Love Is Not Fleeting. You Are.

Beloved Guides, you certainly are around today.  I sense the blessings you bring – thank you for the vibrancy of your presence.   Please help me capture the core of your message.  Give me the words that genuinely capture the essence of your Divine delivery.

Rest assured, that we are diligent throughout all messages with you.  We rework our anticipated delivery until it meets the message we have authorization to share.

Breathe My Way Home

First we offer a gift to everyone: You are deeply and eternally Loved.  There is no gift of greater need on your planet.  We want to wrap each human in Divine Love, but it is not necessary for us to do so.  Divine Love is within each human being.  It is greater than the sum of all love any human has experienced.  This Love has no intellectual definition.  It is not possible to think a path to this Love.  When humans tap into their inner feeling called Love, words cannot describe it. 

How do we know we have truly accessed Love?

You will know because it brings the promised gift of clarity.  Clarity is the bi-product of truly reaching Home.  You will know.  It is intimately being with All There Is.  You will be surrounded by the perfume of the Divine.  Knowledge and understanding will be spotlessly clear.  It need not be described.  Attempts to box it with words only serves to diminish Love’s glory and inexplicable beauty.

Is it typical that this only happens fleetingly for us?

Humans are fleeting, not Love.

This is the reason we remind each soul to meditate.  Meditation can take many forms.  Each one begins with breath – the path to Life – the gift that holds the Universe.  Meditation means being carried by breath to the Gifts of the Divine.  They rest within – a nest of Love, Peace, Joy, Serenity, Fulfillment, Happiness.  These gifts facilitate the feelings that bring clarity.   Decisions become non-decisions.  Clarity removes all fear.  This level of Divine acuity cannot be humanly thought into existence. 

You’ve been clear that your role is in the realm of Love, my Guides, but will we see world leaders governing more from the heart – with honesty and wisdom?

Replacing mind with heart creates fear for humans on this planet.  One question that could be asked:  Where has thinking taken your planet?  The time for heart is now.   Many leaders know evolutionary processes are occurring.  They are unaware of future outcomes so are watching humankind evolve to the point where deceit is not accepted. 

Words from the heart are used in many places, sometimes with inappropriate motives.  For wise words to be most effective, they need to be absorbed and become evident in acts of leadership.  Words are not answers.  Acts of Love and Peace are.

Thanks for your response.

“Fleeting”is a good word today.  Humans make fleeting trips into their inner being.  It is in that time, even in the midst of chaos, that they can find Peace.  Peace instantly welcomes the arrival.  The need for verification of arrival is not necessary.  The Gifts will bear witness in the words and actions of the human arrival – however fleeting.  As many breaths as humans have, there are opportunities to again ride with Divine splendor into the inner vault.

Therein lies the answers.  Knowledge left outside births more questions.

Beloved Guides, I am going to share this post now.  I hope I have the message:  gathering more data for my brain is helpful only if I assimilate it.  I need to take it inside.  Leaving it outside is like reading a “how-to” book.   I have the information, but it needs to be processed and demonstrated through my words or actions.

Speaking of clarity, my teacher explained it another way.  I can stand by a stream, enjoying its abundant beauty.   Nice, but what is it doing for me?  Taking the knowledge within, it is like building a water wheel and accessing the power of water to support my life.  Information assimilated into knowledge powers my soul into Loving.

We are pleased with your studies.  We are also pleased that you ask for help when you have not acted from the heart.  You give us the opportunity to fulfill our Divine purpose.   Prayers from humans give purpose to our dimension.  We, too, long to give back to the All Loving Presence.  Your prayer is our portal.  It is Love beyond words.  It is like being carried to bliss on a most magnificent piece of music.  Yes, those words are too small.

Thank you, Dear Teachers, for delivering the knowledge of Love.  Now it’s up to us.

49 thoughts on “Love Is Not Fleeting. You Are.

  1. so much wisdom in your post today Amy, so much for us to think on:

    “Fleeting”is a good word today.
    “Humans are fleeting not love.”
    “Words are not answers. Acts of Love and Peace are.”
    “Humans make fleeting trips into their inner being. It is in that time, even in the midst of chaos, that they can find Peace.”
    “Knowledge left outside births more questions.”

    Thank you for sharing your lessons with us!

  2. Thank you for this lovely affirmation, Souldipper. We are indeed so immensely loved by our guides and soul groups, such a shame most people tend to not listen with the heart. I have realized since being a small child that we are never truly alone.

      • Dear Souldipper,

        I have known since the age of 3 that this was not my first time round 😉
        Can still fully remember a lucid dream I had at the age of 3 of what I for years used to refer to as ‘mudbabies’.

        I dreamed that I rose upwards in a unbelievably deep well through stages of very light colored mud. On each level there was slightly more evolved little beings. All babies like me at that stage, on their way upwards an onwards towards a bright light. I had a few interesting conversations with a few of this little beings as I took some ‘rest stops’ on my journey towards being born.(Yet again)

        All these little beings where very optimistic about being born again, and they each had a very clear concept of the various tasks and lives to which they where about to be born into. When I reached the almost top level and the light, there was some souls drifting pass me downwards, they looked kind of grey and very tired as they slowly made theyre way downwards again.

        I have never forgotten a single detail of this dream that I had 34 years ago, and whenever I reviewed this dream or pondered on it in all the long years that has since passed, I have with time reached a deeper, and deeper understanding of it 🙂

        • A dream so full of valuable insights. Thank you for taking the time to share it, Stone Maiden. Thankfully its clarity has remained with you. How wise of you to replay the dream’s comforting reassurances as you have grown in this incarnation. Your soul’s maturity facilitated your ability to recognize the presence of its spiritual gems and to take time to explore the meaning it holds for you. This knowledge and understanding comes, of course, in partnership with the Spiritual guidance of those who Love you deeply.

  3. My teacher message for today was to redirect my questions to the Holy Spirit to give me His/Her interpretation of it. Love came out. Thanks for this validation today. I will read it many more times so I can assimilate it.

    • What a message, Clar. Wonderful. The more we talk about this, the more acceptance there will be that the inner journey is greatest one we can make. The discoveries are consistently rewarding and endless. Hope you have your answers.

    • Gratitude, my Guides say, is proof of being in Peace, Anne. Not wanting to sound hokey, I’ve been smearing rose oil on myself the last couple of weeks. I even have rose oil in my little essential oil lamp that I light frequently.

    • I like that word, Poch. Immutable. I rarely hear it used and it is so apt. When couples tell me their love has grown or deepened, it’s that they have grown. Capital “L” Love may be the only thing that is immutable in our lives!

    • You are so welcome, Bill. Seeing your comment is a good sign that you are feeling okay after your incredible eye surgery experience. I will be back to comment on Bronnie’s insightful message.

  4. A lovely reminder, Amy, that love is at the epicenter of all these growth experiences we experience, while here. I love that moment of clarity your Guides speak of and thank them for their reminder. Sometimes, while we are facing the “lemons” that life brings to our doorstep, it is comforting to know that everything comes full circle, understanding and clarity will find its way through and we WILL have made “lemonade”. You and your guides? I thank you for the reminders. 🙂

    • Hi Friend! So do I love those moments of clarity. My stumbling block has been *thinking* I have to wrestle down the decision before giving the process time so I see what I need to see.

      • I know what you mean by this, Amy. It takes practice to think with the heart. I become impatient, while in a situation that has no quick answers, so the meditation often is calming and promotes patience. I am so in tune to understanding that I am a work in progress and things become clear through the process of this living here.

  5. Words are not answers, Acts of love and peace are! That is such an incrediblly true statement. I just loved this post, thank you again for a wonderful post, anytime we can show love to others, help others, it is a blessing.

  6. Oh, the timing of these messages…it always amazes me.

    I have been fortunate to learn in the past few years what your guides are telling us here: that words, and thinking are indeed not the solution, not neccessarily the road to peace, happiness or bliss.

    First, I had a glimpse of this through Eckhart Tolle (his linking between the ego and words, thinking, logic – and his message that we are more than this). A new and strange thought to me then.

    Then, ‘my’ Masters told me something interesting when they revealed to me my soultypes (in Ainslie Macleods terminology): after telling me that I was a Spiritualist and a Performer, they said that I “had almost forgotten about the quiteter side of my personality”, aka the spiriutualist part. This was very true, having been shy as a child, and then taken on a “fake it until you make it” approcah to being outgoing, that turned out almost too successful, resulting in me being the chatty cliché of a level 9: preoccupied, and not turning inwards for answers.
    This insight has resulted in a total transformation in my life, and it has changed almost everything. My life partner is a level 10, a lot less outgoing than me, and yet he still seemed to always have the answer in many situations in life (whithout debating or thinking it through), and this both fascinated and irritated me a bith, as I didn’t have the same quiet, knowing wisdom, or understand it. I get it more now. (Maybe this is me turning into one of you wise, peaceful level 10’s, as I’ve been told this is my last round at level 9?:-))

    For most of my life, I have been a person who has identified through being “a thinking individual”, loving philosophy, books, having spent a larger part of my adult life in a university education, and identifying with all that I was thought in school: that we, in the western and modern part of the world are have the great thinkers of our civilization’s history to thank for our well-functioning societies, like the greek philosophers, Voltaire, Rousseau and the other great thinkers of the Enlightenment, and so on.

    Today, I see it differently. Not that I still don’t hold Sokrates, Rousseau & Co in high regard, but I no longer think that philosophying over dilemmas is neccessarily the best solution, nor do I think that “thinking things trough” is always the road to a good outcome.
    Because I have experienced for myself that true knowlegde comes in other ways.

    And now, I want to share this newfound knowlegde with others who I think could benefit from the same insight – but I know in my heart that this is “words from the heart” but not the best of intentions (to persuade others into my worldview). So I will leave it be, and let them experience their own journey in their own time, as my beloved Masters and guides have so lovingly let me experience mine in my own time.

    • You’ve been on a great growth curve, Leila. It’s amazing how our society helped us put so much value on our mind while leaving our heart out. Most of my life, sensing that Eastern philosophies did not revere intellect, I tried to grasp each and every hint about the heart – or the inner being. I knew they had to exist together somehow. I have been most “at home” with the teachings of the mystics. Rumi has a quote that is very helpful to me on this theme: Two stones cannot occupy the same space, but two fragrances can.

      I agree, Leila, that we can share what we have, but it is not our business whether our sharing is picked up, used or ignored. Our business is to share what we have and let it go. Even if I walk with many others, the journey is mine.

  7. “Humans are fleeting not love.”

    “Words are not answers. Acts of Love and Peace are.”

    Infinitely wise and wonderful words that I needed put in front of me again today. Yup–another sign that I’ve been here, read this, digested it, prayed and meditated and read again.
    It’s just what I do, I guess.

    What’s shared here isn’t taken lightly.
    I guess, in part, there’s the reason for lapse in comment.
    In part those who share before me have also left me with things to digest.

    Food for the soul is a welcomed treat. I mean that.
    Thank you.
    And thank the Guides for me as well.

    • Mel, you sweet woman. Thank you for being so diligent – including reading all the comments. I’m happy knowing that the wisdom of others is appreciated. The Guides can feel your gratitude. I’m sure you know that. Now, I wonder how you are doing. I send energy to you on occasion and picture you shivering. Hope you do shiver – with healing delight!

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