Underpainted with Unity and Love

Ruth, at Synchronizing,

wrote a hauntingly profound poem, “My Coat”.


Her poem pulled a smoldering weave from the depths of my soul –

conjured by blogs, comments, emails, and websites from around the world.



Connected by verbal portraits

that reveal


race, creed or colour.


flashes of familiarity,

hued by humanness,

stroked into sameness.

Under-painted with unity,

Love lit.


Sharing my Shamrock with St. Patrick's Day Celebrants



25 thoughts on “Underpainted with Unity and Love

  1. Utterly beautiful, Amy!

    Love every word and the gorgeous image. It reminds me of four-leafed clovers that we used to press in books as children, and for the life of me I don’t remember where they came from. I’ll have to ask my Mom 🙂

    • I gather that clover doesn’t grow in South Africa. With all the clover covering acres of my Canadian turf, I have not found one that has four leaves. I’ve long suspected the Irish kept those seeds when they sent their countrymen over! 🙂

  2. Underpainted with unity…..

    Now there’s a brilliant thought.
    And you thought the other gal’s was beautiful? (it was indeed…..but consider this for the beautiful statement that it is as well, eh?)

  3. This says so much, Amy. And those last two words: Love lit. There is hope. And in your beautiful shamrocks. Wow.

    Thank you for this kind nod to my poem.

      • Wow, Amy. Never thought about that much. Almost everthing I paint does have layers underneath the final image. I would have to say that the underpainting gives the finished work a fullness, a volume, that it would not have otherwise. The last layer is the intensification of the image, the underpainting becomes the foundation. 🙂 Thank you!

        • That’s what I have appreciated about your blog, Leslie. You show the different stages and therefore the layers or underpainting. Thank goodness digital photography can give us that insight – and that you use it!

  4. Hi Amy – that’s a fantastic poem Ruth has written .. you’re so right to share it here .. I’ve just ‘learnt’ the word under-croft, and was thinking of another ‘under- something! .. but forget what – under-brain perhaps .. hidden forever?! But under-painting .. isn’t that a wonderful word ..

    .. the tapestry Ruth makes is quite delightful .. but we all need her humaneness and humility … and LOVE …. Hilary

  5. I just love that poem Souldipper…have never really thought about it but she is right..when you blog you have very little idea of the true person you are connecting with…no that didn’t come out right…you are not biased by colour or creed…you accept them for who they are.

  6. Brilliant!! “..that reveal
    race, creed or colour”
    So, we all get along well, if we have our faces hidden from one another..? Sounds about right!

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