With A Little Help From My Friends

Year end.  After years in the financial world, this is the kind of year-end I prefer.

Soul Dipper’s 2011 holds fingerprints and heart-trails of many people.   Readership resonates with comments, mostly from other bloggers while a vast majority remain silent.

Imagine an assortment of friends from all over the world who have just finished a great meal.  We’re about to begin our coffees, teas, cognacs and brandies.  The Beatles are playing in the background…odd how they appeared among semi-classical pieces.  “I get by with a little help from my friends.”

An idea pops into mind.  The readers who share comments have been consistent, faithful and kind, but do they have something more to say?  What about the silent majority?

With my second year of Soul Dipper looming, it’s a good time to see what input my readership may be willing to share.    What would you like to see on Soul Dipper:  Less of?  More of?

If you don’t want your feedback appearing in the comment section, Dear Reader, let me know and I won’t post it.

27 thoughts on “With A Little Help From My Friends

  1. It is an interesting thought isn’t it, how the vast majority of our readers are silent. Who are they these nebulous ninja’s, who somersault across our pages. The darlings.. c

  2. Congrats on two years of blogging! I’m a “newbie” to your blog so I can’t really say what I’d want more of — I love it, so whatever you’re doing, keep doing! I can appreciate you asking though, because I did the same thing after my first year. I shifted into Health and Wellness topics because it’s my passion. Lost a few folks but gained more so it’s all good.

    All the best wishes for a healthy and happy 2012!
    (I’ll be here!) 🙂

  3. Hi,
    There is a silent majority out there in the blogosphere, I often wonder what they may be thinking, maybe we will never know.

    I think 2012 is going to be a very interesting year, so much is happening in the world especially on the financial side of things.

    Nearly 2 years, that’s great, personally I have enjoyed your blog posts, so I would say, just keep up the good work. 😀

  4. I love your blog just as it is. Love pours from your heart to the page and that is what draws me here. Many blesssings to you this coming year, Amy.

  5. No suggestions from this peanut in the gallery, Amy.

    My NY’s Resolution is to refrain from advising others about what they should eat, drink, read, write, or wear. 😉

  6. Amy, I hope you’ll keep your blog ‘as is’, with any changes coming naturally through your own inspiration. You inspire and enlighten naturally. Keep on, keepin’ on! My blog turns 2 in January. I didn’t realize we were the same age. (smile)

  7. I like the frequency of your posts – the posts I love the most are the ones in which you’ve shared a past experience or something having to do with relationships with people you’ve met throughout your life. You are definitely part of my daily reading!

  8. I love your positive nature and your beautiful soul. I look forwar to each new blog, even if i don’t comment on them all. Sometimes, i prefer to take it in personally and soak up all the good vibes. Peace. Hope. Love 🙂

  9. Amy – for me, your blog delivers such joy, peace and love with timely messages that my spirit relates with!! I know your posts are gently guided with direction to provide specific gifts of purpose for the reader! Thank you for sharing ~~ and congratulations on your upcoming blogging anniversary!!

  10. I wonder if your silent majority is stepping up to the plate. I’d love to know if they contact you privately. I think all bloggers are curious about those who read and leave.

    Great idea to ask your readers what they want more of. I may steal that idea. But it seems that the blogs I enjoy most, like yours, are rather organic and unfocused. When a blog becomes too focused on one topic it begins to feel commercial and I usually skip commercial blogs.

    I like you just as you are. Some posts I relate to in a very intimate way and others I may puzzle over just a bit, because we are in a different “head, heart, soul place.” But I love being puzzled. How else can we learn?

    Keep up the good writing and beautiful explorations of the soul. Happy New Year.

  11. More Beatles songs, please.

    Soon, many of us will be just at the right age to sing along with one of my favorite all-time anticipated Sgt. Pepper’s song, “. . . When I’m 64 . . .”

    michael j

  12. I have so enjoyed all that you have written this year, I think whatever it is that determines what you write, you should keep listening to it, him, her, just life in general, because your topics were so varied, interesting, heartfelt, spiritual and funny sometimes. I have laughed and cried with your blog, and learned some things about me and my relationships with others. I think we learn from your posts.
    I know what you mean about the silent majority because I finally did make a comment on Cindy’s and I have been reading her blog as long as yours. Why I didn’t before, I don’t know except that it takes time to read all the blogs I like so I just don’t bother commenting on them all. I read a lot more of them now since I started with yours. I think I can relate to your topics, as they are about life, real everyday life which we all must go through, and questions that we sruggle through. Please just keep writing.

  13. i tend to read blogs not for the content but for who the authors are. It is just wonderful to visit a different perspective each day, to listen to a different spirit in the ether.

    And so I have no requests. I gain huge joy from listening to you as you write, and coming away with things I would never have thought about were it not for Souldipper. It’s good to visit those who think deeply about life, and who draw conclusions from the diverse elements it throws our way. I can only really say: thank you.

  14. I have no requests. I look forward to whatever you’re about to share whenever you have time to share it. It’s like soothing rain coming a just the right moment, and always a delight to see how the timing works out.

    I would like to ponder the thought of “the silent majority.” I guess some are talkers, and some are listeners? Maybe it’s simply easier? I assume if they had a great desire to jump in, readers would, but perhaps there are things we can do to make it easier.

    Keep spreading your calm peace. Hugs.

  15. I read this post earlier and had to think about your question awhile about what I would like you to include this year. I come here because you touch on things in such a way as to give me new words to communicate with, new and refreshing ways of seeing things and a genuine place to read others comments who believe like you, like me. I could not wish for more. Keep writing and sharing what comes your way and I will keep reading. Happy New Year to you!

  16. I don’t see anything you have to improve with your posts Amy.
    But I suggest that you switch to a theme with wider page so there would be no need to scroll down much. Happy new Year!

  17. Congratulations on your second year Amy. I always enjoy reading your posts: I’d also like to live on a small island and love hearing about your life up there, I like the messages from your guides, and the odd things about our one world that you share with us.

  18. Hi Amy .. more of the same please … congratulations though on the years past and years ahead .. makes us think .. Happy New Year in the meantime though … enjoy 2012 .. cheers Hilary

  19. Yes, the “silent majority.” What’s a blogger to do? I would love to read comments of every person who read what I’ve written, but I know from my own experience that reading and commenting take up a great deal of time, especially when I’m a subscriber to 80 blogs.

    Maybe it’s not so much a matter of people not having much to say about what you write, but people just trying to keep up the the many blogs they follow. I’m so much a perfectionist (obsessive-compulsive), that I feel the need to respond. Only in a rare while will I simply push the “like” button and move on.

    Your posts are insightful, inspiring, and diverse. I can’t think of anything that you should add or subtract to your work. This is YOUR blog; trust that what you put out there is what’s meant to be out there!

    • Isn’t it true, Lorna? We each have to find our way and sort through this blogging world. Like water, I’m seeking my level. I could literally spend my whole day reading and commenting on blogs. Sometimes I remember that I have some writing to do on mine! While I know that uniqueness can be one of the strengths of the blog, I want to see if the readership has any specific “request” or “preference”. If I didn’t want to consider my target audience, I could just keep a journal.

  20. Thanks, immensely, to those of you who commented and/or contacted me.

    I’m most grateful for all the readership support and encouragement over the past years. Inventory taking is one process that aids and abets healthy living. Therefore, I wanted to extend it into my blogging.

    If I was only writing to please me, I would simply keep a journal! 😀

    Happy New Years and huge blessings to one and all.

  21. *laughing* I adored controverso’s answer.

    NOT that I qualify for the ‘when I’m 64’ song yet…I just love that song!

    As for me and my humble ‘what would you like’?

    You make me think.
    You make me inventory me, my attitude and my actions.
    You stretch me to move in my relationship with my creator.

    So–whatever those things that encourage that in ME, more of please.
    I think that’s just about everything you put up here, ma’am.

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