An Advocate from Heaven

Victoria, at Liv2write2day, issued a challenge on her Monday Morning Writing Prompt.

She chose a photo designed to summon creative juices.  Immensely intrigued, I committed time and Souldipper space to get to know this child who reached out of a picture and touched my soul.

We were invited to write a descriptive piece using as many senses as possible.

Image by vintagedept via Flickr

Nine year old Devon moved officiously from behind the wheelchair.  “What are you spraying?”

The caregiver paused with a tired sigh dreading an encounter with a precocious child.  “I’m refreshing your grandfather’s room.”   Pssst!  The putridly sweet-scented substance that promised spring violets stung Devon’s eyes.

“Please stop.  He hates that stuff.  It makes him sick.”  Devon saw she was being ignored.  She had to stop this woman.  For courage, she reached over and grabbed her grandfather’s dry, tissue-paper hand.  The overpowering chemical spread a tickling sting in Devon’s nasal passages.  At first she considered stopping it, then joyfully released a loud, snorting sneeze, “Ah choo!”

The spraying stopped.

The caregiver picked up her basket to leave, then said, “What’s he doing with those scissors?  Where did he get them?”

“I brought them.  He’s gonna cut his beard as soon as he finishes with my IPod.  He’s listening to me sing in our school play.   The Wizard of Oz.  Then we’re going for turkey dinner at my Aunt Molly’s house.”

“He’s not supposed to have sharp scissors.”

“Maybe my grandpa can’t walk, but he can cut his beard.”  Devon’s tone rose with defensiveness.

The caregiver stood with her hands on her hips, “I’ll have to take them from him.”

Devon knew the IPod would soon be finished.  She had to take care of this immediately, “My grandpa knows how to do everything.  He carried a friend over a mine field when he was soldier.  That friend visits grandpa all the time.  He saved my mom and my aunt once from a fire.  He saved tons of animals.  He used guns, knives, razor blades, saws, axes…  You should listen to my grandpa’s stories sometime.  Scissors don’t scare him.”

“I’m sure you know why rules exist.  I bet your mother has rules about scissors.”

“Well when my grandpa runs with these scissors, you can tell him the rules.”  Devon’s eyes darkened with defiance as she flashed a look at her grandfather to make certain the Wizard was still playing.  “Me and grandpa never talk about rules.  He told me that the only people who need rules are the ones who don’t know how angels think.”

Grandfather suddenly shouted above the applause that only he could hear, “My goodness, sweetheart, that was some performance!”

42 thoughts on “An Advocate from Heaven

  1. Oh, I can tell that you’ve worked with the elderly and that you’ve taken time to listen to their stories. What a blessing they have been in our lives. This story brought tears to my eyes and memories to this gently aging mind. Bravo, my dear friend.

  2. Amy ~ Sorry it took me so long to make the rounds today. It’s been an interesting and somewhat exhausting day on SLTW. 😉

    That said, this is MY FAVORITE POST from you. It illustrates that LOVE is the antidote to FEAR.

    No wonder the Angels were applauding! 🙂

  3. Nice story! And I commend you for taking on such a detailed writing prompt. Using our senses is a way to “connect” things when we write. Give them sticking power. Like when children learn, if they do so with more than once sense (sight and touch, for example), they are more apt to remember what they’ve learned.

    The same is true for writing. When we read something connected to one of the five senses, we remember it. The chill on my face. The softness of the fur. Etc.

    Hmmm… Guess I’m inspired by your writing prompt too!

    • So glad you came by, Melissa, and that you took the time to make such helpful comments. Thank you. I just saw this quote from Chekhov that I love to visit again and again, “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” ~Anton Chekhov With writers like that, we’d have fewer memory problems! 😀

  4. Great piece of story telling. The little girl’s my hero!
    You noticed so many details in the picture – like the scissors – that I didn’t even see.

    • Hi Theresa – I love seeing one of my fellow Canadians writing blogs that will be so supportive to other young mothers. In visiting your blog, I see you ‘let it out’ which is great! Thanks for visiting. I love your word “fierce”. You’re right. Devon is a little warrior.

  5. Hi Amy and Victoria .. my goddaughter’s names! anyway – yes I can feel that story .. and the relationship between the two – wonderful .. let alone the story itself .. the truth .. wonderful .. you could write more?! Cheers and big hugs – Hilary

    • Hi Hilary – good to hear from you again. It tells me you have a bit of breathing space. 🙂 I enjoyed your post about some details within the Royal Wedding.

  6. Hi Amy .. no and no and no!! Just trying to do a catch up with my Reader and the fact I can actually blog now and comment – after the blogger and google slow down in the past fortnight – thank goodness after the A – Z challenge.

    Thanks – I’ve enjoyed doing the Royal Wedding perspectives – knowing they’ll be different to all others! Cheers .. Hilary

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