Fueled by the Power of Feelings

At times I am the best student you have on the planet, my Beloved Guides.  On those days, I’m full of spunk and motivation.  Then there are days when pulling a thread of gratitude out of any subject poses the threat of unraveling my soul.   Is this part of the energy bath we are experiencing on this planet?  I don’t remember having such intense feelings.

We promised you a short, powerful message today.  Your opening is perfect for offering the love we have to share with everyone.  Thank you for allowing us to use your life so others can see themselves – to whatever degree they are prepared and willing to see.

Standing Strong at Our Harbour

No matter what you are experiencing on the physical plane, your soul is glorious.  Its magnificence does not ebb and flow although it may seem to fluctuate during life events.  All That Is – this All Loving Beingness – abides with consistency as it awaits your invitation to assist and guide.  You must ask.  There can be no response without a request.  This is the Law that protects and respects your will.

Through your prayer and meditation, we are able to respond.  Let our whisper haunt you into listening.  Let our nudge be the turn into a loving direction.  Let our hunch lean you into investigation and our energy revive the truthful sense of your soul’s magnificence.

I didn’t feel magnificent yesterday when I stood my ground with a woman who persistently told me what I was thinking and feeling.   I don’t often let frustration cause me to hurl responses, but yesterday, I’d had enough.  No matter what I said, it was attacked.  No matter how I tried to express my feelings, they were attacked.  I recognized old behaviour that I am loathe to repeat:  Her invitation to “communicate” was actually a drive to force her rightness down my throat.

My Beloveds, I did not give the woman the verbal fire hose that was waiting within reach of my tongue.  Instead, I told her it was obvious I could only agree to disagree.  I discontinued any further involvement with the situation.

You said a prayer for this person which is cause for celebration.  You even asked that she be given all goodness that you want for yourself in life.

Yes, I did.  I found myself  feeling joyfully relieved.  I once fell in love with a man who turned out to be a “rager”.  His behaviour was foreign

Our Guardian's Motto

to me.  I did not recognize the abusive nature of his accusations and blame.  Being a strong woman, I never dreamed I would be in a position where emotional abuse would be cutting furrows into my soul.  After keeping this a secret for a couple of years, I was on a Train-the-Trainer Course and I confessed to my colleagues as we studied anger.  A fellow Facilitator, a Psychologist, gently explained that emotional abuse can cut far deeper than physical abuse because we don’t see the wound as it becomes engorged.  When I peeled myself away from the relationship, the fellow facilitator further explained that healing can take three times longer than it took to be wounded.

But, Guides, I thought this was going to be your message!

You are speaking the message.  Do stories not have power?  You are a trainer.  What good is a lecture compared to a story?  We encourage human souls who are in the clutches of such subtle and soul-impacting situations to recognize their pain.  May they take the steps necessary to free themselves.  Support, love and healing can begin after the first step.  No soul need experience such ravages.  Abuse comes in all sizes, ages, shapes and form.  It needs to be recognized. Verbal, mental, emotional and physical.

You could forgive today because you remembered this is an opportunity to see how you have grown.  One of your agreements was to heal from victim-hood and to find peace.  You surprised yourself when you reacted strongly to the blame being hurled.  You took a number of stabs before the flames exploded.  But you took care of yourself.  Instead of shooting flames on another soul, or opening the fire hose, you gracefully discontinued any further involvement with this person.

Our message ends with the risk of being repetitive.  The planet is invited to move from intellect to feelings.  It is through feelings that souls are tapping into their power.  The vulnerability produced by feelings is the pathway on which the reward will arrive.  Intellect means the road is under construction with a detour that presents more obstacles.  Feelings mean the road is open and refreshment is available at every stage.

This explains, Child of the Universe, why you don’t remember such intense feelings.  They weren’t given life as they are now.  We are pleased with your studies and with the insights that bring love more deeply into your life.  We thank you for the intimacy.  Your planet is craving it.

Thank you, Beloveds, for your support, encouragement and wisdom.  It must be hard to stand by and watch us struggle.   I know you won’t give up!

66 thoughts on “Fueled by the Power of Feelings

  1. As I read this I recalled an old Yoruba proverb which says “Ako le ifa ‘ri lehin olori.” or “You cannot shave a man’s head in his absence.”…Generally it means that some needs to be present to resolve an issue..but for me it also means that a preson is willing to ‘listen’ to resolve an issue…in any case a fine post.

    • A welcome comment, Charles – now I have to research the Yoruba people. Obviously they have the kind of wisdom I enjoy. Ummm…I just did a bit of speed reading and I’m wondering – is this your ancestry? What a history these people have – not to mention the current issue with the Chief of Intelligence. Oh boy, this gives rise to many questions!

  2. This is the message the world needs to hear today! “Do stories not have power?” oh, this so resonates with me as I have always maintained that we learn best from one another’s story.
    walk in beauty!
    and congrats for following through on one of your agreements. yes!

    • Yes, Joss, stories leave room for the reader to use some imagination, whereas, I’m told, there’s a little flap inside the ears that is set into motion when someone lectures us.

  3. Excellent. My friend Inge always says, ‘someone can throw you a ball, but it doesn’t mean you have to catch it.’

    Unlearning victimhood is my life’s journey-message.

    • I like Inge’s saying, Ruth. I have a similar visual – one of playing ping pong. I put the bat down. Victimhood seems to be a popular project for our society and it takes some time (and pain) to recognize it.

  4. “Intellect means the road is under construction with a detour that presents more obstacles. Feelings mean the road is open and refreshment is available at every stage.”
    I needed to read this line this morning. Thank you!

  5. Thank you for sharing this insightful story, Amy, and to your guides for mentioning that the soul’s “magnificence does not ebb and flow although it may seem to fluctuate during life events”. There’s immense comfort and power in that…

  6. Toxic relationships, toxic people, how they can wreak havoc. The first step is to recognize them for what they are. That’s difficult enough. But then figuring out how to deal with them is a monumental struggle. I have tended to flee from them, but I find myself involved in one now and when I ask myself “why don’t you just flee?” The answer seems to be that this is some sort of test. How far have I come? Can I accept the other person’s anger and frustration without becoming sucked into its endless vortex? I owe it to myself to keep my head high, above the swirling muck below.

    • Good for you, Rangewriter, for having courage and willingness to test your mettle. Sounds like you will know if you begin to feel the effects of the vortex. I agree – that we owe ourselves a positive outcome. I’m feeling quite sad about giving up some wonderful relationships developed with others through that venue. However, I’m being asked to be involved elsewhere so I will still have an outlet for self-expression!

    • Oh how I love your blog and just came across it. I have to say I agree with “rangewriter” -Toxic relationships, toxic people, how they can wreak havoc. The first step is to recognize them for what they are. That’s difficult enough. But then figuring out how to deal with them is a monumental struggle. I have tended to flee from them, but I find myself involved in one now and when I ask myself “why don’t you just flee?” The answer seems to be that this is some sort of test. How far have I come? Can I accept the other person’s anger and frustration without becoming sucked into its endless vortex? I owe it to myself to keep my head high, above the swirling muck below.
      I have so many naysayers in my own life to deal with and with keeping my soul in it’s own perspective is a lesson I am working on. I love your comments too. The audience you write for is such a warm cup of coffee, or tea. Or in my case I love coke a cola. Bravo!

      • Hello Jackie – thanks for coming by and leaving such welcome comments. It truly is exciting times. We show consistent signs of our evolving into courageous souls no longer willing to let ourselves down. Personally and nationally. I hear many good stories from people who are lovingly, but firmly, speaking their truth and not carrying the toxicity of others. Knowing that our strength serves the other as well as ourselves (maybe only visible at a soul level) surely can be the impetus we need to have courage.

        In reading your last post, Jackie, I was wondering if you were offering writing classes. It’s amazing how funds show up, but before they do, it’s a challenge to trust. I was walking home from the dentist wondering how I was going to find $7,000. to have my old bridges replaced. I prayed, “Okay Universe, you’ve got a big job to do here! I need your help so I can eat.” (I use a lot of humour with my Guides and with All Divinity.) I stopped at my mailbox, grabbed the bundle and began flipping through the envelopes. There was a junk mail envelope with a round window in it. Sitting in the window was a shiny new nickle! I laughed all the way up the driveway! Proof of humour working both ways!

        The end of the story? I found enough money to have the dental work done in its entirety. All is well.

  7. Oh Amy, what a wonderful posting, so full of all kinds of feelings. The pic is beautiful. I know that your stories have touched many lives, even those far away. I’m so glad you posted again, I was missing them the past few days.

  8. I got triggered again this week, too. It came via another email–I guess I’ve not yet graduated to being ready to deal with this intensity face-to-face!

    Once my inner fires of hurt and indignation calmed down, I finally came to a point where I could feel grateful to the sender for showing me some old bruises that are coming up for healing, but mercy!, these intense reactions do feel like they’re off the deep end, don’t they?

    • Yes, Sally, the intensity is surprising. Many different “receivers” are saying our sensitivities are at an all time high right now. However, that doesn’t cause me to feel comfortable when I nurse a resentment.

      I used to be able to say, “That’s their problem.” or some other boundary-setting justification. Seems my heart is getting more tender and that means I feel more deeply. For me AND the other person.

      Think the connectedness is hitting home?!

  9. Once again (at least for me) this was another validation of what works in my life–in my relationship with my Maker, and in my relationships with other human beings.
    As a ‘practical thinker’, I embraced knowledge and logic–and ran like heck from the feeling ‘stuff’. I still struggle with the feeling jazz….I do it more than I admit or recognize somehow, and I’ve earned the ‘compassionate, loving person’ tag. That’s not surprising to me–it’s the battle I do with myself–that simple ‘letting it look how it is’, stuff.
    I know I was created a loving person and I know that’s the ticket in all things interpersonal. Letting myself LOOK as loving as I AM–another story sometimes.
    In my case–ego. (the old “Edge G-d Out” deal, I know) And I’m fearful/protecting some things, some times.

    I hear the message. And I applaud how the other person was handled. It took me a while to get there, where I could honour where the other person was operating from and still attend to the business at hand in a loving way.
    Was a time I’da blown ’em to smithereens. Today I know to pray for good things for them, spare myself the resentment that’s purposeless in my life and keep moving towards love and light.
    That practice comes without much effort today–I suspect because it’s how it’s suppose to be, eh?

  10. Great post Amy. I found your last line very encouraging ie
    Thank you, Beloveds, for your support, encouragement and wisdom. It must be hard to stand by and watch us struggle. I know you won’t give up!”

    and I was interested to read your comment i.e.
    “Many different “receivers” are saying our sensitivities are at an all time high right now.”
    Well I sure am feeling it…

  11. It is so wonderful that the Guides are there to iron out whatever little creases remain after you so very effectively take care of your own doubts. You’re doing well, Amy, and coming here always reminds me that perhaps I could, too! Thank you.

    • Aw, Priya, you are already doing so well. I see such beautiful questioning coming from you in your posts. I love your wisdom and your willingness to be so open. Think of all you give in that process. Each one of us benefits.

  12. The fact that you asked for all goodness to be given to this woman is the message I needed. I often forget to do that after an encounter such as this. Thank you. I will do some catch up work.

    • Not praying would be like kicking someone when they are down. When we see fear in any living being, prayer is the most powerful antidote. It lubricates movement toward forgiveness and reconciliation.

  13. Several golden nuggets of wisdom here, Amy. I always love your posts, and I always love when your Guides participate. This is a goodie and nice one on which to end my evening.

    Peace and Gratitude,

  14. Hi Amy .. so true – we can’t take on others angst or worse .. being at peace within ourself is a challenge in itself .. and once we recognise the need to move in that direction .. we’re on the right road .. it might be twisty and bendy .. but we’re on it … thanks so much for this .. Hilary

  15. Gee was I driven here today or what? I had a similar situation that was just incredulous and when it ended, I prayed for that person – that he would receive everything that I wish for myself.

  16. Thank you for sharing so beautifully, and thanks to your wise guides for their insights.
    Your story, and their wisdom, was very well timed for me (to make a long story short), so thank you!

      • Yes, their energy is exactly like the energy you radiate:-)

        I am so impressed by the way you reply to all the comments in a heartfelt and always genuine way, I can feel through the typed words that you are genuinely curious and interested in each and every one person you answer, in a loving way. That AND smart, witty and wise. I am so i Impressed.

        It is something that I can reach for, you are a role model to me. I know, we are all supposed to find our own unique path and way of doing things, but I am so thrilled to have wise souls like you (who are not that easy to come buy) to show me how it can be done, while I figure out my own way.

        I think you are a beloved guide yourself to us readers.

        So thank you!

        • Thank you, Leila, all that you see in me is in you. I say this just in case you forgot to remember! 🙂 When I worked with Linda Kavelin Popov on The Virtues Project, I learned that we spot virtues in people that are familiar to us. It doesn’t matter whether they, or we, have only 5% of some virtue, it’s still there. Acknowledging it gives the virtue life and it will grow. So acknowledging another person’s virtue sets yours free. Many, many thanks for stirring the growth pot, you kind person!

  17. I never thought you have mind scars too Amy. And you were right in standing your ground against negative critics. I’ve learned to do that a long time ago. They just wouldn’t stop until you confront them.

    • Hello Poch – you were on my mind today. I will have a lot of reading to catch up with you! I don’t think there are too many people who get out of this life without scars of some sort. Thank you for your supportive comment. It’s good to know that you, my friend, do have the courage to stand your ground, too. I agree – it’s the only way to stop the negativity. This person is very stressed, but I thought I would be able to continue enjoying my “giving” without being affected. Sadly, it wasn’t to be so.

  18. Many beautiful messages in here…thank you. In the past year, I’ve learned to reflect daily (or maybe I should say I’ve taken the time) and am living more in the now rather than planning and wishing the time away. I’ve begun to notice the beauty all around me, the most extraordinary of an ordianary moment. Most of all, I’ve found the me that was hidden inside. I sort of knew who I was but felt the need to be someone else. In doing this, I’ve also embraced freedom in a sense. Living this was has had a profound effect on my life and helped me deal with other things, like the death of my brother. Ever heard the saying “when you are ready, the teacher appears” ? I’ve felt that has happened often lately. Most importantly, I’ve learned to let go of control. I’m afraid I still have much to learn in life…guess that’s why I’m a student!

    • Hi Suzicate. The greatest adventure of our lives is the inner journey. It sounds as though you on yours and have therefore discovered the way to truly be alive. The challenge we have as a planet is to move from the intellect to the heart. As my teacher says, we have put knowledge to good use when we feel gratitude for the universe contained in one breath as we breathe in.

  19. Let our whisper haunt you into listening.

    Amy – this is just what I needed to read and hear this evening … always on target, always filled with inspiration, hope, messages and love. Thank you for being the beacon and the vessel ~~ Blessings to you!! xoxo

  20. Family events and their fall-out; extended social visits from friends, caring for loved ones – have distracted me from my spiritual practice for too long.

    Reading this has turned on the light.

    I can see that I’ve enabled emotional abuse from those closest to me, ‘forgiving’ them their trespasses; absorbing their misdirected anger and blame. But – instead of bringing about the healing I prayed for – my empathy and compassion served only to encourage them to fire sharper arrows, wounding me deeply. Forcing me to withdraw.

    So many words in this post have ‘leapt out’ for me – at exactly the right time (of course!) – linking in and supporting work I have already started to repair my vulnerable spirit. So I am grateful to you, Souldipper and your Guides, for confirming my right to be gentle, yet firm and remain on the path I must follow. Others in my life may not be happy at first but – at the end of the day – they will thank us!

    • Wonderful, Wightrabbit, this is so good to know. Too often when we are in situations that are wounding, we feel completely alone and powerless. What a joy to think you have found some insights, companionship and encouragement to re-fire your connection with your spiritual path. Without that wise, enduring Light, we encounter wars while unnecessarily bare and vulnerable.

  21. Reading all the other comments in this thread have uplifted me and I now understand the purpose of my painful experiences. I no longer feel abandoned, alone and desperate – so thanks to you all for sharing!

  22. Sometimes leaving in peace is much more powerful than splashing all nasty words you think about out. But alas, there are days, provoking days, with provoking people who absolutely deserve the fire or the ice! And if someone has attacked you, even only verbally, you shouldn’t feel guilty of having intense feelings. We’re human beings, and intensity is very much in our nature.

    I know, I personally have changed a lot, the spontaneous madness from 10 years ago, typical for almost every teenager is not that easy to bring on the surface anymore. I’ve become very patient and polite person, most of the time wise 🙂 but when someone is pocking my wounds, my weaknesses and is trying to attack me, when there isn’t the right to do so … boy, I don’t feel guilty about any of the flames and the dragon wings flapping …

    • At times when I’d like to spew flames, I cool my jets by imagining having to make amends to this person who is provoking me. It may feel good for a few minutes to spew, but in the end, I suffer until I can get right with myself again. That usually means making an amends. While my spew can be my truth, when said in anger, my delivery is unnecessarily cutting. I’ve made amends a few times by saying, “While I regret the tone of my delivery, I am not able to change my truth.” Then I leave…and the knot dissipates.

  23. Excellent. And the key is to change, change in such a manner that you (I) don’t attract the same sort of person over again. And then there is forgiveness … which truly washes everything away. I love your use of “We shall have to agree to disagree.” It’s a handy little saying isn’t it. This really is a wonderful blog.

    • Thank you, Old Raven. Seems our ability to forgive, take responsibility for our feelings and be grateful for even the challenges is an indication of spiritual maturity. In that sense, I am willing to be very, very old! 😀

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