the highest quality care.”

      Sounds wonderful, but what do you mean by every voice counts?

  5. Amy, I really relate to your reply to slpmartin’s comment. Yes, I know I’m my own master and in control of my own destiny. But what of the larger world in which I live? I feel a responsibility to do something….anything…to stop or at least slow down the madness that is disrupting life as we know it on this planet. It all seems so large, the wheels so gargantuan that as individuals we feel powerless. I guess that’s where a supportive community of like-minded people come in.

    • Yes, Linda, we hesitate to realize the power and effectiveness of our collective thoughts, actions and desires. In truth, we have the inner strength as individuals to affect the whole. We still have trouble believing that. The key is Love.

      The “occupy” movement offered hope. Like a baby’s first few steps, it didn’t get up and run through to a monumental change, but it was just the beginning we needed to know we CAN stand up and be heard. It evolved without some massive organizational process that cost millions. Imagine! It encouraged and established the underpinnings for what is to come – in spite of the clutter of the latter stages.

      I’m going to receive each person with an attitude of Love and discernment – not judgement – by listening. It is our judgement that puts up negativity. Overcoming our judgments is a necessary and big job for all of us.

  6. I did a whole blog on 2012 based on a very enlightening talk given by an astrologer. It was hopeful rather than the doom and gloom stuff – we are being told now to WAKE UP and realize the old systems in place no longer work for us, that kind of thing. In essence it is what I blog about all the time in regards to start paying attention to labels, take responsibility for your health, and yes, wake up – the government and corporations are NOT serving us, they are serving their greed.

    • Yay, SuZen! Keep writing in that positive vein! It is hopeful. This is where we have to go. We have to say, “Enough.” We are not being served and have not been for a very long time. We have allowed the unacceptable and now it is time to be a force for justice and goodness. I look forward to all the creative ways this will be happening – because it cannot NOT happen.

  7. Everyone is talking about “when the sh*t hits the fan” or some big catastrophe! Finally the other day I said to someone, “What if something really good happens? Like…What if everyone has a change of heart and good overcomes evil?” Tee hee! 😉

  8. Brilliant post Amy. I thought this was going to be a long read so I waited til I had more than a few minutes. Goodness-gracious-golly-gee your 4 lines hit me right here in my gut…
    What do you want to happen in 2012?
    My thanks to you, and your guides.

    • Aha, Rosie…they fooled you! My Guides have a good sense of humour. They know I love their “fun” so lay it at times. Humans with preconceived notions about how Guides communicate may be shocked over some of the stuff… 🙂

      On a little broader note, they are asking the same stuff – that we pay attention and give Love every opportunity we have. I asked if I’m still giving love when I’m forcing it. The response – “Anyone can love the lovable.”

      So, as Cindy said, every voice counts. Cindy and the starfish are giving encouragement to speak up…to say “Enough” or “No” or “Unacceptable”. Some of us have more freedom and opportunities to speak outright while others will have to be creative. But apathy doesn’t work.

  9. A simple question: “What do you want to happen in 2012” should replace the formulating of elaborate New Year Resolutions which often seem to fall by the wayside…
    Good question, Amy. 🙂

  10. So simple and so profound. I, too, feel we have the choice to make this world anew. It can be one of harmony or dissonance. It really is up to us. Too many of us have lost sight of our power to shape our lives one moment at a time.

    Thank you for bringing us this message. It’s up to us what we do with it.

  11. I have missed reading your wonderful posts since I had been away from the blogosphere Amy…just did so altogether now…a real feast as always! I was particularly touched by your tribute to a dear friend… Such friendships are blessings par excellence…
    The few lines above are so deceptively powerful…you are so right, it is only when we accept and take positive control of our destiny that we align ourselves with our destiny…thereby giving ourselves real power…wonderful…thank you…
    Wishing you a very happy, peaceful and joyous coming year Amy…

    • Good to have you back, Shama. How is it possible that someone’s comment can bring such calm and peace? Yours does. Your visits are like a balm. Many blessings for your loved ones and you during this exciting and evolutionary year.

  12. Anyone can love the lovable. Now how sad is that…..we limit and condition our love.

    I look for those undesirables a lot–the ones others stand away from, the ones no one wants to sit by…..
    I’m amazed at the wisdom contained therein. Somehow they always, ALWAYS are carrying a message that’s destined for my ears.
    I wish to be smart enough to do that ALWAYS.
    As go I, so go others, yaknow?
    They’re such fun to saddle up to. And when another joins in, it’s music!

    I love your guides.
    And I hear ’em loud and clear.
    I dare say, I chuckled a bit. 😉

    Happy 2012 to you! Another day to live and love and laugh!! Woohooo!!

    • And, Mel, you do all three “L” words! I like those Guides, as well. As you said in the post asking for feedback (thank you, very much, Mel.) they make me think. They make me look at myself. Your comments make me realize how much that comes through. Good! So be it.

    • Poch…what do you want it to be? If we don’t engage our own power, we are handing it over to someone else. Research will tell you how our thoughts and attitude creates action. Research those meditation groups/sessions that repeatedly reduced crime in cities.

  13. Hi Amy – you know I’d like to know .. but I feel optimistic – very actually .. so for me it will be a good year … and I’ll keep smiling from my heart and bringing a few other humans with me … cheers – Hilary

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