Meditation is the Key

My beloved Guides, this meditation begins with no question in my heart.  One of my dearest readers gently nudged me into sharing you again.  It’s been a while.  Please present your message of choice today.

Child, there has been great deal of contact and work over this time of apparent silence.  We want the readers to know that you have turned to us in all matters weighing heavily.  You have meditated and prayed at any time, without ritual and without need of particular conditions.  The message to the world is to meditate.  Without meditation, souls are missing the wealth of information needed for individuals to know themselves.  There is an endless supply of Love from the Source to all who reach out.  The key is to reach out.

Meditating on The Power of Fragility

We have been called by you during your walks.  We have been summoned by you no matter what you are doing in times of doubt and fear.  You have asked us to assist you in unraveling confusion and hurt.  You have sought appropriate words to deal with or respond to conflict.  You have requested that love be poured on individuals toward whom you feel varying degrees of resentment and disappointment.

Throughout all of this, you have asked that Love be freely and abundantly given to those individuals.  You have decided to forgive, knowing that forgiving does not condone their actions or words or silence.  You are employing the two most important ingredients, Love and Forgiveness, during this time of massive change.  This monumental change is affecting all individuals open to receiving the transformative inundation of energy.

My Guides, look at that list of negativity that I’ve been working through.  Your kindness cushions me from shame.  I trust that I deserve that pat on the soul for being loving and forgiving.  However, my Guides, what choice do I have?  I want to evolve and be a part of the solution.

You are one of the Wanderers, Child.  You know you have not fit in the physical realm.  Home has always been somewhere else.  You know that others have not understood many of your thoughts or actions of the spiritual vein.  It causes some to distrust your authenticity.  You’ve lived with that throughout your life.  You tried stifling the Love you feel.  You have practiced holding back.  But to what purpose?  For you, unexpressed Love is like a starter for sour dough bread.  When not used, it multiplies.  It will find an outlet to creep out of its container.  It will seep out of the tiniest crack or opening.  You can do nothing about it.

The mystery to me is why it doesn’t creep out of the portals that other mortals use.

There is enough of those outlets.  Your agreement includes purpose that takes different routes.  Again, you have sensed that others have not even understood some of the deepest love gestures you have offered.  You are beginning to see and accept this reality more and more.  It is not without sorrow, but the accompanying joy allows you to shed the sadness like a confining cloak.

I thought I was just overly sensitive.  Sometimes when I’ve tried to explain my feelings, I can see that the meaning is not there for others.

Your feelings include insights that others have yet to evolve into.  They will and that’s the reason you find it easy to Love them.  You understand that Universal Laws will not be negated or ignored.  The evolutionary process is one that seeks its due.  Individuals can, however, change the amount of time it takes.  That depends on their willingness to co-create with Source and walk with Divine determination.

This is a bit uncomfortable.  This is like posting a statement that says, “I’m special.”

The souls who read this material are ones who will recognize themselves in the concepts.  They will see themselves in you.  The postings you create with us hold many different themes, subjects and topics.   Those who follow the posts will see the thread of Love.  Throughout the Love experience, humanness creates challenge.  No matter the depth or breadth of Loving, confusion, hurt and pain will exist.  Each of these negative emotions arise from one element of humanness: fear.

Rather than run away from fear, it needs to be faced.  That is the only way to be rid of fear.  Admit having it, then dig until its true nature is struck, and see it for what it is.   Once you are able to look at what it truly is, it will diminish and even disappear.

Can you give an example?

Let’s have you give the example.

Alright.  Let’s look at the fear I had about starting this blog and publishing these materials that come from you.  It took me a while to really understand my hesitancy.  I was afraid to admit to people, especially people I know, that I’ve been having conversations with some form of higher being my whole life.  I never talked about the strong sense I have of another part of my soul being elsewhere.  As the encouragement came from a handful of good friends, I realized I had to find out what the fear was.  I dug deep.  I hit pride.  It was the fear of looking stupid or ridiculous.

When you looked pride in the eye, what did you discover?

That I had no right to prevent your messages from being shared.  That I could leave the discernment in the hands of the reader.  Each reader has the discretionary power and ability to borrow what they need or want from any of your messages.  That this whole blog is a co-creation with the Divine Energy.  If just one person identifies with any aspect of your message, I am overjoyed.  It shows that your message flies in spite of lingering fear.  The joy truly can be overwhelming.  I can feel like a fragile, falling tear when I learn that someone identifies with what you shared.

If only your readers could see the celebration at this frequency.  Our joy reverberates with positive effect throughout our Universe.  It’s our opening to give Love to another soul who has been struggling with incarnation.  We know our joy is powerful enough to shake up even the most profound skeptic.  Any who seek to prove or disprove our jubilation can start by meditating.  Now.

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51 thoughts on “Meditation is the Key

  1. I was called towards your post today while feeling the depths of a sadness or sorrow I cannot name. You express it so well Amy. On my path as a wandering star I have come across wholeness as an answer to my struggles with ideas of perfection (which I have rejected) Wholeness is a unified way and allows all parts to be present as imperfect as they are, just to be there and held in the sacred circle that is life. We all know this wisdom at some level, just not consiously here in the physical earth that we live our life. We all share in it and we all can recognise it at some energetic level, so please keep on bringing it through words. It is Love. xxx

  2. Hi Amy: Love this post…. You are truly blessed to be able to be in contact with your spirit guides all the time. You have a remarkable gift and thank you for sharing. I have read several authors who have written about their experiences with their guides. I have so much to say but I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words. I believe in our Spirit Guides and they help us with our life lessons that we came here to learn. I have learned a few things about myself from an Intuitive Healer that I saw a few times several years ago.


    • Thanks for commenting, Cindy. I had to learn to “listen”, then see if what was said came to be – or played out. As with any fitness, it means discipline and practice to develop to the stage where the communication works for both sides. Keep at it!

  3. There are some things that others can still not accept when they read about someone talking with “Guides”. I don’t have guides that speak to me except a couple times in dreams. I do “see” things occasionally and “know” and accept. I come here because I trust myself to read what you are sharing and because it is a comfort to know what I believe is being practiced and does exist. I feel that the messages you share are not for you, alone, but for all of us. How can someone fault love? Not everyone is at the same understanding, so it takes messages on all levels. Just what constitutes love has to be learned as we grow. I think your guides are wise. I think you ARE reaching many. If it were not for people like you, and those initial authors I read, I would not understand what you are talking about. It takes an effort and belief on the part of the reader, also, not to mention a push or a shove from life and its experiences. Good post Amy. Thank you for the message on meditating more, at least for me.

  4. Amy, it is my hope that I have never been one of the friends who has caused you pain.
    I appreciate so much your depth of soul; it would be my best wish to always honor the love you so readily share.

    For me, meditation come when I am in the garden or walking in the forest. It is then I experience that sense of peace. I breathe deeply without having to remind myself to do so.

    Thank you for your insights and your willingness to open your heart to others.


    • Joan, it’s good to hear from you. I, too, would not want any blockage between us that we could not discuss! I also appreciate your depth. I know that honesty, openness and willingness are the virtues that you use to keep communication lines clear. It’s a joy when those virtues exist in a friendship. Without them, it’s not safe. Yes, I certainly am safe with you!

  5. Amazing things come when I just shush and open my hands and listen.

    Yes, there will be people that distrust the authenticity–be authentic anyway. I can hear it, breathed into my heart.

    I’m ever so grateful when your Guides hit the pages here. It’s validation. I think I’ve spoken to that before. Love and forgiveness. Opened hands, heart and mind. There’s so much richness to be received.
    This morning I sat on the patio, listening to birdsong and I knew how graced I was. It didn’t have anything to do with that cuppa coffee–though that didn’t hurt! LOL It’s the breathing room in my life.

    Yaknow, I just realized that I cannot separate out moments when I hear and when I do not–it’s such a constant. Maybe I ought to be frightened. LOL Oddly enough, I am not.
    I have no problem looking schizophrenic to the bulk of the world around me. 😉

    • When I received my first reading from Ainslie MacLeod, author of The Instruction, one of the opening statements from his Guides was that my soul (in it’s/my last life, which I’m very pleased about) lives in both worlds which causes some challenges to being in this incarnation. Yowsers! That answered a lot of my questions!

      You know, Mel, that is exactly what I love about my Guides – validation. That wee commodity cannot come to us mortals enough. I notice how simple their messages seem to be, but for those who want to see, they catch the depth and richness.

      I know that I love your beautiful soul, Mel. Thanks for declaring your connection and depth.

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    • The link I gave in your comment section is a video of Haris singing (live) the song that you interpreted. The link you give here is her singing the song, but with photographs of her – not a live performance. I found the quality of both very acceptable.

  7. Good evening Amy! Loved this post — the negativity and pain your guides spoke about is something I am currently struggling with. It’s not been easy these past months, but when I read what you and your guides have to say about loving and forgiving it gives me hope. I have tried meditating many times, but my mind just becomes a jumble of thoughts/noise and no matter how hard I try to banish the intrusions they just won’t go. So, I have to satisfy myself with a walk, or reading, or something that will take my mind away from my problems. Is not being able to meditate a sign of my fear of confronting what may be bothering me? Sorry to seek advice, but you got me curious!

    • It could be, Kathy, but you are the only one who can say for sure. Most people have trouble meditating – even more specifically, most people have trouble sitting in a quiet and still position for 10 minutes. My spiritual teacher told me to start with 5 minutes if necessary. Imagine yourself by a river. When a thought comes, put it in a boat. Put the boat in the river to float away. Don’t judge it. Just put it in that boat and let it drift away. Do the same with the next ones. (All 50 of them?! 😀 ) Pretty soon you’ll notice the thoughts don’t come as frequently. And then you’ll notice that you feel better when the time is up. For no reason…just lighter. Keep doing it. It’s a step at a time.

      The reason it’s hard? You need to practice it and do it faithfully. It is so worth it!

  8. Thank you Amy for a beautiful post. I think so much of the pain, hurt and confusion in our lives comes from misunderstandings brought about as a result of poor communication or a wrong interpretation. A friend once told me to always follow my heart and one time when I didn’t I think I disappointed and hurt them. I did address it with an apology but for me it wasn’t enough. I am still trying to forgive myself. Sometimes I think my biggest fear is this strong willed person in me, I keep wondering if I am trying to be in charge, when that is God’s job. My quiet time each day is all that reminds me of the things I need to work on. I love reading your blog, you touch so many people. My wish is much love and happiness for you as you give us such inspiration.

    • We certainly do not have much opportunity to forget that we are human! Thanks for your comments, Dee. Your wishes and encouragement are most appreciated. Since this is a partnership, I am amazed and delighted over the prompts I am given. Those prompts usually come in the form of other human beings. 😀

    • I’ve been stomping through forests, oohing and awwing over spring flowers and wondering how I could forget my camera! Also, am training to volunteer at our Theater. So may I plead conscientious distraction? Tomorrow feels like a writing day! Do not worry a hair re the CD!!

  9. Love begets Meditation begets Confidence begets Courage begets Strength begets Surrender begets Compassion begets Love. It all begins, ends, and continues with Love. Amy, you are a good example. 🙂

  10. Amy, I am glad you listened to your heart and opened it up for us.. The sensitivity and tenderness are mesmerizing.. The message is speaking with me with love.. I am sure it does the same to others too.. Yes, I think I can feel and see the celebration in your heart at the same frequency as you!
    One of your best posts!!

  11. I’m ready to communicate with my guides and am getting beginning messages and signs but still no conversation, and love all that you shared here. You know, I think my guides sent you to my blog, so I would come back and find you 🙂
    I also love the photo. Wow.

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