Reincarnation – Written, Recited and Tested

Reincarnation heals.

Reincarnation used to be a subject I kept on a shelf.  I didn’t know what to believe.  Then, a psychic, Ainslie MacLeod, told me about one of my past lives.  Understanding that particular life transformed my present life: my attitudes, my belief systems, and my struggles.  Those insights freed my soul’s purpose and lit fires I didn’t know lay kindled.

Past life regressions heal beyond the obvious and keep on healing as layers are lifted.

Didn’t Jesus live an incarnation?  Didn’t Jesus teach that he was just a man – that we are like him?  Am I to believe that we-the-masses are barred from the God-given powers that Jesus demonstrated and urged us to seek?

“Ye of little faith.”  Let’s go for big faith.  I want to  live wondrous experiences mentored by Jesus – including incarnations.

Written message about reincarnation:

Ainslie MacLeod - Old Soul Psychic

In his newsletter, Soul World News, Ainslie MacLeod – author and “old soul” who traveled with us on our Soul Safari in 2009 – describes an action that is unconscionable.  The Chinese government has banned reincarnation in an attempt to control the selection of future Dalai Lamas.  Ainslie writes, “You have as much a chance of banning reincarnation as you have banning breathing.”

Thankfully, I just watched The Wayseer’s Manifesto. It teaches  if the government is stopping the people, it’s time for the people to stop the government. “The people” no longer only means the people of that country.  It means all of us.  Separation has reincarnated into connectivity – Oneness.

The ostrich in me has reincarnated into a phoenix.  I’ve notified and asked them to put together a petition against this action.

Recited message about reincarnation:

Out of the blue, reincarnation appeared in poetry form.  Because many of my bloggers friends are poets, I wanted to share Sarah Kay giving a presentation at  Click here to watch her recite a poem about reincarnation. (It’s towards the end of the video.)

Take a Test:

Curious about your soul type?  Click here for a soul quiz from Ainslie MacLeod.

I’m first a Creator, backed by Spiritualist traits and influenced by the Thinker tendencies.

Do you agree with your results?



36 thoughts on “Reincarnation – Written, Recited and Tested

    • Did you read the definitions at the bottom of the quiz…or on the next page (can’t remember). The book, The Instruction, defines these types more fully. But since you questioned Thinker, here are a few points from the Book’s definition:

      Thinkers are very much in their heads. Often they analyze every last detail to the point where they can’t make up their minds. A typical thinker is an academic who feels more comfortable keeping her emotions within a narrow range. Thinkers can spend more time planning a vacation than being on it. They have to be careful – they tend to believe that reading about a volcano is the same as seeing one for real. Thinkers observe the world and learn from their analysis of it. Typical trait: skepticism. They read labels first and aren’t the type to buy snake oil. Obviously, thinkers lover books.

      We all have a bit of each soul type. Before we had our sessions with Ainslie so his guides could confirm our types, his book suggested meditating about it. Not sure if any of us did, but we did find the quiz results were often altered a bit. I thought I was more a leader than a thinker. But it’s about how we operate when we do what we do. I may have been a leader in my careers, but I can now see that I was a Creator/Spiritual/Thinker while I lead.

      So, Cin, use your intuitive powers and follow what you believe to be correct.

  1. I certainly believe in reincarnation. I was regressed once by a good friend of mine I trusted and got to find out a few useful things about my past lives.

    The test was interesting, my highest score was Helper, then Creator and then Thinker. My lowest was Caregiver…no surprise there, I am quite the loner and very independent, and I expect others to be the same, and haven’t got the patience to “baby sit” people…oh dear lol. Not sure I fit the “helper” bit either. I mean, I do not really go out of my way to help people…but I suppose the Helper bit relates to just wanted to get on with things in the background.

    Okay, now I am sounding like one anti-social twerp…hee hee

    • Alannah, one of the beauties of soul work is to accept ourselves and see how certain traits get us into the pickles we don’t like.

      Looking at the Helper write-up in The Instruction, Ainslie’s book, (this is very much my paraphrase) he says that Helpers really want to be of service, but run the risk of other people seeing that ability/drive/energy and taking advantage of them. Not wanting to be submissive to others, as a Helper, you may be using the easiest defense – stay away from it all.

      This is where one of the other types can rise to the fore and provide the strength to deal with it – eg. set boundaries, speak up, etc.

      But you see, Alannah, every one of these types is needed to make up our world! We just have to learn how to deal with the “down side” of the Type.

      • Well said Amy and yes, you’re right, your Helper description sounds a lot like me. I find it hard to say no to people so I try to keep to myself instead.

        How true is that about how it takes all these types to run our world. If everyone wanted to be a leader, we’d all be in big trouble 🙂

    • Mi amiga, found you here by coinsidence… fate? lol
      took the test and came out as helper and thinker with the same highest results, as a helper I can see my self, my actual job right now is a helper job and I do many of the things said in the description however; “Your life will be a constant search for knowledge and understanding.” which is part of the thinker description explains a lot about myself 😀 I’m glad I took this test.

  2. I don’t exactly believe in reincarnation May but I’m not against it. I believe in the afterlife. Anyway, I think people should be more interested in religious articles now because of the recent disasters and threats of it.

    I can’t believe my score in the soul quiz! lol. Take a look:
    Spiritualist -19
    Leader -17
    then suddenly: Hunter -15
    So what do you think about that May?

  3. Thank you Amy for all you do. I find your Blog interesting and entertaining. I am always picking up little tidbits to do further research on. Today’s blog had me looking up Avaaz and Soul World News.
    Love it,

    Very grateful, Arlene

    • Charles, I have long suspected that you share my status as an old soul. The Guides told Ainslie that this is my last life…I hope it is. (Only a very old soul says that! 🙂 ). I also suspect you are a Creator. Obviously, your creativity show through every ping on your blog, but also because of your sensitivity and idealism. Those two traits are the major ones for Creators in this venue.

  4. I love the reincarnation depicted in Kundun . . . my glasses, my prayer beads, my bell, etc.

    Enjoyed the quiz: Spiritualist (14) Leader (14) Performer (13 Thinker (13) Creator (12) Educator (11) Helper (10) Caregiver (10 Hunter (9)

    • I’m grinning, Nancy – while I was preparing the link, you were very much on my mind. As a spiritualist, you have lots of compassion which means a focus on improvement. We spiritualist have to watch that we don’t become obsessive. Younger soul spiritualists are the ones who are heavily into religion. Mother Teresa was only a three…out of 10 (10 being the oldest of old souls.) Older soul spiritualists just want to help others find their own potential. (That’s because we know they have to do “it” themselves…with Divine guidance and…well…maybe a bit from us. 😳 )

      Anslie’s quote from “The Instruction” – “Spiritualist types want to make the world a better place and bring healing to humanity. As a result, they’ll often apply their compassion and inspirational qualities to seemingly unrelated areas of life.
      John Lennon, for example, expressed himself through his music. The lyrics to ‘Imagine’ are the heartfelt sentiments of an old-soul Spiritualist.”

      I worked at creatively setting up an environment of inner growth for every employee I had. I loved one role I had where I made sure all career doors were open for every woman who wanted it and who had the credentials. If they didn’t pick up the ball, that was okay. Since it was not a spiritual setting, it was a great challenge at times to bring integrity and virtue into the conversations. The ones who wanted to grow grew and some are still in touch. They are doing incredibly well.

      • P.S. One thing I remember Ainslie saying – maybe while we were on our Soul Safari in South Africa…the Spiritualists desire for improvement can cause some to become manipulative. Hopefully the other two soul types ( the second and third) have the qualities to prevent that from happening.

  5. Well, no surprise here–

    Leader, Spiritualist, Hunter.

    True. True. True.

    Perhaps I should be afraid to be so well pegged? 😉

    Nah–I think I’m okay with things just being as they are.
    Though I’m not so sure I don’t wanna take up the argument that manipulation has to be ‘bad’ or that it needs to be prevented from happening.

    (please note that I am a very manipulative person and might be a bit–warped(?) in how I see that……)

    Oh–and yes to reincarnation.
    No to prohibiting that. LOL ‘Zactly how do they anticipate accomplishing that?! Just curious……(enough to go investigate, ty!)

    • Interesting…look at all the Leaders in blogging. Back to my dear ol’ mom for a minute – she used to say to me, “You know, Amy, you would be wise to just plant seeds and let your husband think it was his idea.”

      “Mom! That’s manipulation! I’m not going to do that!” said the know-it-all.

      And all my married women friends do that. Is there a lesson here? 😛

    • To each his own, Richard. I admire you for whatever your belief system. I couldn’t even think about reincarnation for years, but am delighted with what I discover now.

  6. First on reincarnation. I believe in it wholeheartedly. If I look and hear carefully enough I see things that take my breath away, daily, to support this belief. I remember reading Gary Zukav and James Van Praagh and feeling like I was finally home and this life, here, became a gift rather than a burden. It was a turning point and “home” became acceptable if you can grasp my meaning.
    I was somewhat surprised by my test. I am humbled by the results as I was Spiritualist with Creator and Caregiver tied for a very close second.
    Good post, Amy.

    • Your comment is so interesting, Leslie. I had no idea what your ‘leanings’ were, but I have always felt a strong undertone to what we share. No wonder you let out your artistic talent with such great results – you know there’s a bundle of talent in there?! Lifetimes of ’em! 🙂

      Hmmm…wonder what surprises you about the Types. None of those three seem the least bit out of line from my (distant) observation.

      The first time that Ainslie indicated that Old Souls want to be HOME, I sank into a cushion of relief. Old Souls don’t quite feel they fit in anywhere in particular, but when with other old souls, there’s a welcome taste of being home. To see you use the word, it makes me think it entirely possible that you are another one of us old souls.

  7. I never really believed in reincarnation, it did’nt seem very likely to me.
    Then I read “Many lives, Many masters” by Brian L. Weiss, and I thought it was very convincing. I then had an impulse to try to regress my partner, and boy…that led to a lot of things in both our lives, to make a long story short (The Masters Weiss talks about in the book was some of what I also got to experience, it all changed my life to say the least).

    The soul quiz: when I first took it when it came out, I got:
    Caregiver, Thinker

    …then the guides told me what I really was, and they said:
    Spiritualist, Performer
    Haha, I was so wrong!
    But that might say more about me not being conscious of myself then about the accuracy of the test itself, lol 🙂
    They also said that I’d forgotten about my introvert side, and only been the outgoing ‘performer’ for a long time, so I’ve been rediscovering that this past year, and it feels good:-)
    So I think it is very good for us to discover our soul types.

    What a delight to discover your blog, and it is such a joy to read a blog with so many wise comments, too;-)

    • Welcome, Leila. Thank you very much for all you shared in your comments. The Guides, both mine and Ainslie’s, massaged my results somewhat as well. At the time, I was wanting to get out of my head and that influenced my answers. My Thinker was much lower on the quiz. The Guides lovingly brought it to light.

      Brian Weiss has done wonders for bringing acceptance to the concept of past lives and their effect on us. The healing has been so necessary.

      As we progress toward our inner transformation, knowing who we are is such a giant step towards our being able to forgive and love. These are the two key elements in the coming events.

  8. Hiya, Amy! If I remember from my work with Mr. McLeod’s book, my primary type is Performer, supported by Thinker and Creator. Surprised me at the time. Now it seems about right.

    • If you are a Performer, Sally, I hope you have lots of outlets to express what you know needs to be told! If you are a Performer, you’ll certainly find the best way to get the message out!

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