“I’ll Be With You in a Minute…!” says God?

Can you imagine God saying that?   God, The Ultimate Multi-Tasker?

Our tiny planet is undergoing a gigantic transformation.  Did anyone forget that?  Thankfully, this Divine Power is ever present – beyond our understanding.

All these planetary events, natural or otherwise, provide room for us to exercise our wills.   Is God the instigator of every miniscule and massive event in our lives?  Why would we be given life, then have to live like robots?   What would possess an Infinite Presence to create such wondrous complexity to live as pieces of machinery?

Ask a parent for the answer.  Go to the seasoned heart of a mother or a father.  Authenticity is borne from living experience.   As a non-parent, I can speak the same words contained in a parent’s answer, but I know parents hear what’s missing.  I am not able to manufacture the feeling.

Even if a child’s will is a pox on the peace of a parent’s life, it is an in-born fact of life.  Whether we take the high road or just do what we can to survive for that moment, we have all the power needed to deal with anything that life presents.   The outcome may not be what we envision, but eternity is ours. 

It takes one simple act to find our answers:  Go within.  Find the answer and feel it.   You’ll know the right answer.  It’s the one washed with virtues like peace, joy or contentment.  It is unmistakable.  Does the simplicity scare you?  If it does, carry on looking outside yourself.  Eventually, it will be obvious that going outside means ending up with more questions.

Two women prompted this post.  Both have used their wills incredibly.

Flowers for Two Extraordinary Women

Neither one is saying, “I’ll be with you in a minute…”.

One, SuziCate, is waiting out the wrath of Hurricane Irene.  SuziCate’s blog, “The Water Witch’s Daughter”,  shows that SuziCate has done all her “do” things in facing a hurricane.   She has also done her inner work.  Her calm strength shows in her writing.  Her attitude and her tone shine through the electronics just as clearly as her beautiful smile in her profile picture.

SuziCate, I’m still holding you in prayer. 

May you be given all you need to come through this safely.

The other woman is Alana who discovered a 7 year old girl, in England who is very likely being sexually abused by her parents.

Alana used to live on my home island.  She was a Registered Practical Nurse at our small, but exceptional hospital.  Circumstances caused her to move back to her home in Ontario.  She began another passion – producing natural products called Inspire Aromatherapy.  We stay connected through Face Book.  

What about this child in England?  Alana’s heart speaks profoundly through her Face Book comments:

Alana:  ((August 22, 2011I found an INTERNET PEDOPHILE last night. I traced his IP address to the UK and Ive called the local authorities here. The police are coming by this afternoon to take an official statement from me. Husband and wife performing sexual acts on their 7 year old daughter. I got written evidence of it saved and printed off. If I can save just ONE little girls life, my time on earth was well served.

LS:  Good job!! Were you searching for pedophiles on purpose or did you just discover them by accident??

Alana:  He was in a chat room i was in asking if anyone was into incest, so started prying and low and behold he spilled everything to me… I don’t search for them, L., although I may start.  I always keep my eye out for them tho…

MV:  OMG…I hope they get her out of there. Keep on top of this and don’t let them brush this aside. Good work.

Alana:  Ya im not going to stop till its dealt with, and from previous experience with this sort of thing, ive seen it work a few times so finger’s crossed…

(A number of responses ensued, praising Alana for taking action)

Alana:  (August 25, 2011)  update as of today… I’ve made a statement with the police, they even have my computer, but all worth it, one step closer to saving herThey think they will be able to locate him based on my evidence! God, I hope so!!

SuziCate and Alana,

I’ve been told that, as a human being, I am a composite of the five closest people in my life today. 

Today, I count you as two of my five. 

May I live up to our friendship.

I will not say, “I’ll be with you in a minute…”

♥  ♥

Addendum:  August 28, 2011  –  Do prayers get answered?   I prayed and visualized that Hurricane Irene become tamer and downgrade to a lesser storm.  Read SuziCate’s blog after the storm HERE.

53 thoughts on ““I’ll Be With You in a Minute…!” says God?

  1. As I read this, I began to tremble inside. After reading SuziCate’s post today, I envisaged an row of angels all along the Eastern Seaboard. I also have nine ladies that appear to me in visions, and I saw them surrounding her and all she holds dear. What your friend Alana is doing is beyond remarkable. there is nothing that a chain, a circle of women cannot accomplish by stepping forth, by supporting, by sending energy. i picture us as a living, breathing, mandala. Oh how I wish i could paint!
    walk in beauty.

    • Joss – this is beyond incredible. Thank you for letting me know about your nine women! I completely agree with you – we are in a time when the power of the feminine is going to carry us through. This has been prophesied in many different channels. The men who allow their intuitive powers to help guide their decisions are going to be of great value to the world and to women who are doing the same.

  2. Hi,
    I hope everyone stays safe when this terrible storm hits in their location, it is a huge storm from what I have seen on the news.

    Good on Alana for doing the right thing, I know a lot of people that would not of bothered doing it all. I certainly hope the authorities manage to catch the people involved, and save the little girl from this terrible nightmare she is living in.

    • Me, too, Mags – I pray all will be safe. I cannot imagine being that 7 year old or one of those people on the Eastern Seaboard! Let’s all imagine them safe, well and smiling with relief.

  3. “It takes one simple act to find our answers: Go within. ..”

    Perfect synchronicity Amy. I’m working hard to look within for my truths and you wrote about it for me. Love it!

    I respect Alanna. As Mags said a lot of people would not have bothered.

    • My teacher keeps reminding me that I need to pay attention to each breath. I need to learn how to feel the magnificence of the universe in each breath and be grateful. That’s what takes me inside, he promises.

      Now, if I was facing a hurricane, could I remember that my courage is in there? Wow…that’s a tough one.

      I questioned myself about whether I would detect the “signs” of a pedophile, Rosie. Gads, would I have pretended interest in his sick world! The nursing profession probably helps Alana keep the radar out there!

  4. I am very touched by your words and Joss’s response. It means so much to me to know others are praying and sending positive energy, just knowing others care. I also pray for Alana’s situation, this particular child and all others who are being victimized. And yes, what we have is this moment in time. Strangely, I am relatively calm in the wake of things…probably because I know it is not in my control, but my reactions are. All hurricane preps have been done, so now we are just being. Baked 14 doz cookies this afternoon. Getting ready to have a glass of wine while I catch up on blog reading as I might not have power for a while. Hope and pray for safety for all who are in Irene’s path.

    • You bet we are on alert with you! I phoned a male friend today to set up a time to do some blackberry picking. He does not read my blog so was not prompted my me, but immediately began telling me numerous facts about the situation. He has no connection to anyone specifically, but there was both of us with hearts wanting everything to be okay. Now, please!

      14 dozen? We’ll all be down for tea and left overs!! 😀

  5. Same here – prayers and all the good vibrations I can send to two brave women who are testing their courage and taking risks. I’m so proud of them. Thank you for posting this, souldipper – it touched my heart.

  6. Hi Amy .. I hope SuziCate, family and friends, as too everyone else, are safe from Irene .. I have yet to go over to read her blog.

    Alana – now that’s another story .. gosh how clever to pick up what was going on .. and I hope they’ll get caught and dealt with.

    I can’t believe how people can abuse others .. but the wonders of the net and the intuitive awareness of Alana that something wasn’t right.

    Thanks for telling us – both situations I hope will be resolved without too much more damage being done … thinking of them all – Hilary

    • Hilary, let’s keep sending all sorts of good energy in that direction. SuziCate made 14 dozen love cookies so some people are going to know that someone cares in a special way! We can flood them with hopes of safety.

  7. My dearest Soul…
    I am speachless and overwhelmed with the prayers, reading your fellow blogger’s comments inspires an even greater strength within myself and my higher power to save ‘my’ little 7 year old. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I firmly believe that if she is saved or not she will be an angel among us….

    LOVE THIS SONG have a listen ❤
    Perhaps Irene will pick up a few angels on her way… my prayers to you suzi

    • Alana, this is a perfect song to share. Thank you for being an internet angel. Whatever the outcome, that little girl’s soul will be well filled with the Love that all of us feel for her.

  8. I’m always humbled by human beings who are so selfless. Most of us, me included, are way too self-absorbed, bogged down with our own troubles, not thinking that there are horrible things happening to others out there, so blessings to both SuziCate and Alana.

    • Tammy! Many thanks. I hear this morning that the storm lessened. I haven’t gone on the Net yet to check, but the radio said it was lesser than expected. I prayed for that, too!

  9. I pray they catch those horrible people pretending to be parents. To use the word in association with them seems immoral — they are not worthy of the designation. I am SO angry right now! Thank God your friend was there when she needed to be.

    I hope all is well with those living in Irene’s path.

    • Kathy, the insanity of these two parents is unfathomable to me. Imagine the healing that will be necessary. Imagine the scars that will need to be loved out of her psyche.

      I just checked current reports and am over the moon that the storm was downgraded. Thanks be! Now the flooding problem!

    • Marie, welcome! You are so very welcome here. This is the way I feel, too! Without jeopardizing privacy, I want to commend you and all you do to give women like us the freedom to be who we are. Thank you!

  10. I am humbled by her passion–to do right for one, to make a difference if even for just one……

    I send prayers and thoughts of powerful interventions on the child’s behalf.


    I’ll now go light candles.

  11. I’m very grateful the storm lessened in intensity, though some were still killed. But it could have been so much worse, of course.

    May Alana’s efforts succeed in rescuing the child, and may the child get all the help she needs in her life ahead.

  12. Oh Amy, Your post has brought me to tears. You are blessed to have two such wonderful women in your life. Isn’t it absolutely wonderful what people especially woman can do, making a difference is soooooo important. I, too, prayed much this week end, your same prayer, to lessen the effects of Irene. I was on the phone with two of my good friends, one in North Carolina and a couple in Long Island most of the week end but the outcome for them was good, minimal damage.
    That Angels Amoung Us is one of my favorite songs, my eldest grand daughter’s class did it in a concert last Christmas. They sang and signed it, it was truly beautiful.

    • Prayer and meditation – it’s so simple that people find it hard to believe it has effects! So now – here’s to an un-flooded Eastern Canada. Those children would bring the words in that song alive!

  13. I’ve fallen so far behind on my RSS feed, I’ve been marking some beautiful, worthy stuff “read” just to reduce the numbers to something more manageable. But not this post. This one, I was drawn to read.

    Thanks for the reminder that God is everywhere and in everyone, for we are all a part of it.

    • Hi Sally – good to hear from you. My pace in the blog world has slowed considerably, too. I keep a close eye on yours- whether you post once a week or once a month, it’s a treat for me!

  14. Over the weekend I was out of the loop. Lucky for me, I was miles from trouble, deep in the wilderness. I have yet to catch up with everything that has happened on the east coast. But from the comments that precede mine, I surmise that SuzieCate and her loved ones have survived. That is good.

    Alana…what a story. What strikes me most in this story is the power of the Internet. Yes, the Net can be intrusive and scary. But maybe it is scary in some good ways, too. Certainly in this case Alana was clever enough to use the tools at hand to sleuth an underground beast. More power to her and to anyone else who can use their knowledge and their intuition to out the wrongs of the world. (As long as no one is slandered or outed without due process.)

    “We have all the power needed to deal with anything that life presents. The outcome may not be what we envision, but eternity is ours.” I love this. I was blessed to be raised with that idea firmly planted in my head. I have lots of personal doubts about my intelligence, my wit, my social skills, but I have always felt certain that I could deal with whatever life presented me. For me, that is the fun of living. What’s next? What’s around the corner?

    • Love your comment, RW. There can be lots of arguments for and against religion, but the parts that gave/give humanity courage and validation are priceless. We can cast off whatever we want from childhood indoctrination, but the parts that give us a solid footing – one to which we may return repeatedly – take us to another evolutionary level. It’s what gives us the confidence to stand in life and ask “What’s next? What’s around the corner?” I’m so glad to know you.

  15. Alana’s story really got me thinking! What a courage someone needs to help in a way like this. I hope the child will be safe! I go furious when I hear what some parents do to their kids. Some of them should be forbidden to have even pets!

    My prayers are for everyone on Irene’s path! The world has enough misery, destruction and victims of a hurricane is the last thing anyone needs!

    Thanks for this post Amy!

    • I’m waiting to hear that the officials were able to rescue that little girl if, indeed, the facts play out. In my prayers, I visualize a protective dome around her that keeps her safe.

  16. Amy, this is touching and sweet and kind. Prayers are answered, one way or another. We know that…

    I’ve been watching and holding the East in prayer and heart over the past few days as well. Looks like my hometown got off relatively easy. No so for all …

    Amy, am plugging through my “work” load and finally got your lovely comments approved on Bardo. Thanks! … and thanks again for allowing the repost. We all enjoyed it.

    Blessings …
    and virtual Hugs!

    • I find myself setting a different pace with my blog life – not on purpose. It is unfolding naturally. The great August weather and, now, the preparation for harvest causes me to be out and about much more frequently. The other day, I picked spruce cones to dry so they’ll burn hot and aromatically in the winter. Next, my wood pile will be calling. Love it all! There’s a little black bundle of fur snoring beside my left arm. I wonder… How can he help with winter prep…other than hunting rats?

        • Yes, Jamie, we have a fabulous Fall Fair. People flood here from Vancouver and various Vancouver Island points. Because of the creative/artistic people on the island, the displays are fabulous. The Farmer’s Institute has wisely set up a block of time reserved for handicapped people and seniors – otherwise it’s impossible for these folks to see anything or move around the exhibits safely. Some islanders find it too frustrating to go which defeats the whole idea of a Fall Fair. The drawbacks to success!

  17. Do you know that you have copywriting talent?
    But if I’m an evangelist, I would paraphase your title like this:
    What if God tells you ‘I’ll be with you in a minute’? Sure to make anyone think!

    • Yes, Poch, that is a thought maker! Being aware of the importance of titles, there are times when I’m still changing it seconds before I publish. I see the number of readers change with some of the better titles. I know a few words that would really get attention, but I don’t want that kind of attention!!

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