World Economy 101

In my first career, with a major Canadian Trust Company, even though I was a manager for two different branches, I didn’t understand how money moved.  I didn’t know how it processed through financial systems to the world economy. I asked questions, but couldn’t find answers.  Neither my mentors nor my superiors knew.

I decided I must be asking the wrong questions.  I shrugged it off and focused on moving up the corporate ladder.

One of my bosses had a Masters Degree in Economics.  One day I asked him how his degree helped him fulfill his Executive position within a financial enterprise.

He said, “I know how to read the newspaper properly.”

We laughed.

Now, I realize it was too true to be funny.

World Economy – who cares?

Only people with money?

Not if we want a world in which we have a say.

There is a video that explains why with clarity and solutions.

It’s called “Thrive”

It shows what’s really going on.

(Pamper your bias if it nags you during the first part.)

Watch it openly.  It’s not another conspiracy theory.

I didn’t think anyone could explain these facts so clearly.

Our loved ones and this planet will benefit from our grasping the solutions it presents.


(Addendum:  My apologies for this, dear readers, but the full movie has been pulled off YouTube.  I’m left with having to direct you to a trailer on the Thrive website.  When I watched the full movie earlier today, I wondered if the movie would survive because it is highly revealing.  I imagine it will create significant controversy.)

38 thoughts on “World Economy 101

  1. Hi souldipper,
    It seems the video has been removed, I tried also to watch it on You Tube but it has gone from there as well. 😦 What a shame it sounds like it might have been very interesting.

  2. The best way to keep people in their place is to keep them confused. Shame on the 1% for so many reasons… Not the least of which is making this video unavailable. That kind of thing just feeds the fury against them. When will they ever learn?

    And thank you for trying to take the smoke and mirrors out of the trickery that’s been going on.

    • The movie is two hours long and full of facts and human sources that need to be known. It may have stirred a hornet’s nest. When I watched it, 111,475 people had viewed the video. I hope it wasn’t pulled because the people who produced it simply decided to make some money off it. If they want “joe public” to know about this stuff, the whole idea is to give it to joe public. There are other ways to raise money.

      If they were forced to pull it, they are among those featured in the video who were silenced with threats.

  3. I’ve had a similar experience – finding an incredible video, a truthful and enlightening one to share and poof – it’s gone. Now THERE’S where “conspiracy” comes in, don’t ya think? Like, OMG, there is some truth out there we don’t want people to know about – whoops, let’s make it disappear.

    Well my goodness, don’t I sound the paranoid one? I’ll go to their website, thanks!

    • One of the people on the video explains how conspiracy theories have worked FOR the small group controlling the power. The general public don’t want to look stupid so pooh-pooh claims that any human would do anything that would harm countless numbers of people or take action to keep them in poverty – for the sake of more profit. So as Lorna said, there’s great strategy to keeping people confused, especially if we are busily confusing ourselves.

      Now I learn that there’s a Bill in Congress that would take away our right to freedom on the Internet. I signed a petition against that!

      Avaaz explains: “Right now, the US Congress is debating a law that would give them the power to censor the world’s internet — creating a blacklist that targets YouTube, Wikileaks and even Avaaz! Now if we stand with key members of the US Congress, we can defeat this global internet censorship.”

      • I signed the petition too. For sure I would be on the blacklist – I bash the medical community and government – especially the FDA with regularity. There are getting to be fewer freedoms as time goes on. I don’t know who “they” think they are fooling anymore. There really ARE people out there (esp. in the blogosphere) watching in horror what’s going on. They haven’t – as yet – managed to dumb down all of us!

        • Keep talking, Susan. There are many of us who are gathering our understanding, strength and resolve. We can operate above this and trust our direction. If you feel alone, watch some videos by David Wilcock on You Tube. His message is vital – “Do not succumb to fear.” It’s our inner strength that will carry the transformation through. David has sources who are able to report that the power mongers are realizing they are losing their battle.

          I just discovered a couple here on my small island who are on this same wave length. She told me to check out Tesla on You Tube. She learned huge amounts from him, she said. As I left her fabulous raw food cafe, she added, “Just watch the videos where he’s wearing a yellow shirt!” So I’m curious. May “see you there”.

  4. Wow. Intriguing. I went to the website and watched the video on their website. Very interesting. I understand how some may be turned off initially, but I find it fascinating. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. I’m intrigued. Unfortunately, here at home this morning, my internet is too slow even to load the trailer. We are in such complex problems, I hope that a rise in consciousness, and being transformed from the inside out, will change the world, one person at a time.

  6. Hi souldipper,
    I was very interested in your comment above about freedom on the internet, the strange thing is that we are basically going thought the same thing here in OZ, except our problems go further. Our Government is talking about restricting the media, we have a media inquiry going now, they are also talking about bloggers on the net. Not good times, our next election isn’t till 2013. Unfortunately we don’t have a bill of rights. 😦

    • Yikes, Mags. I wonder… How long would it take before someone would have another system running. Any entity silly enough to think this freedom is going to be removed has delusions of grandeur. No matter what they think up, swifter minds will outwit them. When governments tried to can Internet in their dictatorships, it didn’t work. People found other methods. I signed a petition for planting another satellite for North African countries when governments cut off Internet. The activist outfit, Avaaz, collected money to buy and install the satellite. I don’t know if it was needed in the end – or if it’s up there, but the money was being collected. I’ll have to ask them what the end result was…though I’m sure I’ll find it on their website.

  7. Even in Australia? Help! Stop the world I want to get off … I think I’d like to live in the olden days, life was harder, but so much simpler. I don’t know whether it was a 1% vs 99% split, but we the 99% were happier. We certainly ate better food than the GMO modified stuff we’re eating these days.

    • It’s everywhere, Rosie. The movie shows that clearly. I refuse to eat that food. If it’s processed, I cannot put it in my body. The movie explained how and why that food was brought into existence. It’s not a pretty story and I’m grateful I can eat a lot of healthy veggies. It makes me sick to think that poor people have to eat food that facilitates unhealthiness!

      Oh, man, don’t get me going!!

  8. Hi Amy .. lots here – I can’t view the video here – but I’ll remember the info – for when life is easier and I have time and can access the net more easily.

    It’s great these videos are made for us to see and check out the realities of life .. and take our own stance. Thanks for telling us about this .. Hilary

    • Nothing like being an armchair activist, but this information keeps coming my way. I put it out there for people to take or leave. But in my soul, I am really pulling for the Transformation to be a reality.

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