The Way – A New Manifesto

Soul Journer Susan shared this video with the rest of  the Soul Journers.

(If this movie does not open for you, click here for the link.)


From the Wayseers Website:

“The Movement to Unite All Wayseers

All over the world there are Wayseers who struggle, who hide their gifts, because they don’t realize what they are. We are here to find Wayseers throughout the world and let them know how important they are to humanity. We are here to turn Wayseers on to their rare aptitude for leading transformation.

When the Wayseers of the world are awakened to their true calling on this planet, a massive shift in the human condition will occur.  Wayseers are the change agents of humanity – the innovators, the healers, the visionaries, the spiritual leaders, the entrepreneurs, the ones who are here to lead humanity into alignment with the Way.

We calculate there to be 700 Million Wayseers worldwide. That’s about 10% of the world population.  We have already reached a few hundred thousand.  You can help us reach many more. You already know in your heart who the Wayseers are in your life; please share this movement with them…”

It fills my heart chakra.


Thank you, Susan.

23 thoughts on “The Way – A New Manifesto

  1. I love the video Amy!!! Ha ha, so what stunt do I have to perform that I am equally defiant as the guys in the video? 😉
    Otherwise, breathtaking inspiring.. ! Thanks for sharing, and that makes the count 701 Million I guess..

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  4. I’ve paused. I’ve listened multiple times.

    Something about it ‘put me off’…somehow…

    I’m not sure what–where….something.

    But I’m game for the 2012 video.
    I’ve tried to hone in on the ‘off-ness’.

    Maybe if I walk away and come back to it a fourth time.

    Forward to the movie, I say!

  5. *laughing*

    I know all about not shooting the messenger and inventoried that aspect.
    That’s not the barrier.

    I WILL figure it out…..eventually!
    AND I will finish the movie–which makes me write down numbers for some odd reason.
    I shouldn’t be surprised–number (and I dislike maths with a passion) seem to continue to pop up in my life.
    I know, I know…for a reason…….

    • Thank you so much, Jeanette. I just visited your blog – now there’s an interesting potpourri! I see you have many achievements. Congratulations! I’m glad you commented so I could find you.

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