Mysteriously Appearing Sculptures Plead: “Save Books, Words, Ideas…”

Have you tried “Hunch”?   It’s a service that promises to provide recommendations and information according to your taste and those of others who think like you.

If you are uncomfortable about people gathering information about your interests, this may scare you away.  Hunch asks a myriad of questions about what you like, prefer, or stay away from.  Hunch has been featured in a number of reputable media outlets, as you can see if you peek at the Hunch site.   Does this mean that you don’t have to don the cloak of caution?  Who knows?  Do we know if the media knows?

I decided to test it.  I wanted to see if Hunch would respond as promised: “Hunch lets you share what you like, get recommendations based on your taste and connect with people similar to you.”  Over time, I answered a myriad of questions and ignored some that felt a tad invasive.

Hunch responded a little later.  I finally examined one of the offerings today.

Fellow writers and connoisseurs of literature, in my opinion Hunch delivered:  Phantom Paper Sculptors of Edinburgh


Sample of one of the Mysteriously Appearing Paper Sculptures made out of books. It is a complex scene of a paper cinema; punters arrayed on seats watching men and horses coming alive from the screen and charging outwards.


(No, I’m not an agent for Hunch. 

I am not related to anyone connected with Hunch. 

Hunch has never taken me to Lunch.)

*Now there’s an idea!*

52 thoughts on “Mysteriously Appearing Sculptures Plead: “Save Books, Words, Ideas…”

  1. I read about these book sculptures a few months back. It seems that someone thinks he discovered the artist. They did a survey asking the public if they wanted to know or not. The overwhelming response was no…they wanted to let it remain shrouded in mystery because obviously the artist wanted it that way and his/her talent should be respected. I was amazed at the many different sculptures created…amazing talent.
    As far as Hunch is concerned…I hate giving out my info though I realize anyone that wants to know more would not have any trouble finding out. It’s probably my mother in the back of my mind saying don’t tell that stuff to strangers!

    • The final updates in the link show the note from the Sculptor. She didn’t tell who she was, but had a chuckle over the assumption that she was a “he”.

      The questions on Hunch are boring in isolation. It’s no surprise that the more answers one gives, the better the service. I ignored any that I didn’t like. It’ll be interesting to see if they create better connections than StumbleUpon.

  2. *laughing* Well, I’m glad SHE was amused. Very cool book sculpture. It’s right up there with the talented carvers of pencil lead……I’ve NO idea how they do that but boy is that fascinating for someone like me. 😉

    As for Hunch–I’ve a hunch I’ll pass. LOL I’ve limited tolerance of the new and innovative social mediums.
    Oh wait….I think this is one of ’em? :-/

    • That doesn’t surprise me one bit, Cindy! I’ll watch it for a while and then see if it’s all been for naught. I loved the book sculptures – even though they are old news apparently! 😀

  3. Hi Amy .. what a beautiful sculpture .. amazing attention to detail – would love to see more .. I guess ‘she’ will be like Banksy the highly regarded graffiti-street artist here .. wonderful – wish I had that dexterity.

    Fascinating to read about .. if enough people join Hunch … what else will they come up with … very interesting though – love the photo .. cheers Hilary

    • Yes, Hilary – a highly literate Banksy! I loved all the clever symbolism in all of the other sculptures on the link. The woman must have spent years on these works of art. It’s a very clever act of activism!

  4. I prefer StumbleUpon. I’d like to keep my personal information as personal as I possibly can, knowing full well that the world wide webs pretty much have me pegged. Ah, the loss of anonymity!

    • Hopefully, my tags will bring this feedback to both services. I like the fact that StumbleUpon does not send me emails! However, I have less and less time to make a point of checking the randomness offered by StumbleUpon.

  5. As a matter of fact Hunch seems quite interesting. But I am also worried about having to spend more time with media or inputs that I really don’t need. The Mysteriously Appearing Paper Sculptures looks really great, though. But I still might pass the Hunch.

    • This feedback is certainly interesting. There are so many services that it is mind-boggling. There will be so much data available about every subject that we’ll be back to asking our friends! 😀

    • I like having friends on Facebook who introduce quality information – in whatever category. I don’t really care if there’s a sale somewhere or if someone sneezed six times in a row. I have a grand niece who is 14…I had to block the receipt of her teen-age ecstasies! I don’t mind FB because of being able to manage what is available to read.

    • Glad you winked after your first sentence, Nancy. I want a tool that helps me manage the info I’m receiving. SU is great…I love it, but I have little or no time to check it out very often.

  6. I see what people are saying about having only a limited amount of computer time and so why rack up the mindless info, however, having a spider creeping through and looking for stuff I would NEVER have the time or skill to find? this could be interesting, esp if I aimed it at what I specifically wanted to learn and write about.. i guess you could manipulate the answers to narrow the search..interesting.. c

    • Yes, blogging is not for sissies!! I really love yours. I think you have an abundance of the incredible domestic skills that I have ignored and tried to feign ignorance over. However, now that I am finished with career preoccupation, healthy, homey and humbling times in the kitchen are not so bad after all.

  7. Hi souldipper,
    I’m a very private person so Hunch is not for me. I’m not on facebook or twitter either, but am very happy just to stick to the blogosphere. 🙂
    You just have to love the book, that is unbelievable the way the paper sculptors are done, I love it.

    • Mags, if you saw the Hunch questions, you’d realize why I took the plunge. If people want to waste time knowing whether I’d take custard over ice cream or a trip to the zoo over a hike in the hills…well, have at it! These kinds of things are springing up all over. They specialize in different venues, e.g. in vacation home trading, specialty restaurants, food style recipes…from locations all over the world.

    • No, Victoria, I’m not. That’s an interesting question, though. I’ll watch for it. I get very little spam. When I hear what some people receive, I really do wonder what caused it. Some are friends who spend very little time on the computer…??

    • With your incredibly busy life, Kate, it may be better to have the children answer the questions: Do you like red hair, blond or brown? Which do you put on first – your left shoe or the right? If you had a smelly dog, would you spray it with nil odour, take it to the shower with you, or knit a sweater for it that says, “I’ve lost my humans”? Okay, okay…I had to thrown the last one in!

  8. This is like an event that I’ve never heard of before and by next week, I’ll have heard of it two more times. Thanks for being the first to educate me. I too love those book sculptures. Can you imagine the time it take to create one (or the sharpness of the exacto knife?) Very interesting post. Thanks

  9. These Paper Sculptures are absolutely fabulous Amy! The attention to detail is obviously an act of love….thank you so much for sharing this…it is wonderful the way you have been giving us all this wonderful information and insight into areas that I at least was not familiar with…God bless…
    I will definitely check Hunch out…many thanks again!

    • Yes, Shama, that’s what I saw, too…an act of love. The intricacy, detail and carefully planned themes of these artistic pieces certainly punctuate the sculptor’s concern over the possible demise of books. I wonder what her other pieces are like – when she’s not working with paper.

      Hunch may not be your cup of tea, but I have had fun experimenting.

    • Hi, Tammy. I picture you in a flurry of Christmas preparation activity. I imagine your home full of the Season’s glory that please all senses! Thanks for visiting – even with this light offering!

      (Added later): Oh, the last sentence is sooo poorly worded, Tammy. I meant that MY offering was light, NOT YOURS! I’m adding this after reading your response and I apologize if I confused you and made you think I talking about your offering!

      My heart goes out to anyone renovating. It’s such a stressful time. I noticed a lull in your postings and that certainly explains it. Many blessings on the work and its outcome.

      • We chose the end of November for a bit of a remodeling project that has strewn into december making it impossible to decorate and accomplish other activities. I’m having to let go gently.

    • Yah, Lorna, there is more “stuff” than there is time! That’s why I thought I’d try out a service that would bring stuff to me. I want to stay in touch but with less time on the computer!

  10. I’ve never heard of Hunch before. Is it a new social medium? Well, I’m not very familiar with any other types of media besides twitter… so that explains that… 🙂
    Anyway, I hate giving out info about myself and avoid doing so as far as possible…
    But the sculpture is stunning!!

    • Oh Mish, then you’d die of exposure having to answer all the silly questions. If any question bordered on privacy, in my opinion, I didn’t answer. But telling them whether I spread cheese on a cracker with a knife or my finger was downright innocuous. 😀 Or what colour I would prefer my kitchen to be. It all makes me wonder…if I answered questions as though I was some very outrageous, wealthy and erratic person, what would they send me?

  11. (No, I’m not an agent for Hunch.
    I am not related to anyone connected with Hunch.
    Hunch has never taken me to Lunch.)

    *Now there’s an idea!*

    That’s not only an idea. It’s also a great poem or haiku.

  12. How interesting! I am mildly amused at most of the social media stuff – tweeter or whatever. Not a fan – it’s generational I’m sure. Make ya wonder just how in heaven people ever lived without all of this stuff. I have a great admiration for the creators of all art and wow, that paper art is in a class all of its own! Thanks for sharing that!

  13. Good Morning Souldipper….It is very strange…I have not been receiving your notifications either!
    I think I will give Hunch a miss too…I really can’t handle the blogging the way I should…I owe visits to so many people.

    • Tammy at Agrigirl tells me that it’s something to do with WordPress. She’s had other bloggers discover they have not received her notices – nor have I. Something strange is going on.

  14. It took me a while to understand this concept and even now, I am not too sure. I suppose I’ll stay away from what I don’t understand. 😉

    The article on paper sculptures is interesting. It suggested it to you, did it? I wonder what made it do that. How does it “analyse” your probable likes? Just by the questions you answer?

    • You’ve got it, Priya…that is how it works. Because the questions are so innocuous, one has to answer many of those very boring queries. However they pick up the threads of one’s preferences and send that sort of information. I thought I would test it because I liked the idea of being sent suggested links that I may not otherwise see.

      However, in email, some of the really great stuff that people send me now, I’ve seen three times! Maybe we actually can reach a saturation point! 😀

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