Voila! Our Planet Breathes!

Plant a Tree

Happy Birthday to my friend, Jean, who’s reached the Big Five-Zero.

I wish I could send her something worth Five Zero zero zero!

So I sent her a gift that’s priceless.

She’s helping our globe breathe a little easier by planting 5 trees in Honduras.

Thank you, Jean.

Happy Birthday.


25 thoughts on “Voila! Our Planet Breathes!

    • Right on, Nancy. What a great way to celebrate an anniversary. I tell people that I only want consumables – no more “things”. Trees are even better than consumables.

  1. Well, the good news is that we have five (!) new ones outside my window waiting to be planted.

    On the other hand, the bad news…makes me want to cry…we had to have 3 old ones removed just this morning as they were ready to topple into our house. The winter here was hard and the winds almost uprooted them. The arborist said it was impossible to save them.

    So, the balance is +2. But I still feel sad about my old friends that sheltered us since 1993.

    • It is wise to put the week ones to good use elsewhere, Victoria. In my heavily wooded area, it is necessary to clean out the trees that are not very healthy because they infringe upon ones that are healthy. On a property I had, an arborist chose the trees to be cut and explained what the result would be. Fifteen years later, his promises came to fruition. We’ve all watched mother nature rejuvenate her forests – sometimes in seemingly harsh ways. However, it’s the indiscriminate clear-cutting and scalping (always in chase of money) that is harmful.

  2. Trees are definitely a blessing. What a great gift, Amy. When I was in Nicaraqua in January, the best gift there was water, putting wells in the villages. May we never take these things for granted, or forget how blessed we are.

  3. You just don’t know how I miss doing that Amy. You see, I was forced back into the urban jungle where we can’t do gardening. And not gardening makes me more unhealthy. Sorry about the gripe. i know you’ll understand.

    • Poch, I believe I can empathise. When I have to go back into a city, I see it with the eyes of a rural person. It is unnatural to be so frenzied, to live in boxes piled on one another, to have numerous lanes of traffic streaming steadily night and day. How did we create such stressful living for our bodies and souls? I realize I could survive being in an urban setting again – if I had to – but I would have to grow something – even if it was just a patio box with one tomato. Is it impossible to have community gardens or are there no vacant lots. See? My heart is with you big time! I would be sad about that, too.

  4. What a fantastic idea for a big zero birthday Amy. I love it. We support an organization over here called “Tree People”. I’ve blogged about a street tree planting I did with them last year, and when someone dies I like donating a grove of trees to be planted in a local canyon in their memory

  5. A very happy birthday to your friend! Fifty is wonderful age to be — it’s like starting all over again. What a truly wonderful and thoughtful gift, Amy. I’m going to check it out myself.

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