Seven Questions From God – Thanks, Neale Walsch!

Neale Donald Walsch.  Have you heard of him?

He wrote a series of books called “Conversations with God” – beginning in 1995.

Today I listened to an interview with Mr. Walsch at Healing with the Masters.  Even after all these years and after selling millions of books, he still has trouble saying that he has conversations with God.  I know how he feels.

Author Neale Donald Walsch

Truth is, we are all capable of having conversations with God.  We just don’t believe it.

Neale began the interview describing a new book he published about Barbara Marx Hubbard called, “Mother of Invention“.  He described Barbara’s description of the Transformation in a manner that caused me to cheer.  She calls it a birthing process.  She claims that there can be complications in the birthing channel.  Each one of us can take steps toward experiencing a smooth process.

Barbara’s birthday will be on December 22, 2012.  She feels this fits perfectly with her birthing into the gradual and evolutionary process that is taking this planet into the next dimension.

Neale Walsch said he received seven questions from God that are capable of transforming not only us, but also the entire planet.  We need to spend some time with those questions.  The answers are not in our minds.  They are to come from the deepest, highest and most sacred place in our souls that carry the marquee, ” WHO I AM.” 

Great to hear other human beings, especially so respected and known, highlighting the importance of finding who we really are.

Phrases are handed to us – gifts that could catapult us into new dimensions.  We are too busy to embrace them.  There’s no time to be still and listen.  There’s work to do, more blogs to write, more demands to manage, more money to make.  Emails shout how to write faster, earn more, grow larger, gain quicker, rise higher, lose more, live longer and breathe deeper.  Phew!  No wonder we are exhausted.

We could be posting, emailing, painting and living a phrase given to Neale by God, “Get out of your mind and into your soul.”

When do we cease the inner chatter?  When do we stop, turn off, shut down, meditate, contemplate, and be still?  When do we grab time to find who we are?  Do we know how to go deeper than a dime?  Are we ready and willing to get out of our minds and go into our souls?

Neale Walsch kindly shared the seven questions from God that need to germinate in our souls.  The answers will evolve from truth, not intellect.  Neale writes that  God asks us to “lose our minds”.   Being out of our minds will help with these questions:

  1. How is it possible for 6.9 billion people to all claim they want the same things and yet be unable to produce the very things they all want?  (Example:  love, happiness, peace, etc.)
  2. Is it possible that there’s something we don’t understand about God?
  3. Is it possible you don’t understand who you are?

Then God gave these four fundamental questions that can be asked each day upon arising:

  • 4.  Who am I?
  • 5.  Where am I?  (In the physical realm)
  • 6.  Why am I where I am?
  • 7.  What do I intend to do about that?

Deceptively simple.  Don’t rob yourself by answering quickly, glibly, or intellectually.

I don’t know about you, but I want my birthing process to happen without complications.  I want to be the deepest soul of the highest caliber I can be.  I plan to sit with those questions.  There’s no hurry and I won’t be multi-tasking.

My readers know I am committed.  I am hoping for lots of company.

53 thoughts on “Seven Questions From God – Thanks, Neale Walsch!

  1. Your post came just as I’d finished listening to the interview. (Thank you for the great summary!) I’m looking forward to losing my mind with the questions.

    Count me in I’m ready to join you. I’m glad you said:
    “There’s no hurry and I won’t be multi-tasking.”

        • I found reading them in order is helpful because it helps one adjust to some “new” language and a different way of communicating. I had to get through a strong bias of respect and reverence for God. Reading the books, the God comments and responses put that concern to rest. It is very freeing, Rosie, and not disrespectfully.

  2. Thanks, I have never heard of Neale Walsch before. So elementary and earnest. Especially the questions in the morning, unless we ask questions like that we just get caught up in the day and each succeeding day is lost to chores and life. I looking to see more of his writings. Thanks.

  3. I read the first one. No doubt Mr. Walsch has had conversations with God. No doubt we all have. Wouldn’t it be cool to hear the sound of Him talking to everyone and everything? Reminds me of that song in “Jesus Christ Superstar” that has the line, “What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s Happenin.” I like your suggestions of how to get to that place, Amy, where we find Him. 🙂 At least it sets the stage for us to be more aware of His “BUZZ” in us. Good post. Thank you.

    • The hardest for me to read were the first two. Once I let go of my bias and accepted the concepts that whined at me, I discovered many gems. While I read the books, I kept saying, “If this is all a bunch of bunk, what incredibly kind, loving bunk it is.”

      Walsch, at one point, asks, “What makes me qualified for this calling?” The response was, “God qualifies the called.” I trust that it’s our souls that do the calling.

      • “If this is all a bunch of bunk, what incredibly kind, loving bunk it is.” I love it that you said this in your response to me, Amy. Hope you don’t mind my sharing this. Right after my sister felt spirit in her life, she read everything and began talking about the light and giving my sister and I books (Carolyn Myss, Van Praagh, Gary Zukav) She became a Reiki Master and is now a Yoga therapist. She was the voice that came through, first, that I must have needed to find joy in what ,deep down, I had already believed. We all came to this at the time we were saying good-byes to our Mother. After she passed, my Father called me and said he was worried about my sister. I asked why. He said she was talking about Mom having a grande time in heaven and that she’s alright and waiting for me. She went somewhere to get help seeing her past lives and I was her son in one of them.
        I asked him, “What was your name?”
        He said, “Not you, too!”
        “I really want to know.”
        He told me and I just started chuckling. I said I would love to know who I was in her past lives but she has never seen me. He, then started laughing and we both agreed that she was harming no one and not being hurt herself. We discussed how happy she was and how much fun it was to listen to the “freedom” her words spoke. There are people in this world, that through their sharing set us free. Keep talking. Keep writing. My Dad recognised my sister’s soul that day and really believe that he chuckled his into freedom and rejoiced in knowing Mom was waiting for him.

        • For years I’ve listened to others talk about past lives. It washed over me…well, okay, I ducked so it would go by! I didn’t have a practice of visiting psychics, but different ones kept showing up in my life. They brought up past lives I’d experienced. Each time, I would feel a response in my body. I didn’t like having any response because I didn’t know what it meant.

          When I spoke with Ainslie MacLeod (The Instruction) and, learned of my incarnation before this one, a lot of lights went on. I was asked to write the story. I had enough facts to get on the Internet so I could research timing, events and people. I wrote the story through tears, anguish, anger, love and finally to healing. It gave me insights that gave me peace and acceptance.

          The information that Ainslie has given to countless numbers of people has been helpful beyond prediction. He has been surprised at the number of doctors who have come for sessions.

          It’s easy to blow people off who speak of anything that is beyond our five senses. But yet…we wear watches and carry calendars.

  4. I laughed when I was handed the book…….and then I spent the read time with more laughter and nodding. I’da considered highlighting, ‘cept that would have meant a mostly yellow book.

    NOT that it would have mattered–yellow’s a good colour! A happy colour.

    I pause before I offer up things handed to me in conversation. I think that’s a bit of why I pause before I comment here.
    I’m pretty sure He plays to the audience and speaks to be heard by the listener. I hear lots–but not in such a…. package as yours. I can’t find a better word. I guess that’ll have to suffice.
    And truth be told, I’d guess that’s of little significance, except to me. *laughing* And LORD knows it’s all about MEMEME, dontchaknow. (I’m sure He chuckled as that got typed.)

    Makes me want to bring out the ‘Conversation’ books again.
    Or better yet, make a bit more room by stopping my fingers and letting Him have my undivided attention.

    OR both! 🙂

    • When a good friend whose taste I trusted handed me Book 1, I was a bit miffed. I was quite comfortable in my spiritual beliefs. But he asked me to be open. I stuck my nose in, got through some lumps and became intrigued. My all time favourites were from Book 3 onwards. I learned a lot about love that I had never heard elsewhere.

      Plus, I formulated a concept of God that was far more loving, way freer and a lot more fun! How can that be harmful??

    • Hi Nancy. As a result of your questions, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have your intention well formed and underway most days. (Good grief, I am discovering I work faster than my computer at times. I wrote a response, lost it, wrote another and the first reappeared… In case you noticed disappearing comments!!)

    • I hold my attention on the intention to “be here now” as much as possible throughout the day. Doing that means that I am “open” to receive whatever is being offered because I am “alert and awake.”

      I use my emotions (when the arise) as signals to tune in and really pay attention to what is happening:

      * If I’m angry, WHY am I allowing something or someone to upset my equilibrium?
      * If I’m sad, I feel the sadness and let it flow through me without drowning me.
      * If I’m happy, I keep doing what I’m doing.

      BTW: Got your e-mail. Haven’t had a chance to “listen” yet.

      • That’s where I want to spend most of my attention as well, Nancy. I catch myself wandering off in places that serve little, but at least I catch myself. That’s thanks to lots of teachers in various forms.

  5. Thanks for sharing some wonderful ideas, Amy. As always you make me think. (Can’t always promise the results are spectacular, but I try — lol). I would love to have a conversation with you some day about the idea of transformation. I’ve done a fair bit of reading — The Secret, The Alchemist, The Law of Attraction, Mutant Message Down Under, The 5 Rites, and a few other short works — not an exhaustive reading list by any stretch of the imagination, but they all did inspire me to rethink how I live my life and how I approach living. I will definitely figure Mr. Walsch’s 4 daily questions into my morning routine. I focus onk being grateful each day, but maybe asking ‘why’ is something that can lead to a greater connection with my gratefulness.
    Anyway. . . sorry for the long comment, but this is what reading your posts does to me! Have a great week ahead.

    • Wonderful comment, Kathy. I would also love to talk to you about the transformation. If you would like to begin watching a few videos that have been done by David Wilcock, I’ll link you the first one on You Tube. I have not found any better than his…he is very determined to combine the spiritual and scientific together. I respect and trust that determination. Hang on to your hat, these are interesting. I’ll cut and paste something that I wrote to a person who received an Intuitive Session from me:

      “David Wilcock receives data, mainly through dreams. However, he does not release this information unless it is first verified with scientific processes. He persistently brings information to show the 2012 transformation is not a negative event. He is showing us HOW it’s an inner transfiguration. Here’s the link to video #1 – I believe you will find that David talks about stuff that resonates deeply within you: .”

  6. About 10 years ago, a friend lent me Book 2. I’ve subsequently bought and read almost all of his books. At first, I was skeptical (Hitler not in hell?, there is no hell??), annoyed (teenagers and sex), and amused (we are god?). But I ‘get’ what he teaches now and I haven’t looked back. Thanks to Neal (and a few others), I now consider myself ‘enlightened’ (just a bit). 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this. I have not heard of this new book/these 7 questions.

    • Your experience sounds very familiar, Earthianne! You may have heard about a Master laughing when asked what “enlightenment” meant. His response was: “Lighten up!” I need that reminder every now and then!

      I’m not sure if the questions are actually in the book – they came up while he was talking about his time with Barbara as he wrote her story. He mentioned the questions are discussed on a site called “The Global Conversation”. I looked at the site, but did not sign up.

  7. ‘Why am I where I am?’

    I think this is the most mysterious question in my life Amy. Fate seems to be toying with me and keeps sending me back to where I am now -a very negative atmosphere!

    • Poch, find the positive in the pile of negative, hang on tight and an opening will appear. It’s a constant challenge to change negative thoughts to a positive ones. Sometimes it’s the tiniest flash in the midst of utter anguish. Don’t let it be forgotten. More will come.

      On another note, I tried to leave a message on your site. I was asked for a password. I used my wordpress password – to no avail! Are others having problems?

  8. I’m not really a religious person, I do believe in the power of the church as an institution where you can find peace when you lit a candle. I believe in some high power, but there are few things that I don’t understand quite well, or disagree with. For example why always the innocent people suffer? It’s a big topic to discuss and probably each of us has its own explanation. Of course having a conversation with God is something we all do, but sometimes I wonder is it really a conversation or simply a monologue …

    • Blaga, we all come to an understanding in our own way and our own time. If a time comes when you want to see if that inner voice is a conversation or a dialogue, you will find a way to “test” it. When I’m not certain, I “sit” on it and see if the same message comes 3 more times from different sources.

      I’ll tell you a funny story about testing. A number of years ago, in Spring, I was spending time with a man who wanted our relationship to deepen. I wasn’t sure I wanted to enter into a sexual relationship with him. My instincts told me his soul was beautiful, but I wasn’t really attracted to him physically. I couldn’t decide so I asked for guidance and let it go. I went to the market, where I met a friend. We sat for a coffee. A big bumblebee landed on my knee. It had so much pollen packed in its back legs it could hardly fly. Later we perched ourselves on a bench in the market and, again, a bee loaded with pollen landed on me. When it happened the third time, I decided I GOT IT! Turned out that man and I had a most enjoyable interlude with each other for a few months. We went our separate ways with mutual respect and appreciation for each other. We are still friends today.

      • Yes, the little signs. I agree, they might be actually the other participant in the conversation. Maybe lately I haven’t had any signs and I could’ve use them, that’s why the doubt.

  9. Amy – I enjoyed reading your post … seems the timing of my visits to read your posts are always on target for where I am or what I need to consider next … not only did I enjoy the post, but the subsequent questions/remarks and your return comments. This validated I should read The Instruction and delve more into Neale’s work as well … I had heard of him and briefly skimmed the synopsis, but had a hard time “buying” some of it … I will give it another try. I thank you for sharing ~~ All my best to you!!

  10. Hi Amy, Thanks for the reminder of the simple steps… I am in my head way too much! I was contemplating my time left here and had a real sensation that everything was OK and to ENJOY. I am on Board and joining you…

  11. This resinates with me. My life revolves around the constant conversations that I have with God. Sometimes I wonder if people in traffic think that I am insane because I talk to God out loud in my car! Tee hee…. I do not know if I would have survived my life or at least made it out as sanely as I have without all of the talking and listening to God. I know that everyone can do this. One main reason that I began blogging was because of these conversations that I have with God. You are a great writer. 🙂

    • Hi Grounded Angel – thank you for landing here for a moment or two. I learned that I live in both the spiritual and physical world. When I first heard that, I thought, “yah, yah.” But my Guides lovingly kept hold of me until I listened. Now I realize, just as you say, that we all have this capability. May people like you and I simply be the encouragement that others need…just to try it. Don’t have to jump in. A toe at a time will do! 😀

  12. Right now I’m taking a long, deep breath and looking forward to a restful meditation, thank you! Your nudge is most welcome. I enjoyed “Conversations With God” quite some time ago, so it’s great to be reminded 🙂

    • Me, too, Naomi – I read the series years ago. However, I kept an eye on Neale Walsch since the writings still resonate with me. It’s good to be at a stage where meditation feels like a treat. And it is!!

  13. Let’s hear it for the mono-taskers!! I can’t do it any other way. However,though God is constantly on my mind,and I havehad conversations with Him, a la Elizabeth Gilbert in her book “Eat, Pray, Love”…but I have a difficult time being still to meditate. I need constant reminders and encouragement, thank you.

  14. Qustion 2: yup, you better believe it buddy 🙂 like why gave us free will to create our lives if we have no idea what we’re doing? I mean sure, I can see how that can be funny but still… and did God ever go through what we are now going through? I mean the lives, the reincarnations? Not through us, but as a soul in a body?
    Question 3: another yup

    • You know, Lucky, I’ve heard a lot of opinions about this. What sits well with me is the concept of “let what/who you love go free so it/they can come back to love you on their own free will.”

      It sure pays to get to know who you really are. You’ll find yourself completely loveable – something most of us find hard to believe. Then…you’ll find it’s possible to really love another.

      The fact you commented, Lucky, tells me you are interested in doing life the best you can. Bet I’m right! 🙂

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