10 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

The sign at the florist shop said, “Am downstairs working in customer service.  If you want service, please find me.”

Thanksgiving Sunday in Canada often means sharing an abundant dinner with friends or family.  As Rob and Joan invited me to their home, I wanted to take a gift.  Standing amongst the florist’s abundant selection of potted plants, fresh-cut flowers and accessories, I fussed about picking a plant that would be appropriate for their yard.

After reading planting instructions on dozens of tags, I knew I needed help.  As I retraced my steps through the pots, the sun burst through the cloud cover.  The potted selections transformed into glorious haloed shades of greens, purples and yellows.

A pale-blue butterfly, seemingly arriving on a sunbeam, bounced from plant to plant.  It paused a few seconds on various bits of greenery as though searching for a specific landing pad.  “Well, my jubilant friend,” I said, “whichever plant you land on for more than 5 seconds will be the one I choose.”

A single bright orange flower sprouted from a pot amongst something that looked like frilly lettuce and a number of other outdoor flora.   Apparently color blind, the butterfly landed on orange, began fanning its wings and cleaning its antennae.

The half-block walk to customer service gave me time to second-guess the choice.  Joan didn’t need more work.  I spotted an arrangement of fall flowers, fresh cut and colourful.  I made my choice.

Later, when I handed Joan the flowers at their house, I saw a pot on the table.  It was the exact arrangement the butterfly had chosen.  Doubly pleased that I chose a floral bouquet, I laughed and told them the story.  I said, “I was loathe to give you anything that meant more work, Joan!”

Rob and Joan looked from the pot, to each other, then to me.  Joan said, “You see the card tucked into that pot?  It has your name on it.  It’s the gift we chose for you!”

Layers of synchronicity.  It happens alot.


(This video is from the Evolutionary Mystic site.  However, there is no source or creator named.)

64 thoughts on “10 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

  1. Hi Amy .. the wheels of life – they certainly do synchronise in wonderful ways .. what a fun story .. and the butterfly matches your background .. they have such a subtle colour .. the last of the summer almost. Your orange beauty will attract blue butterflies next year .. the sun and the sky go together .. the butterfly and the fiery beauty too .. enjoy and hope the dinner was good after all that? Cheers Hilary

  2. That is hilarious! Yes, things like that do happen. And who knows maybe the orange butterfly will find its way to your house! Now I’m going back to watch the video. (maybe I should have waited to comment AFTER watching it!)

  3. Oh Amy, I just love this one!!! I am so certain there is a higher being watching over us. Didn’t you find that whole incident so inspiring, absolutely amazing and so comforting? A fella that hikes with us has yellow butterflies that appear where ever he is, One was at his Dad’s gravesite the day they buried him, and we hike in many places and always we see one. He was with us in Israel and one landed on his shoulder. Yesterday, I was blessed as someone took charge of my day, in the morning the roofer could not come till next week and the drywall guy couldn’t come till end of week, only the disposal guy could come at 4pm. While he was replacing it, two calls came in, the roofer was there at 5pm and the drywall guy shortly after him. My roof will be done this week and I have the estimate for the drywall which will be done after a good rain has retested the roof. If we have faith, it will be given to us, and I most certainly was given what I needed yesterday to solve all these problems before I leave for Greece and Turkey. I am feeling very blessed.

  4. Hi,
    Had to have a bit of a laugh, that is so uncanny. But every time you look at that plant, you will no doubt think of that lovely butterfly landing on the flower. I pictured it all as I was reading your post, and I must say, I saw some beautiful flowers. 🙂

  5. I love how you posted on synchronicity and added the video of spiritual awakening. According to the video you are on a high step. How fun!

    Must see it again. Are these steps to be believed? Has someone, the maker of the video, organized these steps to awakening as something we can attain here in this dream, this illusion,as per the Course of Miracles?

    • The points in the video are experiences that different clairvoyants/psychics have described as indicators of the upsurge of energy being fed to our planet (for those willing to receive the energy). Many of the people who I have read or heard re these predictions have been featured on the Evolutionary Mystic site. There’s a great deal of information on that site. from various angles and basis, offering welcome diversity.

  6. Go figure the post and the video, made me weepy. Not an all bad thing. Maybe that’s one of those ’emotions start going willy nilly all over the place’ sorta deals and I’m about to have another awakening? Yes, I know–when I open my hands and get out of my own way……..
    That might be a part of the weepy, too.

    What an awesome moment.
    What an awesome video–the music is equally lovely.
    Thanks for sharing them all with us.

    • My pleasure to share, Mel. I like what Carl Jung taught about spiritual experiences – each of us has our own story, there is no comparing, and they can be incredible or a simple “wow”. The important thing is how it transforms us from the inside out.

  7. I’m really tired and was going to bed but something said to me, just read Soul Dipper’s post.. Wow Amy what an amazing, beautiful story. I LOVE it.

    and also love the Carl Jung quote:
    “each of us has our own story, there is no comparing, and they can be incredible or a simple “wow”. The important thing is how it transforms us from the inside out”

    • Rosie, you give me such a sense of family. When I read how tired you are, I want to give you a cup of hot chocolate, a snack and a warm, comfy place for you have fall fast asleep.

  8. I so much like to believe that “we’re not alone”, that the purple butterflies are messengers of entities that give signs of wiser, stronger hands at work somewhere. Joan’s revelation gave me goosebumps.

    Also, I am sure it happened, Amy, because you “look”.

    • Hi Leslie – I experienced the crawly sensation for about three months last year. Fortunately, different people explained that this effect is from the energy upsurge. It was pronounced enough that I would shower to be relieved of the feelings. It was disconcerting. While I want to go with the process, I still questioned. Thankfully that has now stopped.

      I’m delighted to hear from you, Leslie…I know you are very busy. Look forward to the results.

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  10. This is the perfect Thanksgiving story to share here, Amy. I love it. I love when such things happen, whether to me or others. Such a delight.

    The video is so wise and peaceful. Thanks for sharing it. I will need to check out that site. I take it as a recommendation.

    In metta,

  11. A double thank you – first for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet encouraging comment – secondly for this fabulous post/video! WOW. From everything I’ve read these steps are so spot on. It was nice to have the quick summary, not to mention the music was rather heavenly too. The creator of the video has no need for attribution – what a lovely place to be, eh?

    Thanks again, Amy. I’ll be back! 🙂

  12. The vid was like an excellent tutorial Amy!
    Makes me wonder why the great author wants anonimity. Now I understand why some things are happening to me.

    ‘Layers of synchronicity’

    Great phrase and will make a great title.

    • You know, Nadira, I suspect the Guides are trying to tell us that exact message. We are to love ourselves. There’s so much love for us that it’s ridiculous how we denigrate ourselves.

  13. What a great story! My jaw dropped when I read that last part about how Rob and Joan had bought you the exact arrangement the butterfly landed on. I loved how you wrote that the butterfly seemed to arrive on a sunbeam. They do seem to arrive from out of nowhere. Delightful 🙂

  14. I read this again this morning, Amy, and the line “Your power transforms when you empty yourself,” absolutely walloped me. I’ve been trained and attuned to all three levels of Reiki, which I’ve not used much at all. One of the things that’s obstructed me is remembering it’s not me, it’s being that empty conduit for the divine healing energy to flow through. (I went through the training when I was working hospice and then when I stopped working just didn’t have the same opportunities to work with it.) But even writing, the best emerges from that place of emptiness and it’s so amazing sometimes to look at what you’ve written the previous day and wonder where the heck it came from. Wow!

    • Yes, Victoria! Amazing to ‘see’ when we have emptied ourselves. There’s an indefinable difference. It’s the “whatever” that people like Jesus, Gandhi, and King gave and displayed abundantly. It flows when there is connection with the Divine – when the mind is set aside and there’s room for the heart to speak.

      For the very reason you cited, I prefer to do distant healing with TT. I am less prone to become results-oriented – the entry-way for the ego. When I’m with the person, I want to see them comfortable so badly that there’s little room for the Divine! With distant healing, I’m dealing with the soul-body, I don’t “see” their agony, so am able to concentrate on THE connection.

    • Hello Shamasheikh – thank you so much for coming by. (I’ve just been visiting you, too!) If coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous, the humbleness is too often missed by this human!

    • Just finished watching it, La Femme. How well it represents the Mind, Body and Soul of humanity! I enjoyed it a great deal. The scientific worked at creating change through blending with spiritual concepts and explaining the physical in terms acceptable to the intellect – the black and white. I appreciated the poet holding up a mirror and showing both worlds as appreciated, yet unbalanced. Throughout it all, connectivity and relational inevitability. Due to the depth, I know my comments won’t spoil the movie for anyone becoming curious.

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention, La Femme Roar!

      • So glad you enjoyed it. Liv Ullman had most of the dialogue and I think she pulled it off magnificently. I loved the tripartite of perspectives the film presents and in the end we’re left to question things because we’ve been just a tad bit enlightened … so glad you enjoyed it. When I watched the movie eons ago, I went to the matinee and I think there were like 5 people in the audience … I’m sure some blockbuster playing at the same time had a full audience. 🙂

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