A Solid Nudge from the Spirit Guides

Does it count that I have all sorts of excuses for being diverted?

What did your spiritual teacher say this morning?  What did you hear in meditation yesterday?

The message continues to be, ‘Write!’.  Last night I reviewed messages received from the Guides working with Ainsley MacLeod, author of “The Instruction”.  They validate my desire to tell stories with simplicity and insight.  Also, I’m reminded that we all carry inner wisdom and knowing, but need to be reminded and encouraged to access our inner gold.

Thank you.  You’ve expressed our message for today.  When you ask us what to write, our only answer can be “write what is in your soul.”   Draw out and write down what is inside that well, Soul Dipper.  We give the same encouragement to all writers.  Have courage to write the depth that exists.  Listen to your longing.  Do not fear self-expression.

Thank you, my Guides.  I need to hear that often. 

I was thinking about a sermon I heard from a United Church minister who was in London Ontario until 1988 and who ended up in Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York until 1992.  His name was Rev. Maurice Boyd*.  This feisty and charismatic preacher came from Northern Ireland which helped his gift of delivering a sermon with a lilting voice, picturesque punch, and a cunning command of comedy.  He grew congregations like a gardener using Miracle-Gro – in Ireland, London (Ontario) and New York.  However, it was not without cost to both his personal life and his career.

In London, a few months before he performed John’s and my wedding ceremony in 1976, “The Rev”, as we called him, began this particular sermon with a personal story.  He had three daughters.  They approached him one day wanting to know which one he loved the most.  He was flummoxed.  He really had to think fast.  After a quick plea for some Divine help, he said, “It’s true.  I do not love each of you equally.  But I can say with absolute certainly that I do love each of you uniquely.”

Out of the Universe came one exquisitely unique flower.

Then he paused, looked over the large congregation and said, “Did you know that the whole magnificent universe was created so one exquisitely beautiful daisy could exist?  Just think, the entire universe was created with all its planets, all its stars and all its mystery so a daisy could come into being.  One planet contained the soil, the one tiny seed, the perfect amount of sunlight, and the essential rain so beauty could be seen in one perfect daisy.”

He paused, giving us time to bridge his opening story with this expansive concept in hopes of appropriate digestion.

He finished, “If God did all that for one tiny daisy…think of what he has done for us.  Especially since we are, indeed, loved uniquely.”

Dr. Maurice Boyd clashed with the Presbyterian church officials in New York in 1992 and started his own church, The City Church, where he preached until his death in 2007.  Unless he changed from our London days, had I been in New York, I would have joyfully joined his co-creation of like-minded souls.  I bought tapes of his sermons years after I left London.  His sermons fed me through days of spiritual dread and droughts.  Besides I held such gratitude that, at our wedding ceremony, The Rev chose readings from the Gospel of John – in honour of my husband-to-be and in honour of love – the theme of that Gospel.

Thank you for writing today.  We love all who visit this garden.  May each person, full of beauty and uniqueness, hear the whisper of Love that is continuously sent.  Be silent.  Listen.

Thank you, my Beloveds.  I have been remiss.  I hear your reminders that the world needs each of us to meditate…to be silent and listen.  Yes, I hear…thank you for your forgiveness.  

* Four books of Dr. Boyd’s sermons have been published: A Lover’s Quarrel with the World, with a Foreword by Malcolm Muggeridge, (1985); Permit Me Voyage (1989); Running to Paradise (1990) and Corridors of Light (1991). Also published are The Fine Art of being Imperfect (1998), a series of broadcast talks and Why Doesn’t God Do Things Perfectly? (1999) a defense of the goodness of God in the face of evil and suffering.


*Readers may enjoy a sampling of Dr. Boyd’s sermons – his talent for combining philosophy, good literature and spirituality.  Click here for an example.

31 thoughts on “A Solid Nudge from the Spirit Guides

    • He truly did. I wonder what you would think of his spiele on Independence Day – the link that I added at the very bottom. He had a gift of putting another facet to an already ground diamond.

  1. You wrote this for me Amy. Thank you. I am learning to be silent and to listen, and have been given messages to *write* but I’m tired when I come home from work and too one has to spend so much time reading other blogs and commenting that there’s no time left …

    Thank you too for the story, and the perfect daisy photo 🙂

    • Oh, Rosie, I know what you mean about the blogging world. We end up connecting with so many people that it is hard to stay true to our desire for writing. I have had to make shifts and changes as time goes on. Before you and I connected, I wrote a post asking about priorities. We need to keep our writing purpose firmly in mind. That is so important. If it means you read every other one of ours, sobeit. I feel I am doing readers a favour by not posting daily.

  2. What a wonderful story and I will remember that about loving uniquely. It comes up a time or three in families and that thought will help.
    I like that about the daisy, too. I tend to look at individual things and have wondered about the numerous numbers of the same thing all over the world. I have also wondered about what someone else might be facing in another country or try to get my brain wrapped around it being winter somewhere on this planet while I am roasting in 100+ degree weather. Perhaps the concept of a one unique and individual thing gives our baffled selves a place to begin or a place to rest when all else overwhelms…. I don’t know, but your story about one daisy made me think about that once again, Amy. Thank you.

    • Leslie, I love your depth. You have not let go of childlike awe and that brings out your beauty. As we walk through much complexity to arrive at simplicity, I thoroughly enjoy being able to walk with you when we tread this same path. You are one very unique daisy, Leslie.

  3. What an inspirational man.
    And a very good reminder, Amy, I’ve let writing slip so far away, it may be impossible for me to pick it up again …

    • If you read/heard any of his sermons on-line, you would likely appreciate his many references to literature that enhance and highlight his message. My contemporaries used to say to him in London that he was appreciated because he wasn’t religious. He used to laugh at that, but he knew we had great respect for his spirituality. Cin, I wonder if writing will ever let you “stop”.

  4. “If God did all that for one tiny daisy…think of what he has done for us. Especially since we are, indeed, loved uniquely.”Beautiful sentiment. Something I try to keep in front of my mind every morning when I wake up. Meditation is becoming more and more important for me lately. Without it, I feel a little less connected to myself and the universe. I find after I meditate, my dreams become more vivid too and I am hoping to listen more to those messages from my spirit guides and my higher self so I can get the courage to explore some of the more profound aspects of my life. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Great that you are taking the time to meditate, Maineiac, and seeing a difference! I notice a big difference in my life as well – especially with the connection with my inner sources. When I don’t keep a consistent contact, I feel…well…a little withered.

  5. Hi souldipper,
    It’s amazing how sometimes we can meet the most inspiring people, and Dr. Boyd just seemed to be one of those people. Thank You for a lovely read.

    • You are certainly welcome, Mags. I have been told that I was given access to people I needed to hear and as I write my blogs, it is becoming clearer. I had taken a lot of this for granted.

  6. I love daisies . . . uniquely. They filled my wedding bouquet. 😀

    Loved your message today . . . we each tend our garden as best we can. No forgiveness required. 😀

  7. Oh wow, Amy, I have goose bumps all over. There is something so magical about reading exactly the right thing in a given moment. Thank you for that…and the LOL at your last gorgeous comment for Nancy 😀

  8. Hi Amy .. love the story – influences on our life are so important .. I too love Nancy’s comment and your reply .. so true .. each speck of dust is unique – it harbours life .. cheers Hilary

  9. Thank you once again Amy for a wonderful post.

    “When you ask us what to write, our only answer can be “write what is in your soul.” Draw out and write down what is inside that well, Soul Dipper. We give the same encouragement to all writers. Have courage to write the depth that exists. Listen to your longing. Do not fear self-expression.”

    Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of messages like this one, and I’m becoming more and more determined to ‘just write’. It gets hard, though, with all the little distractions I allow into my life.

    I’m trying not to beat myself up about it, am simply trying to find the balance I need. These repeated messages are helping.

    • Good, Kath. It’s great that you are aware of the messages. That’s far more positive than realizing this “after the fact” which is what can happen if we don’t pay attention to our deep seeded need to write. For whatever reason…

    • Yes, those Guides take me places I haven’t visited for a while. When I started the post, I had no idea that “The Rev” had passed on. I went on-line to see if he was still in New York. So my sadness was woven into, and comforted by, the memory of a most unique human being.

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