Eating In The Raw With “Strangers”

A woman in Kansas found Soul Dipper.

She left a comment.  A tear lodged itself amongst her words.  Her husband had recently died.  Having done work with people in Grief Recovery, I was touched by her willingness to express grief on a stranger’s blog.  With caution, I wrote and offered condolences.

Dianne responded with a warmth that would dry any tear.  Thus began my cautious communication.  She knew I lived on the West Coast of Canada so explained that she had been raised in Montreal.  Her husband’s business interests had taken them to the States.   She said she had a childhood friend on the West Coast who built a fabulous sailboat and took people out on charters.  She wondered if I knew of him.

I smiled to myself.  There are numerous fabulous sailing vessels around the West Coast islands.  I became suspicious that this woman was actually an off-shoot of the famous Pinkerton family.   I didn’t respond to her subtle questioning.  The subject would surely dwindle and drop.

One of my later blogs included photos from a hike.  Dianne wrote enthusiastically that the area looked very much like the island where her friend lived.  This time, she included her friend’s name and the name of his boat.  I was floored.  Did I know the vessel!  Don, the owner, had taken me for a sail on this exquisitely crafted gaff-rigged yawl.

The Lorenda

I phoned Don to tell him about having “met” his long-time family friend, Dianne.  Typical of a man who spends a quiet life on the water, he simply said, “That’s amazing.”

When I told him Dianne planned to visit “Don’s island”, he said, “Yah, she emailed me, but I don’t know when she plans to come.”

“What’s this Dianne like?” I asked him.

“She has a really beautiful and kind heart.  When my mother was dying, Dianne came to Montreal and the way she treated my mom was phenomenal.  Her kindness surprised my whole family.  But she really loved my mother.  Her mom had already died.  Our parents were best friends.”

I emailed Dianne, confessed my reticence for disclosing personal information and left further contact in her hands.   Like any wannabe Pinkerton person, buoyed by success, she responded immediately with a date of arrival to “Don’s island”.  She also wanted to meet the author of Soul Dipper.  “Could I treat you to lunch at the Rawsome Café?” she asked.

Jim and Chris, owners of The Rawsome, said the season had finished for lunches.  Jim was supposed to go off-island to teach Raw Food cooking and, fortunately for us, plans changed.  They were able to extend their season just for Dianne from Kansas.

My first intro to Dianne with the smiling eyes.

Childhood Chums - Dianne and Don

Mouthwatering Falafels accented perfectly with a kale salad.

My name for this delicious dessert - Apple Ambrosia. The crust is made with cashew nuts. Heaven on earth. Jim makes his own chocolate as well.

Jim explains the ingredients in his Breakfast Granola and his Flax Seed Biscuits.

Chris (left) chatting with another happy customer.

Don took a shot of Dianne and me. Well, he tried taking many shots, actually! He may be a man of few words, but his sense of humour is wicked.

A stretch on the beach after a long lunch.

There’s still some visiting to do.  Dianne said she was going shopping this morning and wants to head for our highest mountain viewpoint this afternoon.  Don has scheduled a sail for tomorrow.

My Guides are telling me there’s more to share.  I will be back as soon as possible. 

Amazing what this blogging world does to and for time and living!

54 thoughts on “Eating In The Raw With “Strangers”

    • She’s found a selling-out sale in the village – all Canadian made clothing. She’s on the move to find boxes so she can send goods home. Hopefully Don and she will have time for a good visit today.

  1. Hi,
    What an amazing story. It is astonishing the different story’s that have brought people together through the blogosphere.
    Great photo’s, and new friends made. 🙂

  2. There are no coincidences, are there?! I love stories of connection, just like this one. Thank you Amy for posting photos. I like to put names to faces. Raw food is so high vibration, and the desserts are especially “to die for”…or rather “to live for”! Enjoy your special times with friends, and nature!

    • Thanks, Maggie…I will enjoy my time with Don and Diane. Her visit landed right in the middle of a bunch of time dictates that I have, but as Don is her long-time friend, he’ll make sure she sees the parts of the Island that we missed yesterday. The sail will be dazzling.

  3. What a wonderful story Amy. We never know who’s going to come knocking on our blog’s front door!

    Once again I have to quote the Deepak Chopra quote I quoted in my blog last week:
    “Though a coincidence may seem to be an accident, in truth there is no such thing as an accident or random event.”

    I look forward to hearing all about tomorrow’s sail. 🙂

  4. Thanks Amy, for me it was an awesome day. It was so relaxed and full of fun. Renewing an old friendship, and starting a new one with the lady who makes me smile and cry with her blogs, who provokes many thoughts and discussions, was a wonderful blessing in my life. It could not have been better. Looking forward to the sail tomorrow, filled with fun and laughter. Jim and Chris gave us an incredible meal, all done with much love, your pics make me want to eat it all over again. Let’s hope the sun shines.

      • You made me laugh early this morning Amy, I think you should be the first mate, seeing as how you already have some idea of which thing a ma jig gies to the whatcha macall it. Definitely you!

        • From what I can figure, this deeply spiritual man already has a First Mate. You’ll see today when we are on the water why I feel so safe with him. He knows his boat intimately. He is unquestionable focus and attention. He will be continuously feeling, smelling, sensing, hearing the whole time. At one with it all.

  5. I’m not sure who I feel happier for, you or Dianne. This post made me think about the fact that all of our schoolchildren are being told repeatedly to “not talk to strangers.” It may seem like good advice on the surface, and for the very young, but to close yourself off completely because of the relatively few high-risk people in the world means the loss of new friendships, like the one you’ve recently found. I think we all need to talk to more strangers. Thank you, Amy.

    • I’m with you, Charles. Many conversations and connections with strangers from around the world ended up being vital and transformative (go away spell check!) experiences for me. I wasn’t being Mrs. Magoo…I had my bases covered if I needed help. But if I’d turned my back to a stranger in Auckland, NZ , I would never have heard about how my mother roared like a lioness in support of a new teacher in a rural one-room school in Alberta. Mom stood up to a town! I still get choked when I think about it… (If you want to read the story: )

  6. Hi Amy .. what an amazing story – and yes, Dianne’s eyes shine out so brightly, kindly and full of life .. isn’t that just wonderful ..

    I love your words about Don: You’ll see today when we are on the water why I feel so safe with him. He knows his boat intimately. He is unquestionable focus and attention. He will be continuously feeling, smelling, sensing, hearing the whole time. At one with it all.

    I am quite sure you had the most magical of sails yesterday (or today!) ..

    Loved reading this .. with big hugs to you all .. cheers Hilary

  7. Made me tearful, made me laugh…made me hungry. LOL

    I remember warning the kiddos in my life about ‘the evils of the internet’. LOL And today I can say that every connect made here has been an awesome experience that’s done nothing but enrich my life.
    Funny that….
    Amazing that.

    Go have more fun!
    And more pie!! 😉

    • Granny, you must mean what did I find so funny on your blog? You said:
      “His name is Dr Aaron Motsoaledi .
      Don’t try to say it.
      You might discolate your jaw.”

      I’ve been having all this dental work to fix my dislocated jaw. Your typo “discolate” was such an apt description of what I’ve been feeling throughout the correction process. Especially since my dyslexia felt at home!

  8. I read this before, but didn’t comment here. Think I did on FB. I love the name of the restaurant. I’m so glad Dianne found solice and that you all found heach other. Yet another gift of the Internet.

    … and another well-written piece.

    Enjoyed much, Amy. Thank you.

  9. What a heart-warming experience, Amy! Isn’t it just phenomenal what blogging brings about…like us meeting in the first place too. I love it! Big hugs to you all 🙂

  10. I love, love, love this post (as always). What an amazing story about the power of human connection through a very non human medium (the internet). I love the fact that life can lead us to new friends through unique ways 🙂

  11. Hi Amy, it was a pleasure meeting with you and Don when I dropped by with Dianne, at the Embe bakery. Although Don, Dianne and I graduated from the same high school just north-east of Montreal (we shan’t say when), we graduated a year or so apart, and I didn’t really meet them until a year ago last May, at our high school reunion. Since then, Dianne and I have been ‘Facebook Friends’, which ultimately led to our meeting together in Ganges.

    • Welcome to Soul Dipper. I also enjoyed meeting you, Brian! I’ve been enjoying the photographs that Cheryl posted of your Victoria activities while Dianne was still there, but now that you and I have befriended one another, I’ll look forward to more photos. I understood that you became acquainted at a reunion and now I understand. You certainly put together an impressive itinerary for Dianne’s visit to Victoria. Have you thought of going into business? 😀

      I am very impressed with Mike’s blog “Une Banane”. What talented young folk! I like their creative approach in sharing the blog.

    • If we are star-crossed souls, Linda, it would explain the level of comfort I felt when the three of us were together. Dianne likely had a tough time slowing down to our pace. We puzzled her at times, it seemed. She never complained, but she is used to much more organization than we practice. We “aim”! 😀

  12. There’s a quote I love that popped into my head as I read this story of you and your new friend, “Coincidences are just God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

    Heartwarming .. MJ

    • Isn’t that the truth, MJ! And I’m finally old enough to have patience to wait for the purpose to reveal itself! 🙂 Thanks for coming by…I’m going for a visit with you now.

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