L-O-V-E – not Fear!

The Transformation is speeding up.

What does that mean?

Get rid of fear by being informed.

The presenters in this movie will explain.

Each presenter has information that is valid, reliable and unfolding.

“The movie is three hours long!”

Having an understanding is worth the time.

It can be watched in segments – while you cook, play computer games or clean your desk.

It will uplift you.  It will change how you perceive upcoming events.

It will help you think for yourself.  It is a step out of fear into love.

It will feed your soul.

(If the video does not work, here is the link to the movie on You Tube)


Thanks for keeping me company.



22 thoughts on “L-O-V-E – not Fear!

  1. I can’t get to this movie, couldn’t get the last one either. Do you have any more info as I would really like to watch this.?


  2. I can get to the link and I’m relieved to say NOT from South Carolina. 😉

    A bit at a time, I’ll give a watch….cuz….

    YEAH! It works for me!!!!

    • The presenters are each a study unto themselves. Many are familiar to me, but I forget what it would be like to be exposed to them for the first time in this manner. Hope it’s not overwhelming.

  3. Hey I found your blog through another comment and it looked like you had something interesting to say!!! You do and it was great. My blog is simialr to yours. I have a couple of blogs about reincarnation and other things that I found out about. I like bloggin because I may not meet people of like minded ideas locally so I just surf the net. Keep on writing.

  4. “Fear is the greatest of all mass mind manipulation techniques..” such a great quote from one of the presenters! I absolutely detest ignorant fear induced claims.. I am so glad you shared this with all of us, Amy!
    And Giuliani’s “Terror” infested quote makes for pure psychosis.. Ha!
    I have never been able to watch a metaphysics and scientific take on the “2012” phenomenon, have been on my things to see forever!! Glad I saw it before the year 2012.. 😉

  5. Did it! Watched it. All of it, student that I am. It is a remarkable thing that people are expressing the way they see things and feel things through all these different explanations because I feel very strongly that we all have different journeys that bring us together. So what of this I could not understand and that of this that I can, for me the two hours, fifty-three minutes and some seconds were well worth the time spent to hear that one metaphor on light. You can’t take light into a dark room without seeing it emanate around you. If you take darkness into a light room it has very little effect. I feel everyone has the choice to live in that light and choose love over hate. What it takes to get some of us there I can not say. I can only speak from my own experiences. I believe everyone is capable of choosing light over darkness and if this time is a time when more people have the opportunity to be aware of this then it is a good thing. Thank you, Amy.

    • Leslie, The exact same concept was my highlight! In fact, I have used the first part several times with women I mentor. I picked it up first in Conversations With God, but affixing the second part about darkness seals the visual so well. Plus, as I see more and more how patterns are repeated ad infinitum throughout our Universe, I am comforted knowing that I can (even more) look for and love simplicity. Seems we go through a clutter of complexities to come to the real gem – in all it’s magnificent clarity.

  6. Almost 1 a.m. here, but I’m so glad you posted this. Thanks, Amy. I’m going to watch the whole thing!!!??? Okay. I’m nuts. I’ll be useless tomorrow. Oh well.

    I’ll be back for me comments …. I’ve been reading, but Haven’t left comments. Will do.

    Take it easy and thanks again and for all your visits as well.


    • One can do some fast forwarding, but if more cataclysmic events happen, we need to understand what is happening. If it never happens, what is there to lose by knowing that, in essence, we are being loved through life?

      BTW – I made a comment on your fabulous post “All that matters”. As it is being held for moderation, I wondered if you saw it. I hope you did…I really, really loved that poem. I hope you don’t mind I’ve printed it for myself.

      • Thanks for the documentary. I did stay up and watch it. Wonderful. Interesting events of all kinds now happening over the world. Important to stay centered.

        I will double check on comment, but I do believe I saw it and probably commented back, though I’m not getting to that as consistently as I was. So much going on and still trying to keep up with my all my blogger friends even if I have to do catch-up visits as I am today.

        It’s four days into ScriptFrenzy, but I haven’t started. I may not get to is this year. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow … or not. It’s all good.

        Hugs! and Peace!

        • The glorious freedom of not having to do anything that is creating a problem in other areas of life is still a joy. Since finishing a work life, I am still in awe that I can change my mind and it has little to no impact. I’m sure your decision re ScriptFrenzy will the right one for you.

          I agree, Jamie, that staying informed is key to a rational level of trust.

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