Loves That Take The Edge Off Eternity

A younger and highly talented woman –

Laura, of  Sine Cera

nominated Soul Dipper for the Versatile Blogger award.

Thank you, Laura, for the nomination.  I am honoured.

The Guides are blushing!

Laura, this post

  – about love that literally beats the hell out of the edges of eternity –

is dedicated to you.

Don’t live this life without tasting it.

Take a very large bite.

On Thursday, I rushed out of the hardware store with a freshly opened tube of crazy glue.  The long awaited opportunity had arrived.  The sun had been shining on my car sufficient to warm the rubber strip that encases a rear window.  It was finally pliable enough to glue the strip and bend it securely into place.

“Hey, Amy!”

I knew that voice!  It’s one I love.  He’s part of my soul.  I was awash with indecision:  Capture the moment or capture the moment?

Kelly wouldn’t harden like an open tube of crazy glue if I ignored his greeting for a few seconds.  He’d see that I was engaged in an unstoppable process.  Besides, I decided, he’d be a much needed pair of helping hands.

“Hey, Kelly.  I’m not good at blue jobs.”  He approached with his great, big, wide-open, Alberta-boy grin.  He knew I was talking about those jobs that I would rather have a man look after.

Predictably, he began pressing the rubber strip firmly around the window after I applied glue to its crevasses.  “Thank goodness you showed up, Kelly!”

“You can do pretty much anything you put your mind to.  You woulda handled this job just fine without my help.”

“I know I could have, Kelly.  But look how sweet it is with help!”  He was wearing a vest that announced his role as a Flight Assistant for one of the local Air Services that flies harbour to harbour on our West Coast.  It’s a part time job where he helps people on and off rocking aircraft while he charms them with pure cowboy presence.

He reached into his vest and pulled out his latest CD, “Hard Rode”.  “I’ve been meaning to pop round and give you this.”

Kelly writes the songs he sings.  If he’s ever given a nod by just the right person, he hopes it’ll be his words that wake up feelings left silent too long.

The CD he handed me was signed:  “Thanks, Amy.”  A poem was printed on the back cover,  “Thanks –  All y’all good folks…who’ve helped along the way.  Mostly for the many means of being fed, watered ‘n put up so we can ride another day.”

His unique signature appeared at the bottom:  Kelly Burk.

Kelly and I usually don’t show up in each others’ lives without purpose.  I wondered which of these songs he wanted me to hear.   All of us who love Kelly listen deeply to his recordings, hoping for hint of an intimate moment or word we shared with him.   Some of us have likely claimed songs that would embarrass us if we knew the origin.

Kelly Burk, Songwriter & Singer

After a hug, he strolled back to the pier.  Before starting the car, I looked over the list of titles.  The last one captured my attention, “Time to Leave”.

Ever have one of those sacred moments that feels like you’ve just encountered an ocean in a river?

This man is surely the spiritual son my guides say I’ve been keening over during this entire physical incarnation.  Apparently we’ve been together in every life I’ve experienced.  They said, “Picture a mother dolphin with her baby, playing in the blue water, emitting sounds of joy and delight.  You two have done this from the dawning of time.  There have been many farewells, but, inevitably you find each other again.”

Can’t beat history.

30 thoughts on “Loves That Take The Edge Off Eternity

  1. Amy, I’m truly touched! 🙂 Thank you, really. I can’t believe someone would dedicate something as beautiful as this to me. Its a lovely post.
    I must say, you are a very good story teller. Ever written a book? I’m sorry if my question is a bit ignorant, I’m not familiar with your work. But like you already know, what I have read so far is just wonderful.

    Thank you again, really… thank you, thank you. 😀

  2. Amazing connectedness–doesn’t that just blow your socks off?!

    Blows mine off……..

    Yup–he’s a cutie, inside and out.
    And gotta love those driven folks–just GOTTA.

  3. Congratulations on your award, Amy.
    I enjoyed viewing Laura’s drawings. Thank you!
    Wow, never really having to leave forever and ever is the wonderful message here. Thank you, Amy!

    • Hey, Poch, thanks for visiting. This type of connection is the joy that available to all of us. The world, more and more, is awakening to the fact that we are all connected. Look at us, Poch – I have enormous respect for you. How did that happen? We’ve never met…! We’re going to know this more and more.

  4. Ah, Amy, what a total treat!!! Laura’s blog looks lovely, and as for your long lost spiritual son – too gorgeous 😀 I had the pleasure of sampling his beautiful music before the player bombed my browser, but I heard enough to love it already. Abundant blessings to you both, xoxo

      • Oops, left a little early. Thanks for your comments. Since we shared the Soul Safari I will share another facet of this with you in an email…don’t know when. I’m flying these days.

  5. You seem to have the most blessed life, Amy. The people you have touched with your writing and your kindness and the connections you make are amazing. Well deserved award!

  6. “Ever have one of those sacred moments that feels like you’ve just encountered an ocean in a river?”

    Nothing is more precious than unexpected depths – a history that waits for you and is ready to embrace you.

    And yes, all oceans are sacred.

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