The Custodians of A New Consciousness

"I'm going to be in your blog?" "Yes" "Oh, thank you!"

Amazing.  What an amazing bunch of humans.

We too often think we are so insignificant.

We present ourselves to each other in so many ways and such friendship evolves.  Silent and loyal readers, this applies to you, too.  You may refrain from comment, but I sense your companionship.  May you see yourself and your humanity in these postings with tenderizing familiarity.

You help me share the magnificence of the spiritual components in life and living.

Dear Soul Dipper, we are pleased to be with you.  We have our serving prepared.

Am I horribly tardy?

You have been weaving many life threads and discovering your never ending evolutionary journey.  We want to encourage you to explain what you have been experiencing.  We accept your time challenges, but some readers have been wondering about the frequency of posts.

For the sake of clarity, my Beloved Guides, I share your response to my question about frequency:  ‘Post when it is time to post.’  I loved that answer because I know that time does not exist for you!   Your nudge is obvious when it is time.

Our purpose is to support you with the joy and Love that is consistently present for us – thanks to the Source of All That Is.   Just as each of you are a conduit of Love, we are a conduit of the Universal Abundance given to us.

I look forward to today’s message from you.

We will address the subject fully.  First, we ask you to show what has taken your time.

A beautiful part of my family.

In summary:

  • The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a tough winter for us.  My four-wheel drive is now in top shape if needed to drive through snow.
  • I’ve become a “Pod Leader” for Emergency Preparedness.  In case of forest fires, earthquakes, major storms or prolonged power outages, we will have a communication process set-up so we can check on everyone in our pod.
  • Mentoring activities have been frequent.  We hike the island trails and talk.  Nothing like a good healthy walk to get the heart open.
  • My wood arrived.  I chopped and stacked it in two days without needing a chiropractor.   The threat of rain urged me on.  I now have a good supply of dry wood.
  • My doctor has become a pest.  I need a cat scan to prove that a “thing” on my liver, about 1 1/2 inches long, is benign.  Then she called to tell me that my thyroid is a bit slow.  See?  I knew there was a reason for those extra pounds hanging around.  But that was not the end of it…there were white and red blood cells in a urine sample.  I’m convinced I am healthy so you can see why I’m finding this (damned good) doctor pesky and demanding.   My goal is to not need her.
  • My spiritual course requires daily study along with practice at every opportunity.  Does life ever not give us an opportunity?
  • Social time adds a blast of colour to life.  Dianne’s trip (last two blogs) was great fun and took my mind off physical issues.  I’m now preparing to visit a friend, Jean, at her gorgeous home on a neighbouring island.  She is a CA who has clients on both islands so we will take a water taxi to her other island home next week.  We’ll occupy ourselves with our computers, eat well, enjoy movies and walk the dog.  One thing for certain…there will be laughter.

Beloved Guides, those are the highlights.  On to you – I’m intrigued by the title of this blog.

We have asked, and continue to ask, humans to live in a spirit of Love and forgiveness.  We have asked each human to observe their own conduct with a depth of honesty that brings understanding of ‘who you are’.  We have encouraged each of you to be a person you respect, love and admire.  You are capable of existing at a frequency of goodness that will attract the attention of others. 

It starts with each one of you.  It begins in your heart.  The world depends upon it. 

A Custodian of the New Consciousness

Our message today is this:  Many youth on your planet are already at this stage of consciousness.  Their DNA has been set for this level of Love, forgiveness and peacefulness.  Listen to them.  Draw them out.  Let them speak their inner beauty to you. You will be amazed at what you discover.

You, as an adult, are a custodian of these wondrous young beings who are practicing the new world consciousness.  This is not to put aside need for your mature guidance and wise governance.  It is a request that you support this light that lives within many of these newer human beings. 

More of your world is believing there is a grand overhaul underfoot.  Your planet has been under siege long enough.  More and more peace bids will come from the hearts, minds and actions of more and more people.  Younger human beings know that peace is sourced from within.   They know peace is within each and every human being, no matter the status, race, creed or gender.  The onus is on each adult custodian to refuse thoughts or action that lack peace.  Younger humans will intuitively be encouraged to ask more questions.  Listen.  They see deeply and will ask you, “Is it reasonable to treat me or your neighbour with disrespect, yet expect your government leaders to champion peaceful efforts on your behalf?”  Do you have an answer?

Your planet is telling its leaders that peace, along with virtuous conduct, is what is expected.  Your youth will take the risks and will expend grand amounts of energy for the sake of unity and peace.  Peaceful action requires energy.  We ask you to support their peaceful efforts.  They will tell leaders that peace must be on the agenda if elected officials are to represent them.  Youth will ask, “Why would we ask politicians to serve our mandate, then allow them to take inappropriate actions that are not working toward peace?”

We find this is sufficient for now.  Thank you for your willingness.  Love and blessings to all.  Be excited about this time of transformation.  Fear is unnecessary.  Replace it with Love.

Thank you, Beloved Guides.  You weave Love into my blanket and season my life with wisdom. 

P.S.  Some readers have viewed various videos of David Wilcox on You Tube.  Therefore, they may be interested in David Wilcox’s latest interview with Benjamin Fulford (ex-editor of Forbes magazine, Asia-Pacific Region) .

49 thoughts on “The Custodians of A New Consciousness

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  2. Hi Amy .. well you’re living life .. and enjoying it to the full .. glad you feel so well too – I guess if it is anything .. the earlier it’s caught the better – that’s me being practical! Love the photos and your stories and so pleased you’re going to have loads of fun with Jean .. busy times – but before the bad weather hits … they say we’re in for a cold winter .. I really could do without another one – we’re just not geared up for it!! It is quite beautiful now .. and I’m basking in summer weather, with a chill in the air = Indian Summer ..

    Look after yourself .. and as you and Cindy say .. positive & tissue salts – cheers Hilary

    • Thanks, Hilary – we are having grand Fall weather as well. Cool one day and warm the next – but I’m enjoying it all. Apparently we had a huge blow last night. The power was off and on my walk this morning, I had to clear trees. Yes, I’m definitely going to visit my Health Supply Store on Monday! I’ve never heard of Tissue Salt – have to Google it today!

  3. Aren’t we lucky to have those young ones to lift the energy? I look forward to their shaking up things.

    I love how you spend your time, sounds to me like you have a great balance.

    Btw: do you do liver cleanses (Hulda Clarke etc.)?

    • One of my friends told me yesterday that she’s on a liver cleanse right now. We have a naturopath who has some good homeopathic products for a cleanse. I will run the idea by my Doc who is into holistic and natural medicines. I have been an alkaline foodie for a few years, drink Yerba Mate in place of black tea or coffee (well, I have a decaf latte as a treat occasionally) and power my day with hemp hearts. At different times I have cleansed, but not specifically a liver cleanse. I have one big challenge – I don’t know how to be anything but healthy!

      • Wow, you sound really healthy – I’m impressed:-) And lucky you for having such a great doctor, we love those holistic doctors:-)

        Liver cleanses are a bit different than general ‘detoxes’ (and there’s a lot to be said about many of those, too…some misinformation floating around), and there’s more to the story than whether we live healthy or not.
        And on an energy level, as well as on the physical, we are all different.

        But the liver cleanse is something that I’ve been taught benefits most of us today.
        It can make a huge difference in our health (some have avoided gall bladder or liver surgery thanks to them). All that’s needed are stuff you already have in your kitchen, except for Epsom salt maybe:-)
        Some info:

        You have great intuition, and I am sure it will tell you whether this is something that you could benefit from, or not;-)

        • The evidence is mounting around me, Leila, and you are adding validation to it. Many thanks! I sense a liver cleanse will be a step I’ll be taking soon. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke, but I’m afraid my sweet tooth is still with me. I’ve improved thanks to an alkaline & more-plant-based lifestyle, but I still enjoy a slice of old-fashioned banana bread! 😀

    • Yah, Charles…do you think you could possibly be lucky enough to be in on the new DNA? Is that why heartaches kick you into action over the injustices that have and do take place? Martin Luther King certainly must have been a donor!!

    • I agree, Nancy – how about changing “did” to “do”. It’s so simple, but people take others’ inventories instead. It’s safer, requires less action and has fewer consequences.

  4. How often we overlook the innocent wisdom of children and forget they are our future…we learn much from children when we watch and listen. Thank you for this post, may I start my week tomorrow with an open heart.

    • Yes, Suzicate and teenagers have a great deal to give. When our deep-seated fears cause us to put up barriers, we stifle their opportunities to shine (Shine, not be defiant or negative). I look for opportunities to talk with teens whenever I can. Some are walking signposts for me. I see what the Guides are saying – so gently.

  5. Hey, Amy, I’ve been meaning to tell you that your link on the blog comments is coming up “soupdipper,” hence it doesn’t link to you!

    Thanks for channeling just the right words at just the right time.

    Cindy’s advice well received. It’s good and good for you that you are not “owning” conditions, just dealing with them as appropriate. Bravo! With your permission will do distance Reiki healing…

    Linking this to “Into the Bardo” Facebook page.

    Blessings …

    Jamie Dedes

  6. CAT scans and liver functions–*sigh* Right up there with blood tests and marrows aspirations. No fun–but apparently required at this point. I’m hopeful your appointment will go well. It’s good to have a physician you trust.

    I wonder about tissue salts……I’ll have to do research! Cleansing–that I know about.

    In the meantime, ‘love well’…..I know you know. Sounds like you are.

    • With the people who I have in my life – including this bloghood – I am so able to love well! Mel, you are one of the people who I “watch” and read with such respect. It hasn’t been easy for you by any means and here you are still spreading the good stuff for others. I’m very aware that you’ve got the good stuff – ’cause otherwise, you couldn’t be giving it away!

  7. Amy, I am pleased that you are dealing with only what you know right now, do not give way to fear or imaginations’s running wild. I will have you in my prayers and remember that peace, love and tranquility within is what will take you through this time. With love in my heart for you, I do miss you an the island.

    • Thank you, Dee. I do feel peaceful – and your friendship helps tremendously. Acceptance is my tranquility when it’s seasoned with diligent action and decisions. Going inside is peace and knowing there is Love shines the light. Appreciate your prayers. Your new home in NM looks fabulous. A couple of dogs will feel right at home in that sweet house!

  8. Thank you for another inspiring inspirational post. And thank your guides for sharing their love, guidance and support with all of us.
    I cannot imagine chopping all that wood by myself.
    I’m impressed that you’re an Emergency Preparedness “Pod Leader”.

    I’m taking this quote with me:
    “The onus is on each adult custodian to refuse thoughts or action that lack peace….”

    • I’m having fun getting to know my neighbours better. Wow…that is a reward in itself.

      That’s the same quote that arrived in neon for me, Rosie. I had an interesting conversation with a mother (she’s a doctor) about her three teens…whether or not she thought they may have some “elevated DNA”. She grinned and said, “They sure baffle me. My kids have been away, they are not at home. Yet their friends keep coming to our place!” She’s got a great opportunity to be a custodian and teach me!

  9. Lovely post as always.
    You have been a busy girl.
    If you feel well then you are well.
    We underestimate how well we know our bodies.
    I think I irritate my doc by telling him what is wrong with me and getting it right!!!

  10. Amy – this was my first post to read after returning from an incredible week in Sedona, AZ … I thought I had left a message, but I guess I only forwarded to my Retreat Sisters before “crashing” back into home life … it is a timely, inspirational and uplifting message. I have missed reading your posts over the past month of traveling – I hope to catch up soon with you and your Guides’ messages. 🙂

    I am still processing the events, sights and gifts of last week … I am sure much will surface as I do! I’ve posted a few …

    Thank you for being YOU!

  11. Good morning, Amy. Your guides certainly are wise — kids hold the power of the world in their hands. Sadly, at the age with which I work, that’s often hard to reconcile. Thanks for reminding me that they’re more than they appear at this moment in their young lives.

    Continue to take good care of yourself. Hopefully, the ‘thing’ on your liver is nothing but an age spot! (Not implying that you’re old — LOL!)

    • The thing I remember about being a teen, when I was around adults, I didn’t let out much about what was deep inside me. I thought adults would find it boring. Little did I know how beautiful it is for adults when teens open up and share their stuff. That’s the secret my mom knew and that’s why my friends and I loved being with her. (Well…for me it was mostly when my friends were there, too, at that age.)

      I live such a healthy lifestyle that my ruddy organs ought to squeak with good health! I’ll go through the tests, but deep inside, I don’t feel at though it’s anything to worry about.

  12. I, too, have been busy, Amy. However, my busy-ness has been much to do with the message from your guides, this post, as I am in constant proximity with two very special young souls, Granddaughters. I feel the change. I don’t know how to describe it, but their message was important for me to read today. Thank you for taking the time to post it.

  13. You know, Amy, the nurse in me was going to “chide” you for not following up on the liver thing…but then I realized, next week I have to go to the GI doc who’s going to want to do an invasive endoscopic procedure that I will decline because I feel just fine. I guess we know ourselves the best…but still, think it over, okay? (I already had this procedure a year ago and everything seemed okay, so that’s a little different).

    • I did a response to you, Victoria – it may show up somewhere later. I welcomed you back and wanted to reassure you, my caring friend, that I am doing all the tests in preparation for a Cat Scan. My Doc and I both want to know what “it” is. I have a friend, we went to high school together, who taught nursing until this year and who retired here!. She keeps me in fabulous, practical and comfortable knowing. In fact, if this is a hemangioma, she has been living with one for years. I’m learning that we would be amazed at the “stuff” that grows on us that we may never know about. Or need to know!

    • Thanks, Nadira, very much. Yes, the strength I gain from those “dips” sustain me over and over again. I’m off to have a cat scan and am more optimistic as time goes by. Who wouldn’t be with all the love that we can share with people?!

    • You know, Joss, more and more people are catching on to that very point! We are going to be ready for the end of the old way of thinking and living! All the predictions that are out there telling us to get ready to be evolved – I want them to be true!

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