Live Jack Layton’s Legacy

“My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair.

So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world.”

– Jack Layton’s final letter to Canadians. 
Written on August 20, 2011

Jack Layton - A Man and a Politician With Integrity. 1950-2011

A Canadian died this morning.

He was the leader of Canada’s National Democratic Party.

  • No matter our political platform:  He lead.  He listened, he inspired and he produced.  He opened the ears of non-believers.
  • No matter our political platform:  He wrote Canada a letter of impact.  Let it not be in vain.
  • No matter our political platform:  His family and loved ones are our neighbours.

O Canada!  Embrace his legacy.

19 thoughts on “Live Jack Layton’s Legacy

  1. I can only agree that his wisdom is much needed in the US and extend my sympathies to all canadians, to lose such a great man so young is tragic.

  2. Hi,
    It seems to be a sad day for a lot of people, my Sympathy goes out to Family and Friends, and to those that looked up to him as well. I’m sorry I have not heard of him at all, we do of course get a bit of information here in OZ about o/seas politicians, but I can’t recall ever reading about Jack Layton, but it seems this man certainly did have some very wise words indeed.

  3. What a lovely tribute to a great man Amy. Such a loss for Canada.

    I saw him on TV last month when he announced he was taking a leave for health reasons, and I was shocked and dismayed to see him: he was painfully thin and obviously a very sick man.

    Jack Layton was a good looking man. I agree with one of the previous comments that he looked like a cross between Richard Dreyfus and Paul Newman.

    • I’m more surprised about people outside Canada having heard of him than not, so am amazed that you noticed him on TV. That TV announcement put a pall over the hearts of many Canadians – whether of his party or not.

  4. Nicely done, Amy. He was a very charismatic and inspiring man. (He made me re-think my political affiliation, that’s for sure.) He will be missed. And that he left a message for his fellow Canadians, well that speaks volumes about the man.

  5. Hi Amy .. it is sad how many caring and interested people die young – people who could make a difference to life .. I do hope that his legacy will live on and inspire many …

    Wonderful he was able to articulate such thoughts for the world – not just the nation – I’m sure we’ll be quoting and using his words for many years to come .. Thank you – with thoughts .. Hilary

  6. It’s so strange to think he was campaigning vigorously just a few months ago. Layton was well-loved in his party and well-respected by the others. It’s a real loss all the way around.

    Nice tribute, Amy.

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