Transformation Personified.


*An offering of Transformative action*

A video portraying

forgiveness and love between two mothers

personifies the message from my Beloved Guides:


22 thoughts on “Transformation Personified.

  1. I am touched by this message of forgiveness. However, I am stuck on that huge issue that we, the people of the world over, cannot find a better way to walk away from evil so that these Mothers do not have to suffer in the first place. We learn forgiveness because we can not seem to learn the first message and that is love and respect for our fellow man and walk away from all that directs us into contradiction. This affirms that we have a long way to go.

  2. I’m happily surprised that this woman has had the courage to speak in public, and that she has avoided being vilified by a culture that almost always blames the parents for the actions of the children. This is a breathtaking example of the power of forgiveness. Thank you for posting it, Amy.

  3. Thanks for the introduction Amy, who will not break down and cry while watching this video.. ! It always amazing the strength of stealth and deception that can exist between a child and a parent and how disastrous the consequences of their actions can be..

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