Someone’s Looking Up To You

My Beloved Guides, so many events are happening that point to the Transformation.

There will be a great deal more as your year unfolds.  At various stages the evidence is enough to assure people.  There are many who want to believe in Universal Sources and Forces, but don’t want to appear silly.  There are those who sit on the indecisive fence.  There are those who will not choose evolutionary growth or direction.  Sobeit.

Many individuals who are able to see through the veils of denial and mystery attempt to inform the rest.  Your internet has numerous trustworthy messengers.

How do we know who is trustworthy?

This is the value of knowing how to tap into your inner resources, intuitions, guiding practices.  Practice observation, follow-up and validation.  Trust comes at different paces, but evidence will present itself.   When there is a hunch, a hint, a feeling or a cautionary nudge, give time an opportunity to bring it to fruition.  It is not possible for Ego to hide well.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for ego to show itself.  Ambition, competitiveness, negativity are signs that help me separate who I watch.  People sell knowledge, but when people sell spirituality, I feel cautious.

Those who have sold concepts of Universal Love in a negative manner have been well exposed on your planet.  These egoists contributed to a stunted evolutionary progress.  However, humanity learned the reality of deceit and greed.  Though beginning with noble motives, those egoists were unable to maintain integrity in the face of power being poured out to them.    Adoring human voices were chosen over inner voice of Love.

I have continued to observe and read David Wilcock on Divine  (His newsletters are full of information.)  Incidents related to him through his psychic abilities have come to fruition.  I appreciate that he exercises caution and has many sources in high places, but I am still on alert.

Breathe in. Ride that breath to your heart.

As messaging is given, it is filtered through the human recipient.  Therefore, we encourage everyone to listen with an ear of Love.

Speaking of an ear of Love, thank you for validating the messages about the Universal Energy being flooded over our planet.  Look at the number of countries reclaiming power from the hands of egoists.  Look at the message finally being given to those who have only looked at the dollar sign for discretionary direction.  Look at the people who are telling the egoists, “We’ve had enough.  No more.” 

It is no longer conspiracy theorists making accusations.   Powerful people are being exposed more and more.  David predicted their exposure.  They have had a heyday using us to accumulate more and more wealth.  They cannot possibly spend it all!  How can hearts be so turned off?  How can their humanity be so buried?  Do they think they are more powerful than the Universe?  David Wilcock discussed the existence of these horrific hoarders and their secrets in earlier videos.  The spotlight will be burning.

Our focus continues to be on each of you and your power.  We’d like to remind everyone that your every act of goodness is magnified beyond your imaginings.  Your simple acts of being loving to yourself and to others brings us so much closer to the Universal Mandate.  We delight in sharing this with you. 

Your power transforms when you empty yourself within your giving.  Our Loving Source replenishes each of you many fold.  Extract and share your inner goodness whether helping another tie a shoe or heal a heart.  Empty yourself with deep listening.

Thank you if you showed us that “silent” and “listen” are the same letters of the alphabet.  How revealing…

You are custodians.  You are stewards.  Your actions are being watched by others around you.  Someone is looking up to you as you take each breath. You can be just a grape or you can be the juice that offers simplicity, nourishment and refreshment.  Extract and empty your goodness.  Pass it into the hearts of the people looking up to you.  It will multiply beyond your highest good.

When you are the recipients of the Breath of the Universe, put aside pretenses.  No discussion is needed to breathe.  Just welcome it.  Let it help you empty with Love.

Thank you, my Beloveds.

37 thoughts on “Someone’s Looking Up To You

    • Paula, I hope everyone who reads this comment takes two minutes to go to your poem. It is an exquisite example of extracting the essence of you and emptying yourself of the Divine love abundantly alive in your soul.

  1. Do not overlook any good actions, thinking they are of no benefit; even tiny drops of water in the end will fill a huge vessel. ~ The Buddha

    When we look within to the silent spaces and LISTEN . . . we hear what is offered.

    Thanks, Amy.

  2. Hi,
    I have never heard of David Wilcock before, but he’s website does look interesting, Thank You for the link.
    Another lovely post, with wonderful messages.

  3. Thank you, beautiful guides – and that includes you, Amy;-)

    To me the hardest lesson is to see beyond the ego when it is disguises itself as someone seeking harmony, seeking peace. When fear is disguised as peaceful harmony.

    I think I did this the other day, and dared to speak it out loud, as my heart repeatedly told me this was from love – in spite all the imputs around me that warned about creating disharmony. I spoke up to someone in authority. I feel brave, at the same time as my ego also keeps critizising what I did.

    And this is also a lesson I am learning these days – to not jugde my actions (before or after) by the feedback I receive, but from the inner wisdom and truth inside me. A challenge, to say the least…

    And to be bold enough to answer your question “How can hearts be so turned off?”, because my experience gave me a glimpse into this – I’d like to refer to what Ainslie Maleod wrote about Anders Behring Breivik, the man behind the 22. juli horrors here in Norway:
    Maybe there’s always a wounded spirit behind every imbalance, every unjust action?

    • Leila, what courage! A situation affecting or hurting people places loving souls squarely on the speaker’s box! More aware people hear their hearts more easily. Sincerity and truth shine through in spite of the truth not being welcome. Our ego feels uncomfortable and alone when our appeal is not accepted. It wants control so we second-guess ourselves. However, it sounds like you are standing in your truth. Bravo.

      I’ve seen often that authentication of my view can only come with the unfolding events over time. Sometimes, I have no other source than my “intuition”. It has taught me to be a little more gentle, but also tenacious in stating my view. Sometimes, the only comfort I feel is that I spoke. It confirms that I can trust myself, Leila. My heart is not silenced by fear.

      I had not yet read Ainslie’s article about B. Breivik – thank you for the link. It is a great reminder of the dire woundedness of some souls. I love that Ainslie highlighted your Prime Minister’s “mature” and loving leadership: “called for “more democracy, more openness and greater political participation.” ”

      If you read David Wilcock’s newsletter, you’ll see that the Old World Order has held the planet captive – in their private and selfish pockets. Those people are being offered the opportunity to chose Love by powers greater than our earthly realm. David frequently reminds that we either chose Love or fear. He asks if we believe in a power greater than any of the earthly realm. (The information boggles the mind, but David is determined to offer authentication through various interviews and publications.) I look forward to Ainslie’s Guides’ take on members of the Old World Order.

      • Thank you for all your beautiful and wise words, and especially for these – I think this is huge:

        “I’ve seen often that authentication of my view can only come with the unfolding events over time. Sometimes, I have no other source than my “intuition”. It has taught me to be a little more gentle, but also tenacious in stating my view. Sometimes, the only comfort I feel is that I spoke. It confirms that I can trust myself, Leila. My heart is not silenced by fear.”
        I’ll keep these words with me and cherish them!:-)

        (and yes, Stoltenberg is not bad for a prime minister, is he? ;-))

  4. “Your power transforms when you empty yourself within your giving. Our Loving Source replenishes each of you many fold. Extract and share your inner goodness whether helping another tie a shoe or heal a heart. Empty yourself with deep listening.”

    My family is going through some very difficult times at the moment — I’ve been struggling all week to find peace and balance. Reading these words (along with finally getting a good night’s sleep) has helped me achieve a tenuous perspective. Thanks Amy for again sharing what I need to hear when I most need to hear it.

    • There is not a situation in our world that cannot be immensely improved with a dose of Love! Hopefully your family’s struggle will soon simply be a memory of a great learning experience.

  5. I’ve never met anyone else who converses with the Universal Divine. This was a very Enlightening post. My guides always speak in the Universal “We” and with such a different voice than mine. And their wisdom, like your Divine Spirit, is not of this world but so relevant to it and us.

    I believe that there are more of us who are “connected” than I ever imagined.

    • Lorna, there are more of us “connected” than we ever imagined! We are all being encouraged to tap into that “inner-ness” and trust the inevitable unfolding. It’s so hard to find appropriate words to use –

  6. “You can be just a grape or you can be the juice that offers simplicity, nourishment and refreshment.

    Have I told your guides how much I love them?

    I L O V E Y O U !!!

    michael j

    • Granny, that has to be an acknowledgement to you that you are doing it! That’s the kind of conscious effort we have to make – over and over again. Well…I’ll speak for myself! 😀

  7. You can feel free to speak for me on that ‘conscious choice’ that gets made over and over and over again. JUST when I think I ‘get it’, I get something tossed in my path to help me see how very little I really ‘get’.

    Open hands……that’s always been an issue for me. I can go for periods of time and suddenly I discover they’re closed fists…….again.

    Love anyway.

    I flip into being cross and it’s so simple–(note I didn’t say ‘easy’).
    It’s soooooooooo simple.

    Love as you’ve always wanted TO love.

    I adore your guides for just putting it out there in simple terms and there’s no ‘duh’ attached to it. LOL
    I talk to me and I attach the ‘duh’!
    Silly me–somehow it makes me laugh at my humanness.

    And thank you for pointing me in Paula’s direction. What a fabulous piece she wrote.

    • Yes, Mel, we have as many chances as we need to “get it”. Once in a while, wouldn’t it be fun if Source just said, “Oh here, let me do it for you.” ? Okay…maybe not!

      Yah, didn’t 19-year-old Paula have incredible insight! She must have the enhanced DNA. 😀

  8. Love is the only truth that we extend that will be tangible after we’re gone. All the other stuff we do will be so much waste. Love is really where it’s at.

    All Spirit needs is a little willingness and He does the rest. Our egos can’t compete.

  9. Hi Army – what an awesome post! I’ve read it daily since it came out and today figured I needed to tell you that. It was butter on my toast! and honey in my tea! I’m glad you have discovered David – I’ve spent a lot of time listening to him, reading his words, and always remain in awe.

    • So glad you left a comment, Susan. Thank you for your readership – and what better description than butter and honey?! Yes, I’ve been watching David’s videos for a couple of years and am amazed at some of the information he is uncovering and exposing. This coming year is going to be very interesting. Glad we are traveling together! ( I peeked at your site – will visit it more deeply this morning. I look forward to it.)

  10. Thank yu for this post, Amy. ..and thank you to Leila for speaking like I can not find words for. There are many times I find myself in situations where negativity comes my way as a result of what I chose to do that I felt was the loving thing. Some of them have been hurtful. Many of them took time to understand. Sometimes, right along with acting from the loving, we are also given a lesson in patience? I am learning. Thank you, again for the Leila discussion. That helps.

  11. Hi Amy .. it’s accepting our lot and then doing the best we can with it – we can all be happy, compassionate and caring at all times – we’ve been shown that .. especially by the few who can rise from their own ashes, or who are happy to be with nothing but their own souls. Thanks – Hilary

    • I have a feeling you have quite a story to tell, Hilary – of strength and tenacity. Something significant has helped you build the kind and generous heart you display. I doubt you realize it shows, but there is no doubt, Hilary!

      • Hi Amy .. I’m not sure – perhaps I know what I should be … it’s easier to write than to do – though granted I’m not terrible!! Really appreciate your thoughts though .. they are humbling .. Hilary

  12. Amy, This is beautifully done, what a wonderful message to share. I read Paula’s poem also and you both brought me to tears this day. Those with compassion for others reap far more than they can ever sow.

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