Post Parting Blues

We seven Soul Journers live a connection that feels like a patchwork quilt hand stitched by the Creator.

Before two of them arrived last week, a “silly thought” slid through my mind that an earthquake would happen while we were together.  I doused the idea quickly.  Our time together would be too precious to have imagined fears.

The Moose Antlers Were Supposed to Ward Off Rain - Didn't Work!

We were together every waking minute.  How could three women, so independent, so in need of our own space, manage to spend five days and nights together and survive?

We walked.  We scouted every art gallery and art show available in our village.  We ate at home and at quality-food eateries.  We discovered Della has to sample everything before she decides what she wants to eat – at home and in restaurants.  We discovered that Kadian’s hair takes a monstrous amount of time to manage and maintain.  We discovered I could relax my overpowering urge to keep home clean and tidy because they were comfortable when one or two of the stars slipped off my rating.

We meditated with a few of my friends, practiced past-life regressions and talked about our version of the mission given to all of us on the Soul Safari of 2009:  “Each of you are to stand on your own helms.  Lead the way.”

We all love staying up late and sleeping in late, but we rose early.  Della’s theme, “What’s morning?” had been challenged the minute her trip was underway.

Discovering Something Exciting

Our time-outs meant being with our laptops, IPods, cell phones, Flips and digital cameras – often sharing tidbits verbally or electronically with each other.  In the same room.

We slept little, ate lots and laughed ourselves into ever-unraveling threads of humour.

We shared family challenges, business aims, and growth desires.

We had not been listening to news.  We knew nothing about an 8.9 earthquake.  Thankfully, early in the morning, Kadian’s husband phoned from New Jersey.  The phone rang just as I finished reading a short email from one of our Soul Journer sisters in California who was relocating her family from the shore area.  Kadian’s husband calmly brought me up to date and confirmed that the worst of the Tsunami warning for our location was over.  I handed the phone to Kadian and woke Della to tell her.

All too aware of aftershocks and tsunamis, I knew my earthquake preparedness containers held all we needed for first aid and sustenance for a short time.  The water was in sealed bottles, but was it still fresh?  I’d planned these items for one person and a cat – now I had to think of three people.

Kadian and Della kept telling me, “Stop worrying.”  They couldn’t possibly share my radical sense of responsibility.  I felt like Kadian would if her children were with us.   After I talked to a local friend who watched continuous reports on television, I relaxed.  He confirmed that the Tsunami threat was over for us.  There was no mention of threats regarding the unstable plates under our West Coast.

About to order Dinner

Suddenly they are gone!

I feel as though I’m living an altered state without them.  Even Duc le Chat wanders the house making certain all that extra attention isn’t simply hiding.  Duc and I have slept for hours.  When I’m not in REM, I find myself daydreaming as if a card index system flips continuously through my heart.

I cannot yet laundered their bedding or their towels.  I will soon, but for now, I want to feel I can walk by that pile of linen, feel their vibrations and possibly catch a scent of one of their creams, lotions or conditioners.

Della asked at one point, “Where in the world would you love to visit next?”

“Buenos Aires,” I said.

“Australia,” Kadian said.

“Northern Italy,” said Della.  “And not primarily for the food.  For all the other stuff.”

Wonder if we will somehow manage to share any one of those places as Soul Journers.  We can manifest it, I just know it.

But now I have to dash.  I have to email my Italian friend, Walter the artist, who owns a house in Besenello near Milan.  It sits below the Von Trapp family castle, Castello di Beseno, that was donated to his wee village.

“Dear Walter,” the message will begin, “Have you thought how exciting it would be to have seven women visit you at one time in your home?  I’m not sure any of us really like to cook, but we love to dine with Italian men.”


My dear Guides.  What a whirlwind of wonder.  Do you have a message for us?

We are pleased that you have boosted your energy field in the presence of your Sisters.  If the messages being sent to your planet are not being accepted, you are to continue with your dedication to being open, loving and supportive to whatever degree you are required – wherever you are.

You have been reminding others of the importance of being “other-centered”, as written in the Law of One.  Keep that uppermost in your heart.  Continue to search out positive messages and messengers.

We love you – one and all.  As you feel the effects of the increased frequencies of energy being sent to your world, remain calm and know that this process is of the utmost importance to all in this Universe.  The All-Loving Source is inundating us with powerful Love and Unity.

Notice the attitudes that are changing around you.  Notice your attitude during this time of Transformation.  Keep your heart pumping with the Universal Love that is being delivered in unprecedented dosages.

Are you saying that Kadian, Della and I experienced a boost?

Any who mix and mingle in a spirit of love, unity and forgiveness are prone to experiencing a boost.  That can happen at any time.  Your souls, open, trusting and giving, receive this energy at a maximum capacity.  It is the sustenance that is available to all.

We hope that others will read these words with tender determination to live as One.  There is no room for negativity.  Put an end to judgement of one another.  When a criticism begins, transform it into a gem of positive power.  Do not delay.  Meditate regularly.  All of you are capable of hearing the messages.

Thank you, Beloved Guides.  I will share more of the videos, interviews and articles that come my way.  Thank you for the reminder of the basics and for your love.  I have felt your presence throughout these challenges.


44 thoughts on “Post Parting Blues

  1. what a fun time you and the other girls had. our love followed you this weekend. wish i could have made the journey. my problem is that i have 3 charges that need placing before i can leave town. my friends and neighbors are pretty good about dog sitting; but i dont want to overdue a good thing

    • I know what you mean, Susan – the love of animals. My cat lives a pretty corny lifestyle because he is a free spirit. That means it’s hard to set up care when his schedule is totally unpredictable,especially since we cannot leave food outside because it attracts vermin. So here I am less than free!!

  2. I like the last paragraph of the guides. The part about reading your words with “tender determination to live as One”. What a wonderful reminder your time is with your friends of how we all could strive to be in our everyday lives with our family members. Thank you.

    • It was perfect, Charles, even with my trepidation about food! I hope we will be gathering again before long. Our dream is to find a time and a place for all seven to gather again.

  3. Ah, Amy…how deeply special and tugging at the heart-strings! I can just imagine what a magic time you shared with Della and Kadian 🙂

    So glad to hear that all is well on your island, after thinking of you much amid the earthquake mayhem.

    Thanks also for including that lovely message and reminder from your guides…and a big hug and kiss in the solitude following such wonderful unity, XO

  4. What an awesome experience with some awesome soul sisters. It’s always good when I can just BE and all that need to be hypervigilant can go out the window. What great company..if you consider ‘family’ company. (It’s good when I don’t!)

    More than anything, I appreciate knowing all is well…and that the message hasn’t changed.
    There’s something to be said for validation.

    Blessings to you, ma’am.

    • I typically get very silly about the food plan before a visit. I’m not in love with cooking so feel very challenged before guests arrive. I’m plagued with wanting to do things perfectly. Della and Kadian told me that I fed them very well. They treated me to a lunch and a dinner so I was well fed, too.

  5. Fun times, wild wisdom, and good friends. What more can we ever ask for … oh yes! Good food. Yum! 🙂

    Sounds like a WONDERful visit. I’m glad you posted some happy pics for us to share.


  6. It was a delightful time together, it sure comes thru in your writings. There is so much happiness and love that just spills out of your post. I am thrilled that you had a wonderful experience. Tonight I stand by my best friend’s side as she gets married. I am glad for her but there is a sadness in me that our relationship as we have known it these last 4 years will be changed. I just hope it will not be so much different. Wishing you a great spring, I do hope to get to your island one day.

    • I do need more practice at hosting… Being on my own, it’s a huge adjustment having people around for days in a row. I was just beginning to relax – trusting that they would ask for anything that they needed. I know my vigilance was felt by them…they let me know. 😀

      So, Dee, about your friend… I was just reading The Five Remembrances – offered by Thich Nhat Hanh. Here’s #4 – “All that is dear to me and everyone I love are of the nature to change. There is no escape being separated from them.” Change does not have to be a challenge. Holding the intention to be accepting is a big antidote.

      Thank you for saying that my love spills out. I feel it so deeply that sometimes it is implodes.

  7. I like the staged “Discovering Something Exciting”!! 🙂
    It is great that you guys can instantly agree on meeting up in Italy, I was actually wondering if your next sentence would be, a cat fight ensued or something..
    😉 Is that what soul sisters do Amy..? Don’t beat me up for being silly..!
    I think there is beauty is missing someone, the next visit will be twice as enjoyable!!
    Good luck, sorry for intermittent “tremors”.. 😦

    • Who knows if it is a wrap, Rachana – it’s just that Italy had an enticing possibility for accommodation. Walter may nix the idea!! Soul Sisters are supportive. We’ve communicated bi-weekly on Skype since we met (not all are available all the time). It’s been my experience that any time anyone needs encouragement, support or help, each of us is ready to provide what we can. Sometimes all we need or want is someone to listen so we can hear ourselves “think”.

      For example, in planning our time together, Della, Kadian and I knew that none of the three of us love cooking. Since they were coming to my home, I wanted to offer some of the dishes that I love that are healthy and delicious so I did. My perfectionism hangs out all over when I have guests because I am never sure I’m doing enough for them. We let the process unfold for other meals and none of us starved. If anything, I ate way more than I normally would and have been walking it off ever since! 🙂

      • Ha ha, good for you.. And I think I know why we get along so well.. We both don’t like cooking so much.. 😉
        I will place a bet on my kids because they will drive to a nearby restaurant the first chance they get, that’s what I keep thinking.. He he..

        • Hope your husband likes to pitch in. I was very fortunate – the men in my life enjoyed making it a joint effort. That’s probably why company is such a challenge for me…what to serve!

  8. So happy for you and your friends — loved reading about your fun– it’s been waaay too long since I’ve had an opportunity to just ‘be’ with friends. You make me a little envious! Loved the carved moose antlers — exquisite, but the photo of the twisted, knarled dead tree was amazing — it looked as if it was a piece of sculpture — so lucky for you to have found it.

    • Hi Kathy, That tree was on top of our highest mountain on the island. The heavy wind created it after so much rain soaked and softened the soil. Our planet is so beautiful that I wish I could put my arms around it for a big cuddle. It needs one.

  9. Hi Amy .. sounds a glorious time .. that mix of camaraderie, friendship and love exuding through .. DidSelfNarration’s comment cracked me up .. just what soul needs and needs to know all can be welcomed in .. open our hearts .. cheers Hilary

    • Yes, that truly is symbolic of living in the world with all our differences and all our preconceived ideas about what “it” is supposed to be. The experience is good for every single one of us and the challenge is to love through it all. We don’t have to like it, but love is the operative word.

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