Two Soul Journers Arrive

Seven women with seven missions.

Seven old souls converged in Johannesburg and Cape Town in 2009,

Souls entwined.

In March, 2011,

Two arrive  at my home in Western Canada:

One from New Jersey and one from California.

Love reunited.

Some photos to show you what has enhanced my life of late.
See you a little later, steadfast readers.  I miss all of you.  I will catch up on your blogs when I don’t have to cook any more.


Out came the recipe for Amy's Deluxe Dandies.

The Shamrock burst into blossom the day Kadian and Della arrived.

As their ferry pulled into the harbour, my heart would not stay still.

The ferry unloaded and every last vehicle drove off the ferry. "Do you think we're supposed to get off this ferry now?"

Cookies and tea may have saved the day, but the stir fry outshone any veggie garden.

Kadian pretending to be an incarnation of Paul Bunyan

Attempting to haul our comfort fuel.

Wanting to see for miles, we were cradled in cloud at the top of the mountain.

Nature's wind-crafted art. Close to the excellent art we studied in galleries that existed 2000 feet below.


23 thoughts on “Two Soul Journers Arrive

  1. Hi Amy .. it’s always good to meet up with old friends .. sounds as though all was very happy .. and I bet there was much conviviality .. enjoy the memories and those brought back to life .. enjoy the weekend .. Hilary

  2. YUM!!!!!!

    I now want cookies and stir fry.

    And a couple of dear friends.
    NOT that I have wood to haul…LOL But we do have snow to move. Still……oy…..

    Go play and have oodles of fun.

  3. oh girls, looks like a great time is being had by all. someday, we will all get it together at the same time and same place. lift a glass with me and have a great visit.

    XO susan

  4. I watched through blurred eyes and lumpy swallows as Kadian and Della sailed away today. Now the house makes strange noises. Even my cat is looking for them to come from some room in the house.

    They truly are my beloved soul journer sisters. I am incredibly honoured that they took the time, hassle and effort to come to my little island.

    Thanks, everyone for the visits and your comments.

  5. Definitely the cat…although I must say, those cookies rival even some of Cindy’s masterpieces 😀 So COOL to see pics of Della & Kadian on your enchanting island!

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