Sexy and Sultry Humourist

Being humbled by someone sexy, sultry and sensational has to be oxymoronic.  There’s a new word for ya!

Charlywalker pulled it off!  She named Soul Dipper as one of fifteen qualifiers of the Versatile Blogger Award.   She was classy enough to let me pick my own version of this award from the Internet.  This one feels just right for me.  It describes the four different types of writing that can be found on Soul Dipper:

Many thanks, Charlywalker, you smooth-talking wordsmithie with the sensual pose in a green top.

There, that bit of juicy publicity ought to bounce her numbers around.  She deserves a good readership.  She can turn out hilarious phrases faster that I can spell her name:  Charleywalker’s Blog.

Besides letting you know who presented me with this award, I am to tell you seven random things about myself:

1.  I love life!  I don’t understand what possessed the Creator to give me a physicality that makes it difficult to swallow, embrace, experience and fall in love with it ALL – all at once.  Yet, I really look forward to the next dimension.

2.  Though I was hesitant for years, I now embrace the concept of reincarnation.  I adore the fact that I was a hot, sizzling photographer of the rich and famous in London, England around 1918, fell in love with a married man who rejected/belittled me in front of everyone when I declared my undying love, took a dive into alcoholism and died in poverty and squalor with a crushed heart.   That life brought me here where I adore excellent photography (though I loathe studying the details around cameras) and enjoy the freedom to be a full-fledged seeker with all my pistons hammering in sync.

3.  My business careers kept me in a fashion that allowed me freedom to be a seeker.

4.  I’ve loved several fabulous men, but have remained a divorcee from the age of 35.   I’m now 60 whatever.

5.  No one need be silly enough to even think of mistreating an animal within my realm of attention.

6.  I love having many nieces and nephews because being an aunt is an honour.  I have no regrets over not even experiencing pregnancy.  (I was told that I am an old soul – on my last incarnation.  Apparently old souls have had all the child bearing/rearing experiences they want or need.  We are done with that karma.)

7.  I love teenagers.  *I’m under my desk ducking the spears chucked by parents of teens.*  Since I don’t have to live with them, I can be one adult who is genuinely interested in hearing who they are, how they operate and where they think they are going.  Beloved parents, I know the reality of the comments can be another matter, but I do not have to judge.  If I listen, it may become their reality.  And while I listen, I’m saying prayers for you!

A final task comes with this Award.  I’m supposed to choose fifteen people who I consider Versatile Bloggers.   Here’s what I will do instead.  I will continue to visit the blogs I love – there are many – and I will continue to leave comments so you will know my appreciation for your talents and gifts.

Meanwhile, I need to update my blogroll.  There are many new-to-me blogs that need to be added.

Thank you to every person reading my blog and for all the encouragement received over the past year.   The Blog world has been an overwhelming surprise.  Who knew we could connect with so many good, decent human beings?  Who knew how profoundly we would see that every one of us, no matter our race, creed, color or belief system simply want to love and be loved.

Thank you, Charlywalker.  Truly, this is humbling.

45 thoughts on “Sexy and Sultry Humourist

  1. Congratulations on the award Souldipper.
    I enjoyed reading the seven things you shared with us especially the story about your past life. What a fascinating tale. You’re fortunate to know what you were, and where you lived.

  2. Congratulations on your award, Amy. The seven things about you, I might have guessed, even the teenager one. 🙂 Took a jaunt over to Charleywalker last night and had a good laugh. Thank you for that, also!!!!

    • Good, Leslie, I’m glad you visited Charlywalker. So – you’ve got my number!! 😀 It’s amazing what we can “see” about each other, isn’t it? The essence shines through.

  3. I relate to #6 and #5 and #3 and #7 and #1.

    I believe in reincarnation. Watching Kundun fascinated me . . . seeing how the Dalai Lama identified HIS possessions (bell, glasses, prayer beads, etc.) from his previous incarnation. At times, I’ve felt a “parting of the veil” to see a glimpse of my past. But I’ve never done a past life regression.

    If I had not married BFF . . . and had married Mr. Wrong . . . I’d be with you on #4 as well.

    Congrats on the award. I’ll have to pay a visit to CharlyWalker

    • Past life regression brings out interesting “stories”, but the real value is its healing power. The reports are amazing from different practitioners – some who have to practice in a clandestine manner because of their professional status. Yes, head off to Aussie and enjoy CW.

    • Hi Susan, my Soul Journer sister. I think you are in Hawaii right now! Hope you are riding dophin and being treated like a queen! Thanks for being such a faithful reader!

  4. Hi Amy .. a very well deserved award and I love your 7 things ranging across the ages .. I think I’ll miss joining you in 1918 .. I’m happy to be with you on the ‘whatever 60 or so’ and wherever the Guides take me .. through my journey ahead ..

    Enjoy Sunday .. especially as we’re all still here .. cheers Hilary

    • The 1918 life did not end well. Seems I was intent upon proving that one cannot preserve dignity in a bottle of alcohol! 😀 I certainly will enjoy Sunday. It’s a complete day off for me so I will enjoy just lazing at home. Our little island is overrun by soccer teams so there’s hardly any other quiet space.

  5. Well done…you deserve it.
    I,too,am apparently an old soul and in my last life.
    Am looking forward to seeing what comes next.
    This life has been a bit TOO exciting for my liking.
    Thanks for the cats…I loved them!

    • Thanks, Granny. No wonder I feel like I’ve known you forever. Maybe we’ve been bouncing through a few lives together! Oh boy…that conjures a few humourous visions!

  6. Awsome Amy! (I left the comma out on purpose.) You truly do deserve this award. I love your list, particularly #2. Have a great week — and, by the way I went out yesterday and purchased 2 (two) Canucks t-shirts! They are gonna get the cup!

  7. Congrats on your well-deserved award, Amy & thanks for this insight into your special self 🙂 I’ve got to smile with regard to #2 – perhaps there’s some karma around camera details?

    • I thought of you when I wrote that…all of us in the jeep in South Africa listening intently to David as he instructed us. I kept thinking, I need to record his instructions! My dyslexia helps me get it all backwards.

  8. I loooove this post, Amy! Such a genuine, humble voice 🙂
    I love the description of yourself as a “full fledged seeker”— that’s what I want to be when I grow up!

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