Is Your Intuition Turned ON?

Beloved Guides, thank you for your generous and gentle nudges.  I know you are always around.

Thank you.  We are indeed with you.  We cherish being with you and all who share your life.  Would you be willing to describe how you detect our presence?

Sure, that’s easy. Here are some examples:

  • The endless repetition of numbers on the 24 hour clock in my office.  It reads 21:12, 13:13, 11:11, 7:47, 22:22, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        11:11 seems to be one of your favourite numbers.  It shows up everywhere.

Alone? (Enlarge this photo.) There's a Ferry, a small plane (white object in the center - looks like a house sitting on waterfront) and a boat...all beyond a huge forest community, vibrant and brimming with life.

When I see 0:00 on my clock, aloneness washes over me.  It says “no time” – 0:00.  Then I remember – you live in “no time”.   My 24 hour clock is not new, but I had not seen such a consistent run on repetitive numbers.  Until now, the only repeated time I noticed was 7:47.  Due to its frequency, I wondered if I would die in a 747.

  • The messages from other intuitives who I follow on webinars, interviews and videos.  Often I hear a topic I’ve been struggling to understand.  For example, last night, Sheila Gillette, who has channeled a group of guides named “Theo” for over forty years, presented a message about taking a “time-out”.  Theo’s topic was about staying true to our authentic selves and taking breaks to do so.  When we veer off course, we need peace and quiet to reclaim it.  Hearing Theo’s message was like hearing directly from you since I’m currently in my “time-out”.
  • The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes in my life.  My attitude is changing.  My response to many aspects of life seems to come from a more loving source.  When I react in old ways, I catch myself far sooner and change to a positive position.  It isn’t a chore.  I love being more loving.  The Universe’s responses revolutionize my life.

    A Daisy for Poch. She loves you...

  • Everyday synchronicity.  Reminders of your presence range from miniscule to overwhelming.  As I cut my grass, winding around clumps of wild daisies, your messages of beauty come to mind.  Gratitude for the bounties of Nature chokes me and blurs my vision.  Never before have I been high from cutting grass!

A blogging friend, Poch of Plato On-line, from the Philippines, writes an on-line magazine about social media and technology.   My previous post about planting trees motivated him to write, “You just don’t know how I miss doing that Amy. You see, I was forced back into the urban jungle where we can’t do gardening. And not gardening makes me more unhealthy. Sorry about the gripe. i know you’ll understand.”  Yes, I do, Poch, and you gave me the perfect opening for the next point.

  • My prayers have changed.  More often they are about gratitude.  My needs are met because I know that what I imagine, God and I create.  I work at staying in “I am” instead of “wanting”.  However, a comment like Poch’s  challenges me.  I suddenly have a huge need and desire for my friend Poch to be able to grow something and give his soul peace.  I hear myself asking, “…even a tomato in his city window?”  How do I know that is what God and Poch want or need?  I am reminded to simply send Love.  Through Love, Poch will be given the power to see and do what is best for him.  For all I know, Poch’s co-creation with God may be growing a garden in his soul.  He’s already shared some fruits with me.  No one has to describe the goodness of this man.  It’s there when he and I visit.

I'll send Cin a few of the fellows who know about natural warfare.

Also, when I learn of the unsafe environment experienced by Cin of The Only Cin when her husband is away, I put all positive thought of Love to one side.  I want  you Guides to surround her home armed with baseball bats, horsewhips, hockey sticks and lasers.  They can be holy if you choose, but be armed!  How’s that for telling you what to do?

That is the Love we know exists in the hearts of all humanity.  That is the Love we strive to have expressed from every soul in your existence.  That is the Love prayer that unlocks our fetters and frees us to respond, even with holy arms.

More and more souls are connecting with the small voice from within their being.  There is no complication to connecting with the power that is abundantly available to each one of them.  As you share your life with others, we trust that they will trust their guides more and more. 

Everyone’s guides long to serve and support.  May they be free to do so.

(Continued at “Or, Is Your Intuition On HOLD?”)


15 thoughts on “Is Your Intuition Turned ON?

  1. I was just about to switch off the computer and go watch a movie with my husband when I felt compelled to read this post. Its so beautiful that I felt tears of gratitude as I read it. Thank you Amy.

    I love your photos. Can you see that view of the trees and water from your house?

    I’m beginning to pay attention and am getting the messages. I too have seen repetitive numbers – but only 11:11 – and this evening on our walk I felt such gratitude looking at the trees and flowers that I was choked up and had to stop several times and take deep breaths.

    I join you in hoping people like Cin don’t have to prowl around their houses with baseball bats when their husband’s are away.

    (and btw my computer’s going in for repairs so I may not be able to write for a while.)

    • Rosie, what a fabulous comment. Many thanks for telling me about your experiences in “all of this”. Going in for repairs? You must be undergoing tremendous separation anxiety! 😀 I will miss you a great deal, but I know you will be back in full force. Keep feeling the awe, sweet soul!

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  3. That’s a very beautiful Daisy Amy! Thank you!
    I failed to say that I do have a bonsai Bamboo on my window lol. ‘…a garden in his soul’ -beautiful poetry! But I cringe when you mention my goodness lol. Thanks a mil Amy and bless you.

    • Just saying what I see, Poch! A bonsai bamboo! That might be a great plant for my home. I’ve had a challenge dealing with white fly, however, so my plants are outside enjoying fresh air and recovery.

  4. Amy I too experience the many signs of support that you do, 5:55 and 11:11 are popular numbers of mine. The latter, according to Doreen Virtue’s “Angel Numbers 101”, means: “Stay positive! Your thoughts are materializing rapidly, so you want to ensure positive outcomes by focusing only on the good within yourself, others, and this situation.” And I also immediately wished that your friend could have an rooftop garden in his urban jungle. It’s only natural.

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