Nina Simone, Please Let Our Name Be Human

*Meditating on Nina Simone’s Message*

White skin, black skin,

brown, yellow, red or beige:

Our name is “Human” –

We live through complex days.

But my soul hears your message,

It reaches out to hold

A sister’s hand that’s suffered –

A heart that’s laced with gold.


God’s Wisdom to ponder:

 “White light is made up of all the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.” *

* (Source:

31 thoughts on “Nina Simone, Please Let Our Name Be Human

  1. This was absolutely great. Ten Stars out of Ten “**********”. The video is great and the music is great and the message is great.

    But now how will you top yourself? Oh, that’s right, I’m talking with Souldipper. You have no concerns for topping or besting or better or worse. You’re just trying to share things however you can. Well, today you lit a light and maybe others can see it. Thanks.

    • Hi you delicious humourist. My sister and I are so dry that most people just ignore us. However, I am delighted when her son and daughter crash in with a topper! Someone understands us!!

  2. Hi Amy .. the video is great isn’t it – She has such a wonderful evocative voice .. but YOUR POEM – that is heart stopping .. just gorgeous .. wish the whole world would hear – some do thankfully …

    Fantastic .. love it .. Hilary

  3. Curious though that all of us commenting on your post (as far as I can tell, anyway) are white…
    Thank you for your poem and for introducing us (me) to this song and performance.

    • Interesting comment, Val – I know of one that is not white. My readership does consist of various races, but I suspect that they are sick and tired of the subject whether negative or positive. I hope that we “whites” remember that “white=all colours”. To me, that calls for a closer and more responsible look at our *everyday* thoughts, feelings, actions and words towards others. We could all do with a little self-observation when we feel so right.

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