You Become What You Tolerate

“Where have you been?” I asked my spiritual teacher.

A goofy grin was unveiled in slow motion; a signal that I need to pay close attention.  His voice softened to a melodic baritone, “Sometimes I need to give the Universe a holiday.”

We laughed.

“That’s very big and mighty of you!” I said, enjoying his bout of egotism instead of mine.

“Precisely,” he said.  “I begin to believe I’m that powerful.”

I knew there had to be more coming.

“It’s humbling to realize the Creator is telling me to take time off.”   He laughed long this time.  The message is supposed to solidify during that prolonged laughter.

Sometimes it takes longer than his breath can endure:  “Time for some fun!”

Sometimes, we even need a pause from loving.

Fun has many compartments.  Giving God a break (did I say that?) has been full of fulfillment:

  • Spending time with humans with skin on
  • Sharing good food
  • Working on my Spiritual studies
  • Hiking and walking
  • Hanging with a person who’s full of determination
  • Keeping up with domesticity
  • Building a Communication Tree for three neighbourhoods
  • Chopping kindling for a promised cold winter
  • Meditating through windstorms that knock out the power
  • Reading tons of blogs
  • Commenting on many blogs
  • Being a guinea pig for Somatic demonstrations
  • Taking photographs
  • Letting Duc in.  Letting Duc out.  Letting D…
  • Writing
  • Saying thanks for this life-giving force called breath.

My Beloved Guides, I know you have some messages.  Thanks for your obvious 11.11.11 presence – especially if you orchestrated the major power outage across our islands.  Talk about destroying distractions!

It’s a pleasure to be considered.  We only provide direction – even if it has to be served without artificial light. 

With gratitude, we praise all who do, and will continue to, accept the increased dimensional energy available to you.  Continue to live, breathe and act in seasoned Love.  Your answers await your arrival to your inner divinity.  Let your breath take you there – where Love resides with patience.  In that space, that state of being, you will find all of your answers. 

When you seek answers outside yourself, you are left with more questions.

You do not have to wait.  The time is now.  Go there at your leisure, but go with the thirst of a person who would perish if you now stopped your search for water.  Let the desire drive you to the joy that awaits you.  Do not live in a state of toleration.  You risk becoming what you tolerate. 

Observe the countless brave people who have taken action.  Let your heart formulate your message to those who maim the good.  Let Love be the envelope.  Let peace be the courier. 

Whatever Love wraps itself around will not be the same again.  It powers the evolutionary elevator to joy.  It will sustain you in joy for as long as you remember.

We will continue to love and guide each of you with indefatigable enthusiasm.  The same energy is within you.  We are one.  Remember that Love is your transformer.  Do not be afraid of its powerful simplicity.

Full Moon Rising at 6:33 p.m. on 11.11.11. Taken without a tripod - with taillights.

51 thoughts on “You Become What You Tolerate

    • Yes, that darkness was very revealing. As I sat in front of my fireplace, reading by a coal oil lamp, supposedly radically peaceful, I was scheming over what had priority to use up my two hours of battery power on my computer. I had no internet so blogs were out. However, a friend came by which meant conversation filled the darkness as we gobbled fresh pears and oranges.

  1. Every time I read a message from your guides I am reminded of the Nine Ladies that are my circle of wise women. I need to visit with them more and you remind me of that. Blessings to you every day, in every way.

  2. HI,
    A lovely post.
    “Spending time with humans with skin on” I love it. 😆
    Everyone needs some time to have fun I feel this is what keeps us going, and helps us when some things just don’t go to plan. 🙂

    • Charles, you are such a faithful reader! I think writing poetry is very difficult – paring down is a huge challenge. I wonder how you take breaks. When you start your Aunt Bea books, I will be loathe to find you taking a break! Need any more nagging? 😀

  3. “When you seek answers outside yourself, you are left with more questions.
    You do not have to wait. The time is now. Go there at your leisure, but go with the thirst of a person who would perish if you now stopped your search for water.”

  4. Love…powers the evolutionary elevator to joy! How absolutely and beautifully true…as also that ‘tolerance’ is an act we need to take seriously and conscientiously…and above all, we need to learn to take a break…and not just in times of power outages Amy…which by the way are rather more the norm in my part of the world than yours, so that would be quite disastrous!
    Many thanks again for a great food-for-thought post Amy!

    • You are so spot on, Shama, we need to take breaks when the power is on! Especially then – otherwise technology is bossing us around constantly. It’s demanding and we tolerate it more and more.

  5. I feel this today! Must be in the air.


    Going to get eggs and make banana bread. Going for a walk in the woods. Giving God a break. I’m going to take care of my home today. She’s missed me!

    • I have bananas waiting for me to whip out my recipe, too. I plan to take a loaf to a friend who treated me to a fabulous sail on his boat this summer. He doesn’t bake since he lives on his fabulous boat. Homes really do need the vibes we leave with attention.

  6. “Become what you tolerate…” I can’t help but think of the coaches and administrators at Penn State who tolerated the unthinkable behavior of Sandusky and destroyed lives of young boys. They have become guilt-bearers as much as the offender. This whole situation sickens me. But that’s the negative spin on a thought-provoking post. Pray for healing in those young men.

  7. This is wonderful, I love “do not be afraid of it’s powerful simplicity” Love is an incredible thing. If it’s true love from your heart it can accomplish miraculous things and the peace and joy that it brings is an added bonus.

    • When I first realized that people pooh-poohed simple solutions, I was floored. “If it ain’t complex, it ain’t got no value!” Well, Dee, I’m still floored because now I see through the egoism of that fallacy.

  8. This portal has been demanding stillness from me, too. For me, it hasn’t been full-blown power outages, but rather website troubles, dropped phone calls, computer repairs and other things that kept me focused inside rather than trying to build something external.

    Now that I’ve surrendered, I’m more peaceful. And beat–sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. I reckon there must be a lot to integrate.

    • That’s what I practice in these times, too, Sally – surrender. Apparently the latest inundation of energy has gone into our flora – especially trees.

      One message to this effect comes from Reverend Angela Peregoff :
      “….putting the latest energetic downloads into the “green” content within nature. Because of this the green nature kingdom is the first earthly intelligence to pick up the new healing charges. Trees are among the ambassadors that will deliver the newness to us in a manner that we can embody and then develop within our systems. … To receive, or balance, the new fluidity coursing through our domain simply place a hand on a tree! Ask to be a corporate agent of transformation with the gift they give at this time, and hold to the commitment that you are a vessel of human service for (Source’s) highest and best expression of transformation. Then move into the world of human reality holding your energies with honor, integrity, and reverence.”

      • I love that you said this. My daily life includes little hands-on time in nature, but the other day I went for a walk in my neighborhood’s tiny park. For the first time ever, I felt compelled to step off the paved path and simply sit on a rock. After a few minutes of that, I had to go put my hands on a nearby tree. And with that, I was complete, and returned home.

        Thank you for the message.

        • Even the air will accept our gratitude. Glad you followed your desires, Sally. I suspect there’s a huge number of people who are tempted to do the same and are afraid of what people may think if they are seen! Go for it, folks!

  9. You just reminded me of my biggest question about Karma dear Amy.
    I tolerate everything benevolent towards all and yet most I get in return is malvolent.
    Anyway, I understand that that the Supreme Being did not make us but is still making us.

    • Poch, I wonder if you are willing to take another look. Use your spiritual eyes and see even the tiniest thing for which you are grateful. I remember that I’m given breath – free. I don’t even have to think about it and it comes free of charge. One after another, I am given life. The most precious of all gifts and I do absolutely nothing to receive it. That is incredible.

      Gratitude opens the door to an abundance of gifts. No matter what spiritual path any of us are on, we are invited to live with a grateful heart. Life does continuously bring us what we put our concentration on.

      The media conditions and feeds negativity, Poch! Since your blog captures world stories and events, I’ve wondered if the media would offer enough positive, loving and joyful stories to give you sufficient material to post positive stories about our world for a week. It may be quite a challenge! 😀

  10. Wow, Amy, how long have you laboured to be able to listen with such diamond-clear precision? I have copied and pasted this passage to put somewhere else, to stick into a notebook and ponder:

    “You do not have to wait. The time is now. Go there at your leisure, but go with the thirst of a person who would perish if you now stopped your search for water. Let the desire drive you to the joy that awaits you. Do not live in a state of toleration. You risk becoming what you tolerate.”

    Thank you.

    • I give myself a lot of “peace time”, Kate. Although I’m an extrovert (if one follows the definition that an extrovert is energized in the presence of people), I could not live without a healthy dollop of alone time. Is there such a thing as play hard, restore deep? It’s very clear when there’s something to heed. It’s sort of like a spiritual timer beeping periodically when the set time has passed.

      I, too, like the paragraph you chose. It keeps wafting through my psyche as I listen to world events. It brings a knot when I listen to life issues my friends and I discuss.

  11. I make so many jokes about the intricacies of hiking, but between you and me it’s a spiritual experience. How can I stand in such creation and not hear and see my Creator. Thanks for the reminders.

  12. I take back two very important lesson today. Giving God a break, and spending time with humans with skin on. How very important it is to understand the value of these lessons! Thank you, Amy.

    • Priya, it’s interesting to see what you pick out of different writings – not just mine, but other blogs, too. You have a uniqueness that is delightful. I re-read your story of the couple who loved deeply. That certainly portrayed your beautiful soul!

      • I was just telling my husband that I have a tendency to begin doubting myself every few days — “Am I an okay person?” “Do I write all right for now?” “Am an amiable company?” “Am I really not boring?”

        I am fraught with these thoughts today. It must be something that made me come back to check your response to my comment. It must’ve been something good, for I now go with a slightly better, lighter, happier heart, Amy.

  13. Sounds like G-d made arrangements for you–much like they get made for me. (cuz taking a ‘break’ is something I fail to schedule, as I owned in one of your previous posts)

    I’m reminded of ‘that which we hate, we become’…..which in my case turned into truth. I’m sure I’m not the sole person who’s experienced that lesson. So when I hear ‘that which we tolderate…..’, I smile, knowing how that works.

    Let your heart formulate your message to those who maim the good. Let Love be the envelope. Let peace be the courier.

    Now THERE’S the validation from the Guides that I needed.

    <– will go forth–IN love.

    Thanks for delivering the message.

    • When any of us no longer have to make a living by working outside the home, it’s easier to see how we spent so much time building unrealistic time schedules for ourselves. It’s easy to carry that attitude into an otherwise peaceful life. It takes observation and attention to see what we are tolerating unnecessarily – from others as well.

      Peace begins with us living peaceably. We just have to catch on to what peace contains!~

    • Totally, Lorna! These messages are in the hearts of every one of us. When we hear them, there’s a deep resonating, “I know that!” The work is to get from knowing it to feeling it. There’s the journey.

  14. My sister and I were conversing about just this same thing, last night, Amy. I think there may be an existence where we can remain grounded in the “now ” and be born into the loving your guides speak of. Sometimes I think it is the difference between an awareness and our ability to mesh the two. Perhaps that is truly what we are here to learn, Amy. I am a constant student, here. Great post.

    • It’s great to hear about the conversations you have with your sister, Leslie. What a joy.

      My take on your “track” – Oh, boy, you bet! To me, that’s what is meant when we hear “ride the breath (to) within”. It means to feel the life that breath gives us. It takes us to the inner peace. It’s THE “now”. My spiritual teacher tells us we are there when we well up with gratitude for each and every breath. He grins when we say, “Every?” As many as possible…

      In the throes of chaos, in the midst of dire decision making, in the pit of sadness, we can take that breath inside and we will be in Divine Peace, Love, Joy, Fulfillment… I use capitals to attempt to differentiate the Divine from the surface. I can tell you know the difference.

      We can plan, but it is an “aim” that we have while we live in Love – which is now. And the plan may or may not come to fruition. It doesn’t matter because if you are living in that place of Love, Joy, etc., whatever happens is the Heart’s desire. Consideration for other people, places or things fall into place when we are wallowing in Love.

      That’s my understanding. Thankfully, it keeps ripening.

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