“Merry Christmas” is not A Sledge Hammer – It’s An Offering Of Love.

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How did the Santa Tracker begin?  ABC News tells the story:

“Every year, the North American Aerospace Defense Command tracks Santa’s journey around the world, using radar, satellite, fighter aircraft and, of course, a “Santa Cam.”

The tradition began as so many do – by accident. In 1955, a little girl who saw a Sears and Roebuck ad called in to what she thought was a Talk-to-Santa hotline. But she did not hear Santa Claus on the other end of the line.

Instead, she heard Col. Harry Shoup. He was working in the CONAD ops center (NORAD’s predecessor) and was shocked to hear a child’s voice. According to a NORAD spokesperson, John Cornelio, only two people had the number for that line – the president and the four-star  ommander.

As it turned out, the department store had printed the wrong number in the ad and alas, a  tradition was born.

“It’s the innocence of the story that makes it so special,” Cornelio said. And Harry Shoup was given a new title- he is known as  Santa Colonel.”

51 thoughts on ““Merry Christmas” is not A Sledge Hammer – It’s An Offering Of Love.

  1. Hi,
    It’s wonderful how the kids can watch Santa’s progress on his huge journey around the world. I would of so enjoyed this type of thing if it had of been around when I was a kid. 🙂

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the Best for the New Year.

    • I wrote about the same thing, Mags, but decided to can it…keep the message short and to the point. But (as I wrote on Face Book) if this had been around when I was a kid, the folks would have found me asleep on the keyboard with my nose perpetually stuck on “refresh”.

  2. merry christmas to you amy, thanks for the santa tracker. what a wonderful gift. may you have a wonderful 2012.

    love always


    • Susan, my Soul Sister. Our Soul Safari is two years into history, but my love for you has not changed. Thanks for commenting. Give those two glorious working dogs a big hug for me. I hope you have a blessed Christmas.

  3. Amy – thanks so much for your thoughtful and kind comments over at my RFACM. I just had to come over today and tell you that the title of your post today could not be more perfect! I’ve often wondered why people sometimes use greetings of love and peace as a club instead of a hug!

    I love the Santa Tracker story. The very best things come out of left field! I know that because all of our sons had to play that position in baseball at one time or another, and they are among the very best of things in the world. I am not biased, mind you! 😆

    Without a club, I extend my heart to yours in this season of Light! May you be blessed to continue to live in interesting times, and in the knowledge of the presence of the endless abundance of enough. . .

    • I’ve just left a Christmas message on your fabulous post, Paula. Mary comes to mind every Christmas Eve for me and I adore, “Mary, Did You Know”. Your post put into text what that song means to me.

    • I’m on the West Coast of Canada so I’m just about to go to the Christmas Eve Service. Santa won’t be here for a couple of hours at least. You’ll be fast asleep, methinks.

  4. I like to think of him as Father Christmas, for some reason, I just prefer that name, maybe because I welcome father Winter at this time of the year, and probably also because the word father is the most important world for me, because of my amazing dad. Love that children can track Santa’s progress though, that’s just a lovely thing for them.

    A very merry christmas to you Amy. Glad you’re here with your wonderful messages and stories always so full of light…

  5. Merry Christmas! I have enjoyed your blog so much this year, thank you for all the light you spread with your presence here.
    I wish you a fantastic 2012 with all the things you wish for and more!

    • Oh Leila, thank you for taking the time to leave such a welcome comment! Yes, 2012 will hold many challenges for all of us, but if we just keep caring, in healthy ways, and living in Light, we’ll be the ones guiding the others.

  6. Merry Christmas to you Amy and thanks for all the wonderful posts on your blog. Last night, we were putting the reindeer food out on the back lawn, the girls have to put some at my house and theirs, so Santa will be sure to visit both homes, and we saw Santa leaving my neighbor’s house. needless to say the girls had to leave right away and get home to bed, as they knew he was in Wichita.

    • Please don’t mention this to anyone, Dee, but I was in the back of Santa’s sleigh. Santa could not administer all the requests for next year so it must remain a secret. I happened to be doing some NORAD research and needed a ride home. Dear ol’ Santa obliged. The route was rather circuitous.

  7. Belated Christmas greetings Amy. What a lovely gift and lovely story! Unfortunately Santas already done all his deliveries this year so I couldn’t follow the route. Next year!

    Very glad to hear you had a stress free Christmas Amy. That’s the best gift!

    • I peeked in at Santa’s whereabouts throughout the evening. When “we” went over the LA area, I thought of you, Rosie. Here we go on the 2012 ride, Rosie. Glad we’re doing this together!

      • I’m also happy to know another blogger living on the same time zone as me – we live so far west it’s already tomorrow in India and Oz but here’s it’s still today. Strange but true.

        Amy if this tradition started in 1955 why haven’t I heard of it before? Barb said her weather lady has always given away Santa’s location. Really? Have I been sleeping all these years? Should I be worried? Am I Rosie van Winkel?

        • No, Rosie, I suspect it’s because you went to bed when you were told to go to bed! You were probably better at listening to your parents than Barb and me! However, I wasn’t listening to radios or TVs, either. I think that’s why I loved tuning in this year for the first time in my life! I loved the satellite shots of our planet and being able to zoom in on the different locations. 😀

  8. Hi Amy…What a wonderful story. Our weatherlady gives away Santa’s location. As a child, I was extremely thankful, because I could stay up late until he entered the airspace over our county. (That’s probably why I never received a bicycle, doll house, or gift that required a lot of parental pre-assembly). Fun post.

  9. Amy, what a lovely post: I have always wondered how Santa Tracker started. It gives such a lot of pleasure to my children. It’s wonderful when a kind heart in a high place moves heaven and earth to make dreams happen.

    Hope you are having a wonderful break 🙂

    • I agree, Kate, it is wonderful. Let’s hope we see humanity more prevalent than officialdom in this coming year. Thankfully, each one of us has the power to contribute to this very achievable state.

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