The Transformation Powers Up

Welcome, My Beloved Guides.  There has been a huge shift.  It feels like a “power up”.  Will you please explain what is going on?

Indeed you are experiencing more of the evolutionary upsurge of energy that has been presented to your planet.  It is available to one and all.  It is an individual choice whether or not to accept the increased and associated power of this Universal Love that is bombarding each of you in unprecedented doses. 

Is this more of the positive Transformational process?

Yes, this is the promised transfiguration of life on this planet.  This is the gradual adjustment and realignment that the whole Universe is watching.  This includes other dimensions as well as other planetary domains.  This is the most unique process that has ever been attempted.  There is to be an ascension of a magnitude not undertaken at any other time in any other dimension. 

Is this the described Ascension of those who are considered “other-serving”?

Yes it is.  Anyone who does not participate will know the death experience typical of your planet, except by the one known to you as Jesus the Christ.

How can we know if we are “other serving”?

As described in the Law of One, each planetary being has self-will.  It is of each individual choosing whether to be other-serving or self-serving.  All individuals have the ability to source  themselves from Love rather than from the intellect. 

Is this the reason for your repeated messages about being forgiving and loving?

Yes.  In order to serve others in a spirit of love, humans need to be know the feelings of the heart.  There is a great deal of clearing required to bring the intellect into a support position.  By clearing the refuge of negativity, human beings will be able to receive the Light of Universal Love.  With Love, it is possible to forgive.  To receive the transformative Love energy that is available to all requires the partnership of forgiveness and love.

Let me see if I can recap some previous messaging.  First, I am to meditate.  Then, I watch my defenses to detect the orphans of my soul.  When I look deeply into the “eyes”of any orphan, I will know the creator of this sad, alone fragment of my soul.  I can then determine, forgive and love the source of its creation – whether it is something or someone outside of me or if it is me.   From there, I learn to respond with Love.  Is that the process?

You have summarized it .  We are aware that you are noticing changes within yourself.  We thank you for your willingness to continually seek and desire channels of information and growth.

Many humans are confused by the negativity that is coming to the fore in this process.  It is part of the clearing process.  I wouldn’t know this without the help of a few resources made available to me.  I would like to give credit to those who have been very instrumental in helping with the understanding of how the Transformation is affecting us – spiritually, emotionally and physically.

We welcome the opportunity of sharing these resources with others.  

Here’s who I mainly follow to gauge my understanding:

  • Tami at Sounds True provides numerous interviews with spiritual people from around the world and who are very well known globally.  Tami’s ability to interview with deep insight and well sculptured questions brings out the best in each of her guests.  Her calm, soothing approach to interviewing underscores the dignity and spiritual messages of each of her guests. 
  • I have been listening to many speakers who have been interviewed by Shifra at Quantam Healing and  SoulShifra is a student and a teacher of the Kaballah who carefully invites people who are bringing incredible knowledge about the Transformation.  She interviews people who range from Rabbis who have been given permission to now release the mysteries of the Kaballah to Chiropractors who have discovered exceptional healing abilities.
  • Many of the same speakers have been interviewed by Jennifer at Healing with the MastersMost of these people are very well known in healing circles.  They, too, have proven themselves to be sound, reliable sources of information about the Transformation.  Some of them have been telling us, for years, about all that is happening now. 
  • David Wilcox, a prolific intuitive who strives to match messages with scientific validation, continues to engage with various officials in power positions within the US.  David has managed to secure their confidence.  They have promised to work with him.  He has known of events, through messaging, that are now being validated.  David has numerous videos that can be found under his name on the internet.  I subscribe to his newsletter which is available to anyone.  His latest newsletter is titled “Official Government Disclosure has Begun”In this latest edition, David gives the link to the FBI’s “Vault” information.   This abundant resource shows countless government documents  of UFO experiences which the FBI had previously denied. 

Beloved Guides, the reason I mention these sources is because they freely share the information that comes from their sources and suppliers.  Those sources and suppliers may have various programs and agendas that have a cost attached, but the initial, overall transformational information is given freely. 

It feels as though I’ve been in school almost every day for well over a year.  It helps to understand your messages.  The contrast between the simplicity of your messages and those given to people like David Wilcox is amazing.

We are pleased to have you spend time assimilating the information.  Without this, the significance of forgiveness and love could be dulled.  It is key that souls be willing to shift from the mind to the heart.  It requires a decision followed by intent.  For many it requires observing their thoughts and exchanges with other living beings.  Each and every effort to act out of Love is supported by countless entities throughout the Universe. 

We are with each and every one of you.  It is important that each of you realize the Love that is streaming to you.  To receive its tranformative effect, live, think and act in a positive manner from your heart.  You will see more and more the transformative power of your simplest act.  Power received transforms into power that heals.  That means from you.   You are a part of this Loving Process.

Thank you so much, Beloved Guides.  To be continued.  


22 thoughts on “The Transformation Powers Up

  1. This is mind-boggling. I’m off to walk the dogs and meditate on your message. Do you know, I’ve never heard of the Law of One (that I know of). Thank you for sharing this and for the additional resources, Amy.

  2. Hi – this is Chloe from “Writing Days-Happy Days” with my new blog. Just to let you know I’ve subscribed to your blog now as Blossom Dreams. Please visit if you get a chance (if you haven’t already).

    Chloe xx

  3. My aunt(mother’s sister) was telling me this morning that negativity is something that is against the nature of the Creator.. and there is nothing negative about what he creates, so why should we embrace it? It is part of the teachings that she is attending as part of Brahma Sutras – this aspect is a specifically a part of the Ananda (Happiness) Sutra..
    It is amazing how many different types of holy scriptures in the world focus on this topic..
    Great thought provoking topic as always!

    • This is such good news, Rachana. Your Aunt’s teachings are the same as the ones I receive. It is not surprising since I believe all things flow from one Source. We bring into our lives what we think about – whether it’s through fear, worry or judgment? John Lennon learned in India – “Love is the answer.”

  4. Isn’t it funny how we complicate the simple.

    Isn’t it funny how we work too darn hard at what’s so flipping easy for the soul if we’d just LET it?


  5. Thank you for another great thought-provoking read.

    thank you too for the list of resources. I’ve been listening to Jennifer’s interviews at “Healing with the Masters” for a couple of years, but I don’t know the others. Wish I knew where to find the time for all this though…

  6. Oh we can feel the electricity, can’t we. I must come back when I can take time with this, Amy, meanwhile thinking of you and hope to get down to the P.O. soon.

    I hope you passed a pleasant Mom’s day in memory of your own.


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