Or, Is Your Intuition On HOLD?

(Continued…from “Is Your Intuition Turned ON? “)

And then, my Beloved Guides, there are times I forget all about you!  I am alone.  The blinds are closed.  I forget oneness, connectivity and forgiveness.  The trench coat opens on the dark side of my soul.  Here’s how I know buttons are popping off that shrunken garment:

  • Dropping, spilling or breaking anything I touch.
  • Getting snarly while on an endless telephone circuit supposedly for help.

    Can you safely ride the wings of your mind?

  • Being at a meeting that is poorly chaired.
  • Being led by a poor or dishonest leader – especially one voted in.
  • Being treated as though I am not present.
  • Being told what to do instead of being asked.
  • Being given an unsolicited lecture.
  • Hearing a lie.
  • Telling myself a negative story – e.g. “If I ask him for help, he’ll make me wait a week.”
  • Observing my tone and the words I use in response to any of the above.

A blog buddy, Sally of Sally Felt – writer, speaker, adventurer, responded after I posted some challenges I was facing, “Dropping things all over the place? Check. Funky relationship with time? Double-check. Finding power in the moment and trusting it’ll all make sense later? Yes, indeedy. Right there with you.  Ain’t it grand?” 

Sally reminded me that life is going to be a little challenging as we experience more surges during two partial solar eclipses and one total lunar eclipse in a 31 day period.  We may as well sip tea and stay cool.   Any negativity, especially fear, will only create a hot piece of friction known as resistance.  That would be like driving with the emergency brake on. 

Nothing weird about my life! How's yours?

Thank you for your willingness to let your life be an example.  Offering a mirror encourages others to look at their own deeply buried propensities toward negativity.  It is not a time for judging others.  It is a time for taking an honest, but loving, assessment of self.   A state of judgement is a time for self assessment. 

Raised frequencies continue to create the need for intensified purging.  People will either be overwhelmed or empowered by this upgrade to higher dimensions.  The focus is on the cleansing of personal lives, not those of others.   We continue to encourage meditation.  Great strides are made by observing and transforming negativity into positive thought and response.  Times of quietness and stillness provide the opportunity for connectivity to the Divine All That Is.  

Your declaration of a “time-out” encourages others to fulfill a similar need in their lives.  Observing responses to life provides immense growth and evolution.  A pause allows intervention and consequent co-creation with the Divine. 

Discovering deep inner changes to the responses given to life is validation of the transformational process.  Your world experiences this change at a global level as well as a personal one. 

I neglected to mention, Dear Guides, that progress toward more positive leadership in the world reminds me of your presence and your timely messages. 

The increased frequencies that the entire planet is experiencing is causing inevitable stress.  For this reason, this increase has been gradual.  Do not be surprised by the variety of symptoms you observe in this process – at planetary and personal levels. 

Exercising and drinking water are very important.  Your bodies are being strengthened in preparation for coming changes.  The planet and your body, both being living organisms, need to be understood, not overpowered. 

You have been concerned about sharing these messages.  We delight in your courage and continue to offer Divine encouragement to share this information.  We appreciate it is not without consequence.  As we have expressed, you are not responsible for the interpretation put on the messages by others.  People will decide which part of the message holds significance for them. 

You may relinquish all concerns about being correct.  The key message is this:  In an act of Oneness, the Transformation will unfold.  It is not the end of the planet, but, with an ascension to a higher dimension, it will eventually be the end of a difficult period for your planet.  The All Loving Universe is giving all possible support in facilitating the Transformation.  The outcome is up to all earthly beings.  Are you willing to focus on Love and forgiveness?  They are the forerunners to any evolutionary process. 

Any who have dived into the swamps of suffering need reminding that forgiveness includes forgiving, and consequently loving, self.

We ask you to share these messages knowing that interpretation and acceptance is each person’s own responsibility.

We love you.  Every being on the planet is loved beyond current ability to understand.

Thank you for loving us, Beloved Guides. Your words have incredible power to comfort and encourage. 

You’ve reminded me…I’m still in “time-out”. 

I’m off for some fun.

I’m joining Sam for some of the most exquisite raw food on the entire planet

at the Rawsome Café:

Entrance to Chris and Jim's Rawsome Café. A natural paradise of heavenly food.

Lasagne - made entirely with raw ingredients. It tastes just like lasagne made with pasta. Erratum: Beyond heavenly!

Strawberry Shortcake - yes, all raw ingredients.

Yep! Sam enjoyed lunch!

What? Nothing with raw mouse?

41 thoughts on “Or, Is Your Intuition On HOLD?

  1. Pingback: Is Your Intuition Turned ON? « Soul Dipper

    • It’s all pretty innocent and simple, but we laughed ourselves silly for hours – everywhere we went. Just kept running into friends we wanted to chat with. One of my favourite ways of socializing.

  2. You quoted the gang:
    Do not be surprised by the variety of symptoms you observe in this process.

    Heh. Tell me about it. Digestive shifts & wild changes in appetite. The need to sleep longer. Feelings of lightheadedness. Super-sensitivity to sounds & smells. Being momentarily overcome by waves of love (totally “get” your grass cutting story!). Those are a few I can think of, right off the bat.

    Thanks for another great post, Amy. And the shout-out.

    P.S. Rawsome Cafe? Oooh. I wanna go!

  3. Yes! Ditto all this. We do know when the bottons are closed. Accidents/dropping things are the big, big reminders for me.

    Glad to know you had a fun day with your friend. Isn’t it amazing what some folks can to with raw food. There’s a lady here who makes an unforgettable raspberry “cheese”cake. It’s made from soaked, raw cashews.

    • I had a great day, Jamie. Our strawberry cheesecake was made with raw cashews…it could be a “standard” ingredient for that recipe. I produce lots of smoothies with various veggies and fruit, but I have not attempted anything so divine as cheesecake.

    • You make me giggle, Leslie. A new normal has to be a welcome state if only for a break from the usual! One of the blessings of aging…normalcy isn’t as important as we thought it was. 😀

  4. So good to pay attention this way. Thank you for the honesty and the list. I really appreciate it.

    And abundant thanks for Bach’s magnificat, which was/is absolutely perfect for my joy. Please see my comment response about it when you get a chance.

    All love.

  5. Beautiful Amy!!!! You made me smile again and I could feel the fun you were having with your friend. I would love to try raw lasagna, I do not think we have that here.

    • I’ve heard others say that raw food dining is hard to find in the more Eastern parts of our continent. The couple who have been so adamant and diligent about introducing it to us are originally from California. He is a cancer survivor so they moved here to be healthier and to grow their own veggies year round. Raw Food fans come from all around because Jim does an exquisite job. I’m not exaggerating when I say it feels like my body is thanking me as I eat. Jim goes to Japan regularly to teach Japanese how to cook his dishes.

  6. On. Off. On. Off.
    Surrender. Grab it back. Surrender. Grab it back.

    I’m a wishy washy gal some moments….cuz I can know what I know and still do what I do.

    On. Off. On. Off.

    Like a switch……sheeeeeshhh.
    But thank you for asking. And for the Guides message.

    I’ll be well served to remember there’s no ‘wrong’ to this.

    • There seems to be a horde of us, Cin. You know, whenever I am in front of a a delicious plate of food, I immediately think of you. I am not exaggerating…your love of good food floods over me and I kick myself for not having my camera. However, when we went to the Rawsome Cafe, we shared a table with a woman (and family) who had been born in Durban and lived in Cape Town before she moved here. So there I was eating this wonderful food in the midst of memories of Cin and a most welcome South African accent!

  7. That food looks amazing! Wow!

    Recharging our batteries is so essential in life..and we have to give it time. So glad you are taking time out until you feel refreshed and listening to those sweet guides!

    Chloe xx

  8. Hi Amy .. yes the Rawsome Cafe looks superb .. as do the plates of food .. no wonder Sam looks content with her lot .. Duc obviously thinks Jim and Chris should be doing other things than tending their garden … like hunting the mices down .. and practising new recipes .. Raw Balance would be another good recipe to develop ..

    The Guides led you to the right place with the right friend .. happy recuperative times .. Hilary

  9. Amy I’ve missed keeping up with your posts. I love hearing your conversations with your guides, always so uplifting. Not everyone explores this deeply, it’s refreshing to say the least. In particular, I liked the line, “The planet and your body, both being living organisms, need to be understood, not overpowered.” Thank you to you and them for all the wonderful words of encouragement. I also enjoyed seeing your personal photos and vicariously reveling in that scrumptious meal.

  10. Hey Amy~ sometimes I love being away for a bit so I can come back and catch up on all your delightful posts. As always, I love the honesty and grace that you write with. 🙂

    • Wow, Lisa, thank you so much. I hope you know you’ve left me hanging (in an airplane, I hope) on my way to Costa Rica! Look forward to the next installment! 😀

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