Dear Media: New Theme – Non-Violence.

Dear Media –

You have the power to transform.

Use it…

Be the news today, not yesterday.

Hit the refresh button &

get out of the box.

Don’t ignore the efforts and effects of non-violent solutions.

You need an example?

Julia Bacha presents it perfectly


“Pay Attention To Non-Violence


37 thoughts on “Dear Media: New Theme – Non-Violence.

  1. I loved her analogy using parents and toddlers.

    If toddlers get attention for bad behavior . . . it grows. To change that cycle, parents must look for good behavior and pay attention to it.

    Likewise, by paying attention to what we want (non-violent solutions), we increase the likelihood of attaining what we want.

    Don’t be Anti-War . . . be Pro-Peace.

    • There are speakers presenting to groups focusing on peace and the world hears nothing. I’ve watched videos of my spiritual teacher speaking to various world groups. There’s no press apparent in the ones I’ve watched. The videos are made by my teacher’s staff – not the media. How sad is that?

  2. Soul Dipper,
    Thank you for posting this and linking to Julia’s talk. The media does seem prone to focus on violence vs. nonviolence. Though, I am feeling a little optimistic…. the non-violent protest that Julia spoke of from 2003 is spreading, as she said. I think we are seeing a movement of non-violence. And, I think if we continue to write about it here – and spread the word – the non-violent movement will continue.
    Thank you again.

  3. Hi Amy .. my connection is zilch – and I can’t seem to watch it .. but somehow I’ll get to watch it elsewhere and her name I’ll remember.

    The TED people always seem to find transforming presenters – looking at life in a different way – they’re so good to see .. thanks so much for pointing me/us in her direction.

    Cheers Hilary

    • I wonder if googling will work – then key in her name in their “find” window. Yes, TED is doing the very point she makes – highlight successes. Talks about non-violence. I am so grateful for them!

  4. I’ve often wondered what makes the continued violence newsworthy, especially when it’s been going on for decades. Is it that the media love the look and sound of explosions and gunfire? Almost every time violence and non-violence meet, non-violence seems to prevail. As she says in the video, imagine what would happen if we all paid more attention to that fact. Thank you, Amy, for posting this.

    • The media insinuate that violence and abuse is what we want to see by continuously highlighting and repeating violent events. Movies follow suit. Isn’t everyone stunned when a low budget movie with a positive message performs so well in theaters? Conflict is necessary in a good story, but when did conflict become defined as “violence”? Charles, when you are King of the World (I remember that great post of yours!) please make a law that all cable companies may only provide service to each household for 10 months of the year. This will refresh people’s visual acuity! 😀

  5. I completely support the notion of non-violent solutions and of more PR for those solutions. Did you see the comments posted on her TED talk? I think the depth and breadth of those really illustrates how terribly complex the topic is.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of drawing attention away from the violent behavior, Amy. I don’t know why we view good news as depicting the violence over and over and over again. It is hard to imagine that we still have this response to age-old fear and that by doing something quickly and violently we think we are solving the problem and banishing the fear. To me, it only seems we have a short victory which is no victory and add to the mix of fears in our societies. Somehow, patience, guidance and love seem a better option. Somewhere in all this greed raises its ugly head. Thank you for this video.

    • On CBC radio, I actually heard an ample description of how the protest turned a peaceful note and corner. Hurrah! Is there enough of us thinking this way that we could be influencing change?

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